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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services In Scottsdale

Are you searching Google for “Commercial Carpet Cleaning Scottsdale? If so, Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners can help! Desert Oasis specializes in commercial carpet cleaning services including: office carpet cleaning, retail carpet cleaning, retail carpet cleaning and more! Don’t be fooled by other commercial carpet cleaning companies’ with their bait-and-switch tactics.

Here at Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners, we provide accurate and detailed commercial carpet cleaning estimates with no hidden costs. Our professional and skilled technicians use state-of-the-art steam-cleaning extraction methods on your commercial carpets that you will have to see to believe! In addition, we have the equipment and capability to get out any stain known to man, with prices starting at $25.00 per stain removal, per room! Give us a call today!

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Trust the professionals at Desert Oasis Cleaners when you need affordably priced commercial carpet cleaning services done to the highest standards. We take great pride in offering the best carpet cleaning services at at a price your business can afford.

Vacuuming isn’t enough to keep your carpets looking their cleanest day in and day out. Every now and again, it takes a good deep carpet cleaning to really get the deep down grime and dirt out. That’s where we shine! Our highly skilled experts know what to do to make your carpet look and feel new and beautiful.


    • Deep Clean: Our carpet cleaning process allows us to get down deep into tough stains, grime and dirt, revitalizing even the heaviest-trafficked areas. Our steam cleaning extraction methods are proven to take out even the most stubborn stains.
    • Fast Drying: Our extraction methods are so thorough that carpets are dry within just a few short hours. Other carpet cleaning companies use methods that may not allow your carpets dry for several days, which simply is not a feasible option for most businesses.
    • Awesome Support: Our support and quality control staff is ready to follow up with you to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your commercial carpet cleaning service.
    • Eco-Friendly: We use environmentally-friendly, green cleaning products. That means no harsh allergens or chemicals are involved in our cleaning process.

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Commercial Cleaning Reviews & Testimonials

Thank you for a job well done Desert Oasis Cleaners. Your team was very thorough in cleaning our office. I have to say that I was a bit surprised at the work you did for us. You guys are pretty affordable and I believe we will continue to use your cleaning service for future work here at our office…
Jacob FCommercial Cleaning ServicesScottsdale, Arizona

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Maintenance For Commercial Carpets

Office carpets need regular cleaning and maintenance to retain their beauty. They are responsible for making the room look clean and attractive. Carpets can have pet hair, pet urine, mud, and food stains stuck to them. They can also carry different types of mold and some can have fleas and bed bugs embedded in them. The best solution for getting rid of all this is to obtain the professional services of commercial carpet cleaners.

Without proper cleaning, even the cleanest appearing commercial carpets can become a breeding ground for germs and allergens. The carpet will eventually start to emit bad odors and even has the capability of spreading disease, ruining the image or appeal of almost any commercial establishment or office.

Instead of constantly vacuuming the carpet, you will need professional extraction of the grease and dirt entrenched in the carpet’s fibers and fabric, for the carpets to be considered “clean”. Commercial carpet cleaners are able to perfectly able to clean your rug as well to make sure it is free from debris and odor.

In areas where high pedestrian traffic is extensive, there is a need for cleanly-neat presentation and clean carpets are an absolute necessity. This is where our professional commercial carpet cleaners come into place.

    • Quick cleaning and Fast Drying: Cleaning time is faster than ever thanks to our large industrial cleaning machines that we use. Drying time is cut it half due to the high-powered cleaning machine with powerful suction nozzles.
    • Bacteria and Germs: Your commercial space or office can be free of allergens with the help of our special cleaning detergent. Before you know it, bacteria and germs will be long gone.
    • Stain Protection: Carpets need adequate protection from getting stained. It is inevitable that people will spill some food or drinks on the carpet, but the experts at Desert Oasis can pre-treat the carpet appropriately with stain protection to make sure all of your carpets stay attractive and stainless.
    • Thorough Knowledge: Trained carpet cleaners are trained on a number of industrial machines. We make sure and keep your carpets clean and spotless.
    • Products: We can provide you with small bottles of stain remover, which is gentle on the carpets and will help you remove small stains immediately.
    • Maintenance Plan: A proper carpet maintenance plan is needed, and without it, carpets will look dull or dirty in a short amount time. The plan also reduces costly service calls.

Punctual, Reliable Carpet Cleaning Services, Guaranteed!

We strive for 100-percent customer satisfaction! When you choose us for your commercial or office carpet cleaning needs, you can count on the most skilled cleaners in the entire Phoenix metro area. We always show on time and get the job done promptly.

Not only will we take care of all those nasty stains, but our pre-treatments and continued service ensure they won’t come back! If you are looking for a budget friendly and professional cleaning solution for your business, don’t waste a single second. No other commercial cleaning company can offer the same level of service at prices like ours!

For commercial areas like hotels, offices, and other public areas, a professional carpet cleaning company is invaluable. Their expertise is beneficial for any carpeted area. If you are in need of an expert’s touch to clean your commercial carpet, contact Desert Oasis today at (480) 720-0907. Desert Oasis provides various cleaning services and reasonable commercial carpet cleaning prices.

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Project: Clean Carpets and Rugs in a Office

He was very affordable, on time and professional in his work. He did what he said he would do. He was very nice. Review by Diane W.

Give Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners a call today at 480-720-0907 or click on the button below to get a free commercial carpet cleaning quote.

Don’t forget to ask about our specials! We can handle any type of commercial cleaning service you may need.

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