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If you are searching for “Green Cleaning Phoenix”, you are looking for professional cleaning services that use the safest and most environmenally friendly cleaning products and cleaning techniques.  Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners is your green cleaning provider for all your commercial applications. We clean a wide variety of commercial, industrial, medical, and educational facilities using the safety and most environmentally friendly cleaning agents and techniques.

Types of Buildings We Green Clean



Data Centers

Elementary Schools


Government Facilities

Middle Schools


Medical Facilities

High Schools


And More . ..

What Is Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning is the use of cleaning products and techniques that are environmentally friendly. The procedures and ingredients that are used are designed to help reserve environmental quality and human health.

Green cleaning can also mean the way that the products are manufactured, packaged, transported and sold. When the products themselves are biodegradable and the processes involved in their production and distribution are environmentally friendly you will find that they are labeled either eco-friendly or “green”.

Non green cleaning involves the use of products that have toxic chemicals. These toxic chemicals are known to emit volatile organic compounds that have been shown to cause dermatological, respiratory, and other conditions.

Why Green Cleaning Is Important

Cleaning our schools, offices, and other commercial spaces is important for a few reasons. It is important to provide a space for your occupants that are free from bacteria and viruses to help stop the spread of illness and disease. Also having clean spaces improves the initial first impression visitors have of your facilities.

Healthier Employees

Many adults have skin and respiratory problems that are exacerbated by having harsh non green chemicals used in your buildings. When employees constantly have to work in either unclean, or areas that are cleaned with toxic cleaning chemicals it puts strain on their body. This leads to decreased comfort, diminished productivity, and even missed days of work.

Healthier Patrons

It isn’t just your employees that benefit from Green Cleaning, but your patrons too. In educational facilities it is especially critical to use Green Cleaning products as children are the most sensitive to toxic chemicals. However all places we spend time will be more comfortable and welcoming without the use of toxic cleaners. Sanitizing surfaces should not come at the cost of using hazardous or harsh chemicals that children and some adults are sensitive to.

More Pure Environment

Simply stated Green Cleaning is a philosophy that starts with how the products are produced, how they are distributed, how our technicians use the products, and how the empty containers are recycled after use. This makes for a more pure environment from production, to use, to disposal. That means cleaner a cleaner environment from start to finish inside our buildings and outside in the world.

Better Quality Of Air

When you walk into a space that has been cleaned with older and toxic cleaners you can immediately tell. The strong smell tends to make our throats feel itchy and can even cause some people to feel irritation in their eyes. This can make concentrating on work, school, or whatever activities are done in these spaces more difficult.

How You Can Get Green Cleaning

Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners offers cleaning services to all sorts of commercial enterprises. With a simple phone call we can come out, do a cleaning assessment, and provide a detailed cleaning plan. You can adjust the frequency to fit your needs, your budget, and your facility as you see fit. This helps businesses keep services affordable while getting the frequency of cleaning that fits with their locations. For a free building assessment call 480-720-0907.