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Restaurant Cleaning Services In Phoenix

Searching for professional Restaurant Cleaning Services or Restaurant Cleaning Companies in Phoenix? Desert Oasis’s restaurant cleaning services will keep your restaurant dining & kitchen areas safe, clean, and comfortable!  We clean every surface of the front-the-house (FOH) & back-of-house (BOH) of your restaurant including  floors, tables, entryway, lobby, bar, outdoor areas, and kitchen. If you’ve got it, we clean it!

Types Of Restaurants We Clean In Phoenix

We provide restaurant cleaning services for Mexican Restaurants, Seafood Restaurants, Korean Restaurants, Italian Restaurants, Fast Food Restaurants, Full Services Restaurants, Bar, Bar & Grills and more. Don’t see your type of restaurant listed here? Don’t worry, we probably clean your type of restaurant too. Give us a call at 480-720-0907 with your inquiry today.

Mexican Restaurants

Fast Food

Greek Restaurants

Korean Restaurants

Full Service

Thai Restaurants

Chinese Restaurants

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Clean Restaurants Mean Happy Diners

Having clean buildings is important in every business, but perhaps in restaurants it is even more critical. Odd smells, spills, stains and debris on the floor in the dining areas impacts a restaurants first impression. In addition to what a clean dining room can mean to diners having clear, clean, and safe floors is important for your serving and bussing staff.

The investment in a clean restaurant and dining room pays dividends in return customers and word of mouth advertising. The same is true for dirty restaurants, word travels fast and can spell disaster for a restaurants reputation.

Restaurant Cleaning Scheduling Options

Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners understand that different themes or restaurants have different hours. Some cleaning during the operation of business is normal, but the deep clean that your restaurant needs each day may not be compatible with your open hours.

For this reason you can customize your cleaning schedule. Many restaurants close so late that it works best for the building to be freshly cleaned in the morning before it opens. Other breakfast or brunch restaurants enjoy having the building deep cleaned just after they close in the afternoon. Whatever works best for our clients, the choice is yours.

Restaurant Kitchen Areas We Clean

Cleaning our schools, offices, and other commercial spaces is important for a few reasons. It is important to provide a space for your occupants that are free from bacteria and viruses to help stop the spread of illness and disease. Also having clean spaces improves the initial first impression visitors have of your facilities.

Cleaning Of Exterior & Interior Kitchen Hoods

Replacement & Removal Of Filters

Cleaning Of Exhaust Fans

Inspect, Remove, Clean Exhaust Belts

And More ...

Grease Removal From Exhaust Systems & Hood

Cleaning Of All Accessible Duct Work

Restaurant Kitchen Floor Cleaning

Check Fan Blades On Exhaust For Wear


The outdoor areas around your building and the outdoor dining areas at your restaurant are critical areas that require regular cleaning. Even if it isn’t the time of year they are used most they are visible areas that can have dust, liter, and debris that needs to be removed. Keep these areas clean and you will be able to proudly swing your doors open and show your diners to these areas with pride in your restaurant.  Your locations outer appearance affects your reputation no matter what time of day it is.

Bar Area Cleaning

The bar is perhaps the most used area in your restaurant, and with the beverages served here coordination isn’t at it’s highest. Spills are very common in the bar area of restaurants. The bar area  isn’t just for people looking for a strong drink. These are areas that are used by diners that just want to be seated quickly or want to be able to watch the game while they have a bite to eat or a drink. Ensure that the bar area at your location is clean and ready for every single one of your guests, any day of the week.

Food Processing Facilities

If you operate or own a food processing facility such as  a vegetable packing plant, slaughterhouse, meat packing plant, industrial rendering, fish processing, cannery, commercial kitchen, or commercial bakery, you are aware that cleanliness is an important for the quality of your end product, plus there are laws that require an adequate amount of cleaning guidelines to be followed. This is why you need to outsource your cleaning services to a company that can follow USDA, FDA, and OSHA cleaning standards and regulatory safety protocols.

5 Step Restaurant Cleaning Program

Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners has a developed a 5 step cleaning program for restaurant kitchen. We make tremendous improvements at your restaurant kitchens by executing our services in the following areas. 1. Evaluation – We start by evaluating your facility. 2. Assessment – We access your cleaning needs. 3. Develop Cleaning Program – We develop a cleaning program based on your individual needs. 4. Education – Educate our staff on any special cleaning requirements. 5. Perform Regular Cleaning Services –  We clean your restaurants kitchen according to the schedule that works best for you.

Advantages Of Restaurant Cleaning Companies & Services

Restaurants are busy places with a lot going on. There is a lot of foot traffic from diners and staff. Dealing in food and drink it is all too easy to have drops and spills. This can leave sticky areas and stains if not cleaned properly. Foot traffic can also track these spills and messes all around the restaurant quickly. Getting around to deep cleaning at the end of a late night or shift can be a last priority for your hourly staff.

Having dedicated commercial cleaners that have their complete focus on cleaning your restaurant means that it is done right, with the right chemicals, every time. Using the proper chemicals is critical for the food industry. Using the wrong chemicals or improperly diluted mixture can leave a harsh smell in the building and be offensive to diners. A big part of enjoying a meal is the aroma of the meal, don’t let your cleaning efforts adversely affect your business!

Free Restaurant Cleaning Quotes In Phoenix, Arizona

If you are ready to experience superior restaurant cleaning for your business in Phoenix, call Desert Oasis Cleaners right away. Schedule restaurant cleaning in Phoenix by filling out the form below or by giving us a call today at 480-720-0907. Be sure to check out restaurant cleaning checklist.

We’ll get the job done right, guaranteed. View our 5 star commercial cleaning reviews.

Desert Oasis Cleaners is amazing! They did a spectacular job cleaning our office. Not only are they affordable, they’re effective and thorough when doing the job. If you are in need of a great office cleaning company I highly recommend them. Thank you so much for doing a great job…
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Searching for professional Restaurant Cleaning cleaning services in Phoenix? Desert Oasis's restaurant cleaning services will keep your dining areas safe, clean, and comfortable!