Professional School Cleaning Services

Elementary Schools, Junior High Schools, High Schools, and Universities in Phoenix have the need to be maintained and cleaned. Professional school cleaning services help ensure that our children have clean and more healthy environments to get their education.

Better School Cleaning Means Better Education

They say that the youth of American is the future. For that future to be bright students need to have facilities that are clean. Not only do students respect their buildings and each other more in cleaner schools, but they learn better. Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners is happy to offer school cleaning services to the Phoenix valley.

While some schools have had their own janitorial services many educational institutions are outsourcing their cleaning. Nighttime sweepers and cleaners are many times part time workers who don’t stay too long. Using Desert Oasis means having professional cleaning staff that has the right training and right tools to get the job done quickly. This means less man hours spent doing the work, so it’s cost-effective. It also means that the schools are getting cleaned by professional cleaners, and your facilities are going to be reliably cleaned.

Green Cleaning Practices

Desert Oasis knows that if you are going to benefit the children of Phoenix schools with cleaning that it should be done by using environmentally friendly methods. This helps the schools get clean while helping ensure the healthiest environment for their future.

Our professional cleaners utilize prepackaged dilution control systems to get the exact concentration of chemicals needed to properly clean the school. Not too light to let germs survive, but not too heavy, which could cause eye or lung irritation.  Professional vacuums are also used that feature high particulate filtration. This means that whatever gets sucked up into the vacuum stays in the vacuum. Allergens aren’t redistributed through using older equipment.

Whole Or Partial School Cleaning

Many times schools have full time janitors or maintenance staff. Desert Oasis’s School Cleaning Services can be customized to supplement the full time janitor’s efforts or completely remove the cleaning from their workload.

This can free up their time to work on the maintenance issues that most schools have. Our school cleaning service can be used to clean small elementary schools all the way up to college departments or universities. No task is too small or too large. Services we offer can be customized but include:

  • Grout and tile cleaning.
  • Spot and carpet cleaning.
  • General cleaning, mopping, sweeping, dusting, vacuuming, etc.
  • Teacher lounges, offices, restrooms, break rooms, and more.
  • Exposed office fixtures, such as keyboards, monitors, telephones, and desks.

Make the most of your school’s cleaning budget and consider how Desert Oasis can help keep parts, or the entire school cleaner. Help create the clean environment for your students to excel in and talk with Desert Oasis about School Cleaning in Phoenix today at (480) 720-0907