Benefits Of Commercial Cleaning
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Benefits of Commercial Cleaning

If you are searching for the benefits of commercial cleaning, this post should help you decide if hiring commercial cleaners is right for you and your business!

Most people spend plenty of their waking hours at work So it is important they have a clean and welcoming environment to work in. Part of this is ensuring the business has regular commercial cleaning that goes beyond a simple vacuum and emptying the garbage. Here are some ways your business can benefit from using a professional commercial cleaning service.

Employee Productivity Increase

Many businesses understand the importance of keeping a neat and tidy appearance but did you ever consider air quality? Polluted air is not only a risk to human health but also impacts the productivity of your workforce as research suggests unclean air reduced the cognitive function of human beings.  The EPA claims poor air quality is a top five health risk in the USA. Luckily, if you have regular professional deep-cleaning, your office air will not only be fresh and clean but your workers will be more enthusiastic, brighter and productive.

Fewer Sick Days

How often do staff who are really sick and should be at home come into work, anyway? With them are germs that can spread rapidly throughout the whole office. A deep professional cleaning reduces the chances of a virus sweeping through the business. A complete cleaning is very important in keeping the spread of disease at bay. Viruses can live for up to 48 hours if they are not treated and are often too small to see. Many companies realize that making an investment in no-touch wastebaskets, soap dispensers, hand-drying systems, are important steps in making sure that all areas are fully disinfected. The CDC advises sanitizing areas such as doorknobs, desktops, phones, and faucets, on a daily basis.

A Healthier And Safer Work Environment

The air ducts in your business must be regularly cleaned to keep free from pathogens. The procedure used in duct cleaning can vary but an advanced extraction system should be used. Removing all harmful contaminants on a yearly basis can help keep maintain indoor air quality. As your HVAC system will also be working with greater efficiency, it will help to reduce your energy costs too. Allergies are one of the top three reasons employees are absent from work. Employees carry allergens from home to work, dust mite eggs, pet hair, and other substances into the business premises. Regular upholstery and carpet cleaning help to remove allergens and dust help to keep your employees working to their maximum potential.

A Professional & Positive Appearance

A clean, sanitary and smart appearance, with air that smells fresh and sweet, give customers, clients, and visitors higher confidence in your business goods or services. Professional commercial cleaning services can help you make sure clutter does not accumulate in halls, stairways and other access areas, daily dirt and dust removal and maintaining clean trash cans, not just removing bags. Some areas require daily cleaning, for example, food consumption areas, coffee and kitchen areas. The refrigerator must be sanitized and cleaned on a weekly basis. A stove or microwave must be cleaned daily.

Morale Boosters

Studies show moral is higher in a clean environment and they have more pride in their job accomplishment. This will help to elevate the quality of your brand. Employees post on social media about their work and this has a major impact on whether the talent you attract will have a positive effect on your business.

Premium Quality Cleaning

Some commercial cleaning services also offer additional services such as deep clean upholstery and rug services for a fresher look and better air quality. Services often include:

  • Wall cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Grout and tile restoration and cleaning
  • Blind and drapery cleaning
  • Concrete floor care, restoration, and repair
  • Carpet and area rug cleaning
  • Air duct cleaning

Freeing Up Storage Space

When you hire a professional commercial cleaning company, space (maybe a closet) you used for storing all the cleaning gear can be repurposed for something else. Just think…dirty cloths, dusty brooms, stinky mops and buckets can be a thing of the past.

Desert Oasis Cleaners offers Commercial Cleaning Throughout The Phoenix Valley

To schedule commercial cleaning services in Phoenix, learn more about Desert Oasis’s commercial cleaning services, or to get a free industrial commercial cleaning services quote, use our contact form to submit a request or call Desert Oasis Cleaners today at 1-480-720-0907.

Our quality cleaning materials and experience mean we clean to a higher standard, which leads to better indoor air quality, fewer allergens and lower levels of bacteria creeping around the workplace, just waiting to infect your workforce or cause an accident. At Desert Oasis, we clan and sanitize everything, including the places that most other companies overlook.

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