How Often Do I Need Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

How can you get the longest life out of your carpet? Regular commercial carpet cleaning.  The cost to replace carpet in a large commercial building in the Phoenix area can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The appearance of your building is a huge investment and the condition of your carpet is a big part of the look of your facility. Protecting it is a priority of all building owners and managers.

When To Get Carpet Cleaning

There are a lot of people that don’t think about getting carpets cleaned until they are visibly dirty. Naturally these carpets need to be cleaned, but waiting till you can see the dirt, dust, and stains does damage to your carpet. If you can see dirty carpet in your entryways, hallways, and doorways it has been there a long while and has already done some damage. The best time to have your carpets commercially cleaned is before you can see it.

Setting Up A Schedule

Having a regular schedule set up helps ensure that you get the longest life out of your carpet. It also is part of maintaining the appearance of your office and commercial properties. Some facilities choose to do commercial carpet cleaning once every 6 months. This works for some industries and locations, however some types of locations need more frequent cleaning to keep up with foot traffic.

Conditions For More Frequent Cleaning

There are certain conditions that exist regionally, and in certain types of parking lots that will make cleaning your carpets more often a priority. These are some examples of areas that will need more frequent carpet cleaning:

  • Outdoor surfaces that have sand blown onto the parking areas or walkways
  • Grass areas that are treated with chemicals or are muddy
  • Parking lots with oil, antifreeze, or other types of leaks and spills
  • Industries that deal with chemicals

Facilities that have these conditions should consider commercial carpet cleaning about every 4 months. This helps ensure that the carpet lasts longer and looks great for all of your visitors.

Businesses That Need Quarterly Carpet Cleaning

There are certain types of facilities that are prone to a lot of foot traffic and excessive dirt, spills, and stains. These types of businesses should consider a schedule for carpet cleaning every 3 months.  The dirt, sand, and debris that will erode the carpet builds up more quickly in these buildings and should be removed promptly.  These are just a few of the businesses that benefit from quarterly cleaning:

  • Medical facilities
  • Nursing homes
  • Daycare facilities
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants

Preventing Carpet Erosion

Dirt that gets into your carpet fibers isn’t immediately visible. The dirt that is hiding in your carpet erodes the carpet fibers as people walk on it and equipment is rolled over it. Getting the sand, dirt, and debris out of the carpet promptly does more than just help keep your building look it’s best, it helps your carpet last longer.

Carpet fibers also tend to matt down as it is walked on. Carpet cleaning helps the fibers return to a more textured and rich look by standing the fibers back up again. So not only is the carpet better looking, lasting longer, but simply looks better.

Extending Carpet Life

If you want to get the maximum value out of your building’s carpet the first step is regular commercial carpet cleaning. The second step is helping prevent some of the mess from getting lodged in your carpet. You can cut down on the dirt getting into your carpet by investing in protective floor mats. Get them set around entryways, elevators, break rooms, and even water coolers. These are the areas that there is a lot of foot traffic and dirt is being tracked in from outside.

Phoenix Commercial Carpet Cleaning

If you want to get the biggest bang from your carpet buck, get your carpets cleaned on a regular basis. Make sure you aren’t waiting until you can see the problem to get the carpets cleaned. Not only does it mean that everyone else has seen how dirty your building is, but it also means that the sand and dirt in your carpet has worn your fibers and reduced the lifespan of your investment.  Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners offers commercial carpet cleaning in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and many other cities in the Phoenix Valley.

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