Janitorial Company Problems Phoenix AZ

Owning or managing a business requires keeping track of a lot of moving parts, people, and processes. Part of having a successful business is having a clean building to work out of and proudly invite your clients, customers, and business partners to visit. Their impressions of your facility’s cleanliness affect their perceptions of your company’s professionalism.

Insufficient Training

One of the best methods to avoid having problems with your janitorial company is to communicate the importance of fully training their staff. Quality janitorial cleaning companies institute formalized training programs and have detailed and efficient cleaning processes. Excellent cleaning services requires excellent people and excellent training. To get the service you need your cleaning company has to equip their cleaning teams with right tools, training, and attitudes. The right combination of these elements results in consistent, timely, and effective janitorial cleaning. Basic cleaning skills must be taught and in addition training should be included to cover the following:

  • Restroom Cleaning
  • Interior Office Cleaning
  • Green Cleaning
  • OSHA & Other Safety Training
  • Building Security Procedures
  • Blood Borne Pathogen Training
  • Hazcom Communications
  • Hazardous Materials Safety

If your business is in the market for specialized industry cleaning like school cleaning, medical cleaning, or industrial cleaning the tools and training must be specific to these industries. The methods, chemicals, and safety concerns mean more training for individuals assigned to cleaning these areas. Quality janitorial cleaning companies keep records of all training and certifications for each of their staff members and should be able to show you these records.

High Staff Turnover

It might seem like the turnover of your janitorial service company is their issue to deal with. But it can be a service killing problem if new faces are showing up week after week. It is easy to imagine that you are insulated from the problem as these employees are not on your payroll, but consider the following issues that are caused by overly frequent turnover:

  • Reduced value of your janitorial cleaning services
  • Can be a cause for diminished quality of work
  • May lead to recurring incomplete tasks
  • Lacks familiarity and relationships between cleaning staff and customers
  • Too many new cleaners means material waste and potentially damaged equipment
  • New cleaners all the time mean security issues, both imagined and real
  • Increased training budgets for cleaning companies translate into higher costs for services

Lack Of Quality Control

We have all bought something where we find a small sticker that says “inspected by #7” or some such thing. These are marks of inspection and quality control and janitorial services should include them. Responsive and effective service is no accident, it happens by design.  Inspection assures accountability and cleaning staff that knows their employer checks up on the quality of their work pays more attention and does a better job. Quality control can be in the form of inspections from managers, service representatives, and even apps that store remarks about the inspections that clearly communicate the issues that leave room for improvement.

Insufficient Communication

One way that a lot of janitorial companies fail to get the job done, is communication with their customers. It can lead to neglected areas and customer dissatisfaction. Even with a crew of well trained staff, the right equipment and the best brands of cleaning products not knowing what your priorities are can leave unsatisfied expectations. This can be a breakdown of communication between you and the cleaning company or even between the management at the cleaning company and their staff. Knowing what areas to focus on directly from the customer and effectively instructing cleaning staff is a critical part of quality janitorial services.

Your service company should have an assigned representative for this very purpose. They should be available to talk or promptly respond to your concerns. It should be clear the next time the cleaning staff arrives that they have been duly informed of the necessary changes. Having to repeat requests or even complaints to management without changes being made dramatically impacts your satisfaction and confidence in your cleaning service. Quality janitorial services are responsive and adjustable through effective communication.

Janitorial Company in Phoenix AZ

If your a new company or have a new location you can get started right with the best janitorial cleaning services in Phoenix by hiring Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners. We have the right training, dedicated cleaning staff, through quality control, and effective communication, that leaves your building clean and ready for business.

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