Keeping Showrooms Orderly Between Cleanings

The showroom in your business is where the rubber meets the road. Hours have been spent taking raw materials and making them into the products that you are marketing. Keeping showrooms orderly between commercial showroom cleaning helps maintain your reputation and make those critical first impressions.

Having orderly and clean showrooms keeps your employees healthier, happier, and more productive. It also makes it some your customers and clients feel more at ease in your facility. Taking care of a few key areas between your commercial cleanings will help you get further in business and make the most out of every day.

Key Areas To Keep Clean

There are some areas in your showroom to keep an eye on while you are open for business. Your commercial showroom cleaning company should double up on these areas as you have them scheduled. However having these areas periodically checked during each day ensures that you are ready for each and every customer.

Disinfect Products & Display Cases

Showrooms are used to sell all sorts of products, from cars to jewelry the point of having a brick and motor location is to capture and close customers. It is the touching and holding of products that creates ownership in the minds of your customers. This means they are touching display cases, trying on clothes, and taking vehicles for test drives.

This means your cases, cars, and products are getting touched by a lot of people every day. Keeping the surfaces clean and disinfecting them helps keep your employees and customers healthier. Even the visual appearance of these key areas leaves impressions on your customers. A dusty showroom vehicle that has dirty windows and spotted door handles doesn’t leave people excited about the things we are trying to sell them.

Cut Down On Clutter

There are countless brochures, sales slips, and notes that are taken during a day of sales. Having a plan of how to file all these documents and have holders for brochures helps create a more orderly office. Even cleaning can be limited by having excess of paperwork stored on desktops and counters. Using filing systems and even having off-site document storage helps keep showrooms clutter free.

Keep Trash Tidy

Trash cans and recycle bins can be an eyesore in your showroom. These need to be emptied every night and more often if they fill up during the day. This will help avoid overflowing trash cans or offensive smells in your showroom. This counts for the showroom waste baskets and the restroom as well. If your commercial cleaning service cleans your showroom they will be emptying your garbage cans every night.

Food & The Showroom

As much as people love to multitask having lunch or snacks at their desks can negatively impact cleanliness. Food and drink at showroom desks leaves crumbs and cup condensation rings. This can attract bugs and leaves a less professional looking work space. If paperwork is stained it diminishes any great deals, ideas, or whatever is on the page. Consider having dedicated break areas where employees can eat and store their food. This will cut down on messes and unclean desks and counters.

Commercial Showroom Cleaning Services

If you have a showroom or business that could benefit from regular commercial cleaning services Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners provides services to the Phoenix Valley. You can set up cleaning as often as you need it to match your budget. With professional showroom cleaning and a little effort during the day your showroom will be a gleaming example of cleanliness and be ready for business at every moment.


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