How To Kill Office Germs With Commercial Cleaning

How clean does your office look? When you glance around during the day desktops are free of dust, garbage cans are empty, the carpets are vacuumed and the entryways are clean. Germs are the productivity diminishing invisible problem that can fester in your office. This article covers hot to kill office germs with commercial cleaning.

First impressions and employee morale rely upon the tidy and clean appearance of your location. The hidden dangers to the health of your customers and employees are frequently overlooked. These sometimes neglected areas lead to clouded heads, lots of coughing, and missed days of work. All of which negatively impact your bottom line.

Germs Are Stealthy

Germs might be invisible to the eye but they certainly are something we can feel. The CDC or Centers for Disease Control state that flu and other airborne illnesses spread when the droplets from a sneeze or cough are suspended in the air and then inhaled by another person.

The droplets only stay suspended for so long in the air and then rest on the surfaces near where the infected person has been. That means that the things all of us touch have the germs and they can live on these surfaces for a couple hours or much longer. When we touch these areas and then touch our nose, mouth, or eyes the germs are transferred to our bodies and we become infected.

If key areas are not frequently disinfected one sick customer or employee can turn into an office half staffed or spreading sickness to your customers.

Key Areas To Clean

Controlling germs in your business is a big part of keeping morale up and preventing unnecessary sick days. Sick employees can’t help getting sick and it is the responsibility of the business owner to make sure there are procedures in place to clean the key areas. Commercial cleaners know these areas and make them part of their regular cleaning schedule to help you conquer the germs in your office.

Door Knobs – To get in or out of the building everyone has to touch the doorknobs. People who are sick should try to cough into their arms but many people still cough into their hands. This means they are directly depositing germs onto the surfaces we touch to get in our out of rooms. Keeping the common handles and doorknobs everyone uses will help keep your staff and customers healthy

Keyboards – When working in busy offices it is common to share computers and keyboards. Even when we have our own offices or keyboards we collaborate and end up touching other people’s equipment. It is critical to keep keyboards clean as they are a common place for droplets to land, and for us to touch all day long.

Phones – The phones in your office are a common place for germs to live and one of the few things we place directly against our faces. Keeping them clean helps kill the germs that cause the flu and other sicknesses.

Chair Arms – A frequently forgotten cleaning area is the arms on office chairs. These are places where we all lay our hands and use to get up. They come in direct contact with our hands and it is easy to transfer the germs from someone else that has used a chair to us.

Desktops – Much like keyboards the desks we sit at as we work or do business are a place that everyone touches and need to be disinfected to help prevent the spread of germs.

Bathrooms – This is one of the jobs no one likes but is the most important. Commercial cleaners are focused on the restrooms in offices as they are the place where the most germs are produced. The toilet handles, seats, stall doors, and sinks are the most important areas. The door handle or knob to the bathroom is also a big problem area that can be forgotten.

Commercial Cleaning Phoenix

Lost earnings due to sick days is a bottom line killer and can seriously impact your employee morale. Invest in a cleaner, germ free office that will be a place for all of your employees and customers to come and do business. Your bottom line will thank you. For commercial cleaning that will help you control the germs at your location simply call Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners at (480) 720-0907.

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