What Does A Janitor Do?

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What Does A Janitor Do?

A janitor’s job is a multi tasking one that incorporates all types of cleaning and maintenance duties for commercial buildings. Some of these duties include cleaning interior building spaces, light duty maintenance work (AC & Heating Repair), and cleaning bathrooms.  While other duties may include working outdoors, snow shoveling, and moving lawns.

Common Janitorial Responsibilities:

  • Trash – Trash collections and emptying
  • Floor cleaning – Carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, polishing, and sweeping
  • Bathroom cleaning – Stocking (toilet paper, soap, etc), mopping, sink cleaning, and toilet cleaning
  • Building security – A janitor usually has keys to the building and is responsible for locking the doors and setting the alarm
  • Window cleaning – Interior and exterior window washing, glass cleaning, and more
  • Ordering supplies – A janitor typically orders the supplies (toilet paper, mops, buckets, brooms, cleaning chemicals, etc) for the building
  • Building maintenance – Light bulb changes, AC & Heating maintenance, Plumbing repairs, Small electrical repairs, and  inspection of major repairs needed

Janitor Equipment & Tools

A Janitor may use a wide variety of equipment and tools to perform their daily tasks. These tools include rakes, mops, shovels, and brooms. In addition, janitors also user electric powered tools such as floor buffers for floor cleaning, and snow blowers for snow clearing.

Where Do Janitors Work – Types of building janitors work in

School buildings are the most popular type of building a janitor works in. Although, some janitors also work in high rise office buildings, hotels, convention centers, airport, hospitals, and assisted living facilities.

A Day In The Workplace Of Janitor

A day in the workplace of a janitor typically includes standing all day and lifting equipment & supplies. Due to then strenuous activity some janitors experience back, leg, and arm problems.

Janitors perform tasks that most people wouldn’t want to do such as cleaning dirty bathrooms or nasty spills.

Janitorial Work Hours/Schedules

Night Time Janitors

Most janitors usually work during the night time after everyone leaves the office/building.

Day Time Janitors

However, school janitors usually work during school hours to clean up messes made by the students and teachers.

24 Hour Janitors

When buildings need maintenance 24 hours of the day, a janitorial company may send employees in shifts. These 24 hour janitorial companies are usually performed in hotels and hospitals.

Why You Need A Professional Janitor

Experience: While there are no formal education requirements to become a janitor, those with extensive experience are highly sought after. They are often familiar with simple cleaning tasks as well the use of more complex cleaning machinery such as floor buffers or other large equipment.

Maintenance Skills: Some businesses expect janitors to have some experience with small building maintenance and repair tasks. This could include skills such as unclogging drains, changing lightbulbs or taking care of small electrical problems.

Stamina: Professional janitors have a fair amount of stamina. The nature of the job involves a lot of moving around and jumping from task to task. Many janitorial professionals say they enjoy that aspect of the job. Instead of every day being predictable and bland, janitorial cleaning professionals are often confronted with new challenges. Of course, there are daily tasks that need to be completed.

Friendly and Professional: Janitors who work during regular business hours should be uniformed, professional and friendly. After all, the professionalism of the janitor you hire is a direct reflection on your business.

Flexible: Janitors are often called into duty at all hours of the day and night. That’s why being flexible is a must for professional janitors. Many janitors work conventional office hours, while other are required to work nights and weekends.

How do You Hire a Janitor?

Hiring a janitor used to be the responsibility of the individual business owner. That means hiring, training and supervising a full-time employee. Many businesses found that model to be a bit cumbersome, if not too expensive.

That’s why companies like Desert Oasis Cleaners offer full janitorial services in the Phoenix area on a contract basis. This allows businesses to purchase janitorial services to meet any needs, during any time of the day.

If your business needs a professional and experienced janitor without the hassle of putting another employee on the books, get in touch with Desert Oasis Cleaners today at 480-720-0907.