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Cleaning Flagstone Walkways

Whether the yare interior or exterior flagstone walkways are beautiful to look at, practical and surprisingly easy to maintain. Read on to learn more.

Indoor Flagstone Walkways

Indoor falgstone walkways are remarkably easy to clean and maintain. The yare usually friendly to people who are even in barefeet because they normally have sealant and wax on the surfacr. providing this is the case all you will need to do is wet the flagstone walkway down and then take some all-purpose cleaning agent as well as some warm water and mop it down. Should you encounter scuffmarks, some light scrubbing combined with agents like Comet or Bon Ami will take care of it. Following the cleaning process if you observe there is a slight filmy residue a fifty-fifty mixture of water and vinegar, used in combination with a wet rag should take care of everything.

Outdoor Flagstone Walkways

Not often waxed or sealed outdoor flagstone walkways can become victims of erosion, dust and dirt. Regular mud and dirt stains need to be treated with some form of pressure washer and you can use the nozzle to spray the affected area until the dirt has washed off. In situations where the stain is more stubborn, dishwashing cleaner or dish soap can be utilized as well. Keep the spray on a lighter setting so you do not contribute further to any erosion of the surface. In cases where there are natural stains caused by tress, leaves or other fauna, organic stain removers can be utilized to great effect., but remember they will not work on stainsthat are non-organic. You may also wish to test the organic cleaner or a smal lpiece of the outdoor flagstone to ensure discoloration does not occur.

If none of these methods have been successful, it may be time for something different and in this case we can commend muriatic acid. It is important to realize this is not a cleaning agent in any sense of the word but it does eat away anything it is applied too. This means it will remove the top layer of your flagstone and the portions of the flagstone that are stained will be eaten away or dissolved by the acid. Obviously you need to protect yourself when using this. So wear heavy clothes as well as goggles and obviously, gloves. Carefully read the dilution guidelines and ensure you have them completely correct. Then apply the muriatic acid to the area of the stone you want to clean. Let it sit for a few minutes while it does its job and then use a power washer or scrub it off. You need to make sure the entire area is soaked with ample enough water to fully dilute the acid. You can then finish the task by the application of masonry sealant to the stone that is now newly exposed.

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