Cleaning Indoor Plants
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Cleaning Indoor Plants

Everyone knows plants grow in soil, so is there a need to keep them dust free? Actually, there is, dust blocks sunlight getting to the plant and impacts the ability of the plant to photosynthesize. Read on to learn more.

Cleaning Frequency

Ultimately this depends on the amount of dust in the air. The easiest way is to take a leaf of the plant and rub it in between your fingers. It is time to clean the plant if you can see or feel dust on the leaves.

Spray Options

A simple way to clean indoor plants is to take them to the sink and hose them of. Use tepid water and if the plants are exceptionally dirty you can utilize a diluted mixture of water and soap. About a ¼ tablespoon of soap to one quart of water should be sufficient. If the plant is small, it can be cleaned by holding the base of the plant and inverting it into a bucket of water as you move the leaves around. Watering the soil prior to doing this will also prevent the soil from cascading out of the pot! Allow the plant to dry naturally before moving them back to their original location.

Leaf Wiping

When the plants are too large to be loved for cleaning, you can simply wipe down the leaves with a damp cloth and use a soft duster to prevent dust build up.


When plants have leaves that are either fuzzy or sticky it is a good idea not to get them wet, especially as some plants will not react well to the dampness. You can use a soft brush, however, to gently get the dust to lift off the leaves by utilizing a gentle brushing action.


You can further clean plants up by ridding them of their yellow or brown leaves. If the leaf falls loose in an easy manner, just remove it by hand. Otherwise a pair of scissors can be used. Never pull leaves from a plant when you can feel tension and only prune leaf tips that are brown in color when they are too dry.

Pot Cleaning

To add a finishing touch, make sure the plant pots are in tip-top condition as well! If a white layer has appeared from minerals and salt, clean the pot thoroughly (having first removed the plant!) Use a dilution of one-part bleach to ten parts of water. Then scrub the residue with a brush that has stiff bristles and make sure you completely rinse the pot in a thorough manner before commencing the repotting of the plant. To further assist you in the future, periodically, flush the soil in the pots!

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