Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Procedures
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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Procedures

Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners proudly offers commercial restaurant cleaning and commercial kitchen cleaning services and they customize their service to meet the exacting needs of your restaurant or business. Read on to learn more about how to clean a commercial kitchen so it compliments the job the professionals at Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners perform. In the following link, we also included a restaurant cleaning checklist you will find helpful!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state more than half of all foodborne health outbreaks originate in restaurants and this is something everyone who runs a restaurant, corporate kitchen or hotel should be very aware of. The best way of curtailing the spread of airborne illnesses is to ensure your kitchen is always in a fully sanitary condition.

Cleansing Hard Surfaces And Countertops

If you are looking for prime real estate for bacteria growth, look no further than your countertops and other hard surfaces. They should be cleaned at a minimum of twice per day especially as they are very often used for food preparation. Take everything down or off from the surfaces and then use a soft cloth to wipe everything down and apply a disinfectant spray by spraying about ten inches or so from the surface of the countertop and/or hard surface. Then let the area naturally dry out before replacing the items you originally removed from the surface. There are circumstances when you will have to take some further steps. This includes removing spilled beverages and dried up food. You can achieve both with the use of a soft brush and warm soapy water to scrub the hard surface or countertop. Another consideration is when you are cleaning tile surfaces, use specially formulated tile-based disinfectants as they best remove grime and bacteria from grouting work.

Cleansing Commercial Equipment And Appliances

Regular cleaning is of course absolutely essential as part of regular maintenance of commercial appliances and commercial equipment. It is not just the major equipment and appliances in need of attention. Do not forget to attend to the smaller pieces of gear such as toasters, microwaves and coffee makers. Deep cleanings should be performed on a weekly and monthly basis ensuring the equipment stays in the best condition possible. Here are some items to consider:

  • Refrigeration units – It is vital every two to three months to stake a brush with stiffened bristles and clean the condenser units and the vacuum ensuring grime and dust has been correctly removed. Another important aspect is to regularly clean and empty the drain tubs and pans as this will remove the buildup of sludge.
  • Ovens and ranges – As part of regular weekly maintenance, be sure to wipe down the walls, racks, and doors of your ranges and ovens.
  • Grills – After each use, be certain to brush away grime and ash from your grates when they have been used. In certain circumstances, it may be necessary to soak these items in a mixture of warm and soapy water in order the grease breaks up
  • Fryers – Once or twice per week, boil out your fryer.
  • Burners, flattops, and cooktops – Use warm and soapy water or a disinfectant spray to scrub down these services and parts.

Cleansing Sinks

Dishes, ingredients, and utensils are cleaned regularly (maybe several times per day) at your washing stations. This emphasizes how crucial it is to make sure that area or areas remain spotlessly clean. At the conclusion of every business day, wipe the backsplash and sink with a disinfectant spray. Furthermore, you are going to want to prevent the build-up of lime and scale by using a de-lime process on your sprayers, faucets and commercial sinks each and every week. Undoubtedly, commercial kitchens use a great deal of grease and oil and this means they can, over time, cause clogging of the pipes and drains.

Cleansing Vents And Exhaust Hoods

When airflow is being restricted in the kitchen, a likely culprit is an excess of grime and grease in the exhaust hoods and vents. Every few months you will need to wash out the vent hoods and you will need to do it more often than that if you are utilizing a deep fryer on a daily basis. Do not forget the filters need to be cleaned and do so by following the instructions provided in the service manual of the unit you are cleaning. When you perform an inspection on the filters look for tears and rips if you discover some, the filters need to be replaced without delay.

Cleansing Walls, Ceilings, And Kitchen Fans

Walls and ceilings can be cleaned on a weekly or bi-weekly basis depending on the number of food particles and grease that attach themselves.

  • You should always wipe down the occasional splatters from ceilings and walls. remember blemishes and bad odors can often be caused by airborne steam and grease. By using a professional-grade degreaser or appropriate cleaning solution you can use a soft bristle brush or a washcloth to scrub away any outstanding build-up.
  • Foot traffic adds to the mess already caused by spills and food on your floor. At the end of each day, clean the floor very thoroughly by sweeping or vacuuming the remove hard dirt and dust. Then grab a mop and clean the floor with a combination of vinegar, or alternatively a heavy-duty cleaning solution, always mixed with warm water. A mop is still the best option to use as it has the great advantage of being able to reach confined spaces with ease.

Cleansing Storage Areas

Twice per year, all of your storage solutions should have a wholesale cleaning performed. This should be all-inclusive taking into account shelving units, racks, cabinets, and pantries. When everything has been removed from each location, remove crumbs, dust, and other miscellaneous debris with a microfiber cloth or by using an attachment from a vacuum. Next, scrub down any stains or grease from all the surfaces using a cleaner and soft bristle brush. It is often a good idea to use a formula of warmer water and vinegar or soap to achieve this.

Customized Restaurant Cleaning Services In Phoenix

If you have a restaurant you need to keep it clean not only for the health inspector but for the impression it gives your patrons.  Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners offers the highest quality restaurant cleaning services and restaurant kitchen cleaning services with customized and detailed restaurant cleaning checklists.  Give us a call for a free restaurant cleaning consultation to see how we can help you keep your restaurant clean and ready for business!

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