Cleaning Plaster Walls
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Concrete Wall Cleaning

Moss dirt and stains from water can spoil the look of a a concrete wall. The permeable surface of concrete absorbs staining agents, so water and scrubbing alone won’t work all the dirt out of the porous concrete. A thorough cleaning with a concrete-safe cleanser lightens stains and usually removes them completely. Read on to learn more.

Items Required:

  • Trisodium Sulphate
  • Washing Soda
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Eye Protection
  • Bucket
  • Stiff Brush
  • Powdered Dish Detergent


  • Spray the entire wall with water to rinse off dust and dirt. Spray the wall as necessary while cleaning it so the concrete surface remains moist.
  • Dissolve 1/2-ounce of trisodium phosphate (TSP) in a gallon of hot water in a large bucket. Alternatively, use 2 ounces of washing soda instead of TSP.
  • Put on a pair of rubber gloves and wear eye protection. The cleaning chemicals can cause skin and eye irritation.
  • Dip a stiff scrub brush into the TSP solution. Scrub the entire concrete wall surface with the TSP. Replace the solution with fresh when it becomes dirty.
  • Rinse the concrete wall with clear water. TSP runoff can damage plants, so route runoff away from landscaped areas.
  • Sprinkle remaining stains with powdered dish detergent. Allow the detergent to soak into the stain for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Scrub the stains with a wet brush until they fade. Rinse the area with clear water.


  • Commercial concrete cleaners may remove stains that aren’t affected by TSP or dish detergent. Follow label instructions and precautions when using these products.
  • Cover nearby plants with tarps to protect them as you clean, but remove the tarps promptly afterward. You can lay down scrap wood to create a runoff channel away from the plants.

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