Janitorial Cleaning Supply List 2022
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Furniture Store Cleaning

Furniture stores sell lifestyles and images as much as they do furniture. Customers want to imagine the inside of a showroom is like their homes, making cleanliness a must for any furniture store. This requires a tactical strategy to make sure the store is always in tip top condition. Read on to learn more!

Unique Furniture Store Challenges

The large showrooms and heavy foot fall in furniture stores set these operations apart. Details matter more with customers when you’re selling goods that define the decor of a home. If customers dirt on the ground near an elegant display, or dust covering beautiful cabinets, the chances of them buying these pieces drop. Dealing with carpeting and upholstery can be tricky when you’re showing off pieces with light-colored fabrics. Whenever possible, stick to darker tones for display sets. When you notice dirt or spots collecting on fabrics, you don’t necessarily need a carpet and upholstery cleaner to make them right. Tools are available that multitask on floors, carpets, and couches, allowing your team to spot-clean as necessary.

Furniture Store Cleaning Best Practices

Full store cleanings involve covering a lot of ground. To make every inch shine, most stores rely on autoscrubbers. These devices are excellent at removing soils, but not so good at doing it within a tight budget or time frame. They also require extensive training, which makes them less viable in operations where there is regular employee turnover. To deliver the same standard of cleaning at a more affordable price, a small autovac that is powered by batteries can be used.

For displays of tables, chairs, and other individual pieces, instruct custodians on the need for specialized towels made from microfibers and disposable wipes for frequent germ and dust removal. Since your customers handle these items, every display becomes a place where germs are a factor. Custodians should always wipe down high-traffic displays before and after shifts using microfiber towels. In stores with slow times throughout the day, consider a spot cleaning to keep showrooms sparkling.

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