Keep Your Office Clean In Snow
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Keep Your Office Clean In Snow

If you are struggling to keep the office presentable in snowy weather – realize it is difficult to keep clean! Foot fall brings in water, dirt, mud, snow, as as well as chemicals like ice melt and snow  makes keeping clean floors a real challenge. Read on to learn more about how you can win this battle!

Floor Mats

Quality floor mates capture dampness and debris on peoples shows before they walk on to rugs and other floorspace. Remind people with signs to wipe or stamp their feet on a floor mat and ask your janitorial team what will best suit your particular premises. Remember, mats can be shaken or vacuumed every day as part of the cleaning process.

Floor Protection

Added floor protection can come from waxing linoleum, tile or hardwood floors. This makes them easier to to keep clean and protects them from damage from chemicals as well as dirt. In a similar manner, using professional standard rug cleaning services helps to keep your carpets ability to be a repllent to debris and dirt. Floors are are not correctly maintained are tougher to keep clean and will show the negative effects of bad weather damage to a far greater extent.

Cleaning Schedule

It may be a good idea to revisit your cleaning schedule. For example, if you have the cleaners in once per week, may be think about having shorter visits more often. A good cleaning company will understand these scheduling needs as well as being prepared for unexpected weather events to keep you ahead of the game.


Professional cleaning firms more often than not will use a checklist to manage the upkeep of your building. This can be used to focus on specific areas that are impacted by inclement weather conditions. Using this as a baseline you can look at your building and decide if you need to redirect the efforts of the cleaning crew to certain areas of the building or add new areas to make sure everything is looking its best.

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