Office Chair Cleaning
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Office Chair Cleaning

Your office chair is a place you spend a great deal of the day. Inevitably, an accident will happen as well as dirt accumulating from daily use to the entire chair unit. This post will explain how to maintain office chairs in tip-top condition.

Dealing With Stains & Spills

  1. Use a paper towel and grab as much of the solid debris as you can and put it in the trash. This will have to be repeated several times to remove the solid debris completely. If the chair has fabric upholstery, do not rub when you clean, it may force the debris into the fabric, making it tougher to remove. It is vital to act as soon as you notice the mess.
  2. Take a wet cloth and blot liquids with a dampened (with water) rag. Take a sponge and soak up as much of the liquid as possible. Wring out the liquid and keep blotting the spill until it has been removed.
  3. Read the care tag on the chair. If you notice a large letter “S” only use cleaning solutions that are solvent based. Conversely, a “W” means cleaning should take place with a water-based solvent. When you see “SW” noted, it means either kind of solvent may be used.
  4. “S” coded chairs should be cleaned with a dry-cleaning solvent. Apply just a small amount of solvent using a dry cloth and blot the stain. Then take a damp cloth and use it to wick away the solvent. if you do not do this, a ringing stain may appear on the upholstery material.
  5. “W” coded chairs can be cleaned using a mixture of water and mild dish soap and then dampen a clean cloth. Then grab a clot hand blot the stain. It is important not to run the stain as it may damage the microfibers or fabric.
  6. Use some rubbing alcohol by using a cotton ball and a few drops of rubbing alcohol. test on a small part of the chair, just to be sure and then use the cotton ball to rub away the stain. Remember, if the upholstery is made from mesh, be delicate as it may get frayed if rubbed with briskness. If the upholstery is made from acrylic, do not use rubbing alcohol.

Freshening Up The Desk Chair

  1. Take a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment wit ha wide plastic end and a brush underneath. The brush will be soft enough not to cause scratches, then pass the vacuum cleaner over the chairs back, seat and arms. Having done this you can use the crevice tool for those harder to reach areas. Also, be sure the suction is not too strong.
  2. Use a combination of water and liquid soap.
  3. Take a clean rag and wipe down the upholstery. ensure the cloth is clean and lint free. Make sure the rag is dampened and not soaked. Just do not rub or scrape but wipe lightly.

Clean The Arms, Legs, & Wheels

  1. First, slip the chair over and remove the wheels. Being seated while doing this will save too much bending over.
  2. Take an old butter knife and scrape debris from the castors. if there is hair stuck in the wheels, use scissors and/or tweezers to remove the hairs.
  3. Wipe the wheel with a dry cloth. by dampening your cloth and ad a few drops of dish soap. You can take a cotton swab to clean between the cover and the wheel.
  4. Take paper towels to dry the wheels. Use the paper towels to dry the wheels.
  5. Flip the chair back over and replace the wheels.
  6. Finally, wipe down the legs and arms with a damp cloth. As they are usually made from metal with a dry and clean cloth.

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