Office Kitchen Cleaning Rules
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Office Kitchen Cleaning Rules

In any office setting, there are many places germs can harbor. Conference rooms, desks, bathrooms, and other areas all attract bacteria and germs. Even mold can become n issue if areas are not cleaned properly. It is a really good idea to have an organization plan for your employees to follow. From using disinfectant wipes to doing their own dishes, everyone can play a part in reducing germs in busy areas of the office. Of course, the professional commercial cleaning services at Desert Oasis Cleaners are here to help you do the professional job your office deserves.

Kitchen Rules

Your employees should not think another staff member will take care of their kitchen mess. Instill in them the idea it is their responsibility to clean any mess they create. These tips will help you achieve that.

  • Esah and dry your own plates and dishes.
  • Never put food down the drain, instead scrape uneaten food into the trash can.
  • Having resealed any food that is uneaten, store it in the refrigerator or cabinet in a tidy fashion.
  • To avoid attracting bugs, never leave open food containers on the counter.
  • Clean up all spills without delay.
  • Microwave splatters require immediate cleanup.
  • Avoid falls and slips by immediately cleaning up any spillage on to floor services.

Office Refrigerators

Employees often use refrigerators to store lunch and snacks. The following can help the refrigerator clean and tidy.

  • Lunches should be labeled so food can be correctly identified by each employee.
  • People should not cram their food into the refrigerator, instead, it should be organized neatly.
  • Spills in the refrigerator should be cleaned up immediately.
  • Spoiled or rotted food needs to be removed without further delay.

Office Kitchen Manners

It is always difficult to try to enforce good manners, maybe leave the following notes in the kitchen areas to serve as a reminder to your employees.

  • If you have taken the last paper towel, napkin, plastic utensils or stirrers please replace them.
  • Please do not bring in fish or other food with strong odors into the workplace.
  • Do not overstuff the trash can.
  • Always leave the sink empty.

The risk of germs spreading in the workplace is minimized when employees work to minimize mess and keep daily clutter at a minimum. To keep your office clean, Desert Oasis Cleaners offers you complete office cleaning services.

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