Retail Store Cleaning Checklist
Written by Desert Oasis Cleaners

Retail Store Cleaning Checklist

Your customers want to see organization and cleanliness so keeping your retail store in a clean and pristine condition is absolutely essential to your success. It will give your staff confidence and your customers confidence in buying from you. Read on to learn the checkpoints you should use to make sure your retail store is in perfect condition!

Use this checklist on a daily basis:

  1. ❒ Collect store details. Record the details of the store you will be cleaning.
  2. ❒ Clean up clutter. Take care of clearing up any clutter on the shop floor. Pay special attention to emptying trash cans, shelf wobblers, tags, paper, and garbage.
  3. ❒ Sweep the entrance and exit as well as washing and dusting any planters. Remember you only get one chance to make a first impression and customers are less likely to buy if they walk into a store that is completely messy.
  4. ❒ Clean glass doors and windows. Customers want to see clearly into the store and should be able to see their reflections in the glass. Dirty marks everywhere discourage people from entering the store. Mix water in a bucket and use dishwashing liquid and scrub.
  5. ❒ Empty all trash cans to prevent overflowing.
  6. ❒ Clean the floor areas of any mess. The floors should also be vacuumed. Floors that are not carpeted must be mopped with soap and warm water. it should then be dried with a cloth.
  7. ❒ Wipe glass display units. Glass display units are very easy to keep tidy. SImply dust and wipe with a soft dry cloth. Use a little vinegar to remove stains on glass.
  8. ❒ You must have clean shelves in any retail store because customers do not want a layer of dust over the products they are considering purchasing, likewise for dirty finger marks. Ensure the shelves are free of dust, dirt, and marks. You can use clean sponges, cans of compressed air and vacuuming the area.
  9. ❒ Straighten up furniture. Give all the furniture in the store the once over. Make sure cushions and pillows are straight and look under all the seats for garbage and any misplaced personal items. The vacuum cleaner can be utilized, if needed, on furniture.
  10. ❒ Clean restroom mirrors. With a clean cloth, just apply warm water and then dry the mirror with another dry cloth. Add some soap if water doesn’t do the job to a high standard and then dry with a cloth.
  11. ❒ Scrub restroom fixtures. You can clean the sink by using soap and warm water then it can be dried down with a towel or cloth. Use a mop to wipe the floor with a bucket and mop filled with soapy hot water.
  12. ❒ Not a pleasant job but toilets must be cleaned at least on a weekly basis and if they are heavily used it is best to clean them on a daily basis. Spray the seat of the toilet with anti-bacterial sprays. Use rubber gloves at all times! Wipe the seat and the rim with a cloth and scrub the toilet bowl with a toilet brush.

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