There’s quite a lot involved with properly cleaning a tile floor. First off, there’s not one method that suits every type of tile floor. And when it comes to commercial cleaning, the process can be a hefty task to undertake without the help of a professional commercial cleaning company in Phoenix.

However, if you want to know how to clean a tile floor we’ve got a few pointers. Keep in mind, you’ll want to determine what type of tile your business has before you try cleaning it yourself, which we usually don’t recommend.

Clear Debris from the Area

When we clean a commercial tile floor, the first step is making sure all debris is cleaned from the surface of the tile. We start by sweeping the entire area, being especially mindful to clear all the loose dirt and grime from the grout.

After a thorough sweep, we’ll set a vacuum to the setting closest to the floor and vacuum the surface several times over. The next step involves scrubbing the grout and surface tile with the use of green cleaning components.

Mop the Area

After a healthy scrubbing, we will mop the surface several times over to ensure it is absolutely spotless. When it comes to cleaning a tile floor, attention to detail is key. You simply can’t take any shortcuts or rush the job. Once the entire surface of the tile floor is spotless, we make sure it is completely dry and ready to walk on.

A Note on Cleaning Materials

If your business has unglazed tiles, cleaning them must be done very carefully. Your cleaning solution should have a neutral pH that is free of harsh chemicals. A safe bet for cleaning this type of tile would be to contact Desert Oasis cleaners.

We only use green cleaning supplies and our experts are adept at cleaning every kind of surface, from unglazed tile to marble, granite and much more. Using the wrong solution on glazed or unglazed tile floors can do permanent damage to the surface area, or simply make it look less attractive.

Using the wrong mixture on grout can weaken the hold and actually cause tiles to come loose or crack. If you don’t want to take that risk, give Desert Oasis Cleaners a call at 480-720-0907. Our experts are ready to help you make sure the tile and grout in your business is properly cleaned and maintained.

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