There’s a lot of bad information out there when it comes to companies that use green cleaning supplies. At Desert Oasis Cleaners, we are proud to say we use environmentally-friendly cleaning agents. We’ve decided to dispel some of the common rumors flying around about green cleaning companies and whether they are worth hiring.

False: Green Cleaning Companies are More Expensive

This is false. At Desert Oasis Cleaners, we know it costs a few dollars more to purchase green cleaning materials, but we never pass that cost on to our clients. We are always proud to offer the best service at the best price.

False: Green Cleaning Companies are Less Effective

This is also untrue. Thanks to advancements in technology, environmentally-friendly cleaning products are every bit as effective as traditional cleaners. In fact, they are much better. The chemicals used in traditional cleaning agents are very harsh, harsh enough in fact to damage surfaces over time.

So green cleaning companies not only do a great job of making sure your commercial cleaning job is done right, they also make sure your counter tops, tile carpet and other surfaces will last much longer because they are not being treated with harsh chemicals.

True: Green Cleaning Companies Create a Safer Work Environment

The hypoallergenic supplies that green cleaning companies use promote a much healthier and safer work environment. This is especially beneficial if you have a high volume of employees, clients and customers visiting your workplace.

Traditional, non-environmentally friendly cleaning agents can leave behind residues and fumes that will irritate those with allergies or those who are sensitive to certain chemicals. This is not good for productivity or customer retention.

True: Green Cleaning Companies Encourage Corporate Responsibility

In a global economy, companies taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint set themselves apart. Hiring a green cleaning company in the Phoenix area shows that your business takes its responsibility seriously.

Contact Desert Oasis Cleaners to Learn More

Want to learn more about the benefits of hiring a green cleaning company for your commercial cleaning? Get in touch with Desert Oasis Cleaners today at 480-720-0907 and we’ll help you get started. Our experienced cleaners are ready to work around your schedule to ensure you get top quality service day in and day out.

We are more thorough and more affordable than the other green cleaning companies out there. We don’t believe you should have to pay more to get a higher level of service.

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