Daytime Janitorial Services Phoenix AZ

Daytime janitorial services can help your Phoenix business in a variety of ways. The same attention to detail and dedication to through cleaning is available during your normal business hours.

Benefits of Daytime Janitorial Services

Energy Cost Savings – The HVAC system and lights have to run all day, and run all night if you have your janitorial services done at night. The less you have to run your lights and air conditioning the more money you save on energy bills. Larger buildings will save a significant amount of money with daytime janitorial services in energy savings alone.

Improved Security – Daytime janitorial services eliminate extra security credentials being necessary. This means when you lock up and night; no one else is coming in. The less people coming and going from your building after hours, the better.

Better Response And Safety – Daytime janitorial staff are on hand during the daytime and can immediately addressed janitorial issues. Promptly cleaning up spills or dirty areas of your building prevents accidents.

Improved communication – Owners and managers will have direct contact with the janitorial staff, which means specific instruction can be given directly to the cleaners.  This means faster resolution and much more effective communication. Your building gets cleaned the way you want it, when you want it.

Cleaning On Your Schedule – Our janitorial services can be ordered at specific times of day and can be customized so they don’t interfere with events, meetings, or anything else where the presence of janitorial staff might be disruptive.

Exceptional Consistency – Having the same cleaning staff each time your office is cleaned means that cleaning is done with attention to your offices’ specific needs and your preferences. Working in the same offices and having the same cleaners means getting the cleaning you need and want, done the way you want it.

Improved Company Image – Visitors and employees in your facility might imagine that your building gets cleaned regularly. But seeing someone busy keeping things clean and germ free leaves no doubt in their mind that the building really is cared for, and they are in a clean space. This improves the image of the building and the business owner.

More Enthusiastic Cleaners – It’s a fact of business that nightshifts have higher turnover rates. This is true of every industry and is the same for janitorial service companies. Having cleaning done during the daytime attracts a wider richer base of workers. These people want to find and keep a job for a lot longer. Night time work is usually taken as a last resort and employees normally continue to seek other work. Daytime janitorial services benefit the building owner in having the same people doing the cleaning for longer.

Considerations For Daytime Janitorial Services

There are a lot of advantages and benefits for businesses to use daytime janitorial services. However there are a few questions you should ask yourself before using these services.

Would a vacuum be disruptive to my office?

Depending on the equipment used there might be a low level of noise, and possibly electrical cords. Some teams of janitorial staff have battery powered equipment that runs as low as about 68 decibels. This means that the vacuum isn’t much louder than the ambient office noise.

Would garbage collection be a problem?

Garbage collection is generally faster afterhours. If your office creates a lot of garbage or having the bags of garbage being carried out would be unsightly to your clients, partners, or visitors you might considering keeping your nighttime janitorial services, or having the cleaning started so that the garbage is collected last, just before or after you close.

Phoenix Daytime Janitorial Services

If you think your company would like to stay clean, save money on energy costs, and get better cleaning; set up an appointment to discuss the possibilities with Desert Oasis Cleaners. We can customize janitorial services to fit your office, your needs, and your schedule. With state of the art cleaning equipment, motivated and cheerful staff, we will strive to get your facility clean and maintain the utmost professional demeanor.

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