There could be some hidden dangers lurking around your office in the form of toxic cleaning supplies. Perhaps your current cleaning company is using some of these products, or they are kept around the office for small cleanup jobs between the hours when cleaners show up.

No matter how certain products show up, it is important to identify them and try to keep them out of your office. At Desert Oasis Cleaners, we take pride in our use of green cleaning supplies. Below, we’ve listed a few products you should keep an eye out for in your office.

Liquid Drain Cleaners

These are used to remove clogs and odors from sinks. However, many brands use chemicals that could have hidden dangers over time. Studies have linked liquid drain cleaners to respiratory issues, skin irritation and even sense-organ toxicity.

Glass Cleaners

Those blue glass cleaners could be leaving behind uncomfortable side effects. The allergy–inducing ingredients have been known to cause respiratory discomfort in some people and some studies have linked it to immune system toxicity.

Toilet Cleaner

Many popular brands of toilet cleaner have been shown to have overly abrasive allergens that could cause problems in the event of long-term exposure. The primary ingredient Oxalic acid is suspected of contributing to the risk of developing cancer, developmental problems and is also suspected of being a neurotoxin.

Multi-purpose Cleaners

Many of the so-called multi-purpose cleaners should be avoided due to high levels of toxic chemicals. One common ingredient found with multi-purpose cleaners is called acrylic acid, which is known to contribute to respiratory problems and immune issues.

What’s the Real Danger?

Individually, the risk is considered low when it comes to occasional exposure to a single product. However, when you think about the risk associated with daily exposure to multiple chemicals, the risk factors are sure to increase.

That’s why it is important to choose a commercial cleaning company that uses safe, environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies. If a crew is coming in every night and cleaning with harsh chemicals, it means people who come into your business every day are being exposed.

At Desert Oasis Cleaners, we believe it is important to not only do a superior job when it comes to cleaning, but to do it in the safest manner possible. That is why our crews use green cleaning supplies that are just as effective, but far less harmful.