Cleaning a Cleanroom
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Cleaning A Cleanroom

At last, your cleanroom has been installed and is fully operational. You’ve put a lot of time and money into devising your ideal cleanroom. Now you can feel free to sit down and take a breather.

However, the work isn’t quite done yet. Any cleanroom requires continual cleaning. It doesn’t matter how outstanding your filtration systems are, there are always ways for exposure to contaminants. Nevertheless, when following proper cleaning procedures, your cleanroom is going to surpass your goals for execution and durability. Cleaning methods for cleanrooms are different from common cleaning of your home or office. There are a lot of factors that one should be mindful of when aiming at keeping a cleanroom clean. Below are some pointers to assist you in keeping your cleanroom free of contaminants.

Adhere To Sanitation Formalities When Entering a Cleanroom

The best way to keep your cleanroom clean and safe is to stop contaminants from getting inside of it. The most major contributor to pollutants is typically the staff. All staff should be mindful of proper sanitation formalities prior to entering the cleanroom. This comprises of washing and drying hands properly, wearing sterile gloves, and adhering to proper gowning practices. Furthermore, all equipment and tools are also required to go through proper sanitation procedures and disinfection prior to them being allowed in the cleanroom.

Know Your Specific Industry Standards

Your cleanroom is going to have specific ISO cleanliness standards and classification subject to your industry and applications. Cleanrooms with increased ISO classifications might not require as much maintenance due to high degrees of air filtration. Cleanrooms with decreased ISO classifications, nevertheless, require a more continual and a more comprehensive cleaning routine. As air filtration is not an exact requirement, more thorough sanitation procedures are necessary.

Two Cleaning Methods for Cleanrooms

Below are two ways of cleaning cleanrooms:

Dry Transfer Cleanroom Cleaning

All you need to do is wipe down surfaces in your cleanroom with a dry cloth that has absorbent material when using this technique. The cloth needs to be a cleanroom-specific type, meaning it will not break down, shed its fibers, or redeposit contaminant materials.

Wet Cleanroom Cleaning

Wet cleaning is a great alternative when the dry cleaning isn’t enough to remove materials. This method requires decontamination utilizing cleaning fuel. Don’t forget that only particular non-ionic, non-foaming cleanroom-specific cleaning solutions are permitted.

Subject to the kind of contamination, you can use either method. On the other hand, it is important to know that proper cleaning usually involves both methods.

Daily Cleaning Tasks

Before beginning any work in the cleanroom each day, staff must sanitize the floor and dry it with a HEPA filtered vacuum. Additionally, the same vacuum is required to be used on the walls of the cleanroom. Each of the windows and pass-throughs are required to be washed and dried. At shifts end, staff should wipe down each surface (even ones that haven’t been used) with a dry or wet cloth subject to the degree of impurity.

Weekly Cleaning Tasks

Although the walls are getting HEPA vacuumed each day, they mut be cleaned with distilled water or a specific solution for further disinfection weekly. A similar concept applies to the floors. Once a week, the floors must be moped with a particular detergent and purified water and then vacuum dried after.

As-Needed Cleaning Tasks

The following tasks should be carried out at a minimum of one time a month or on an as-needed basis. The ceilings need to be washed with specialized cleaning agents and purified water. Light lenses need to be wiped off. Subject on the machine used as a cleaner for shoes, it needs to be deep cleaned or exchanged. Should you invest in sticky mats (which is very wise!), they need to also be either cleaned by a professional or exchanged.

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