Daycare Cleaning
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Daycare Cleaning Checklist

Managing a daycare comes with a continual battle against germs. Especially with present events, a lot of clients put a higher focus on cleanliness and the health of everybody that’s a part of your daycare. Offering the best possible environment for children means having a powerful daycare cleaning checklist for playrooms, restrooms, and the children themself.

Below is a breakdown of proven ways to decrease the spread of germs with a list of daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning procedures.

Daily Cleaning

  • Spray and wipe down toys at the end of every day and put them back in their designated areas.
  • Clean up and organize all arts and crafts supplies.
  • Go over mats, linens, and napping pads for soil and wash following each use.
  • Clean and sanitize kitchen appliances, countertops, and sinks.
  • Sweep, then mop your daycare’s floors then vacuum all carpets/ soft surfaces and rugs.
  • Sanitize cabinets, doorknobs, and light switches in addition to all phones and PCs.
  • Clean restrooms by cleaning toilets with a scrubber and bleach. Sanitize all countertops, sinks, and surfaces at the end of every day.
  • Wash all linens prior to placing them back to changing tables and/ or bunks.

Weekly Cleaning

  • Sanitize and wash dress-up clothes, all soft toys, or special play items.
  • Spray and then wipe down and sanitize books & bookshelves.
  • Clear out cubbyholes and wipe inside and out with sanitizing wipes or spray.
  • Do a deep clean of arts and crafts supplies and craft areas.
  • Wipe down cribs and changing tables, deep clean with bleach or sanitizing spray; being sure to get under pads and mats.
  • Switch out linens and wash, dry, then fold the old ones.
  • Perform a deep clean of the center and every activity room. This needs to include dusting.
  • Clean hard-to-reach places in addition to wiping down the walls.
  • Disinfect the restroom and be sure to get difficult to access areas such as behind the toilet and under countertops. Spray then wipe off restroom walls and stalls. Make sure to get sink and toilet fixtures.
  • Disinfect the kitchen and food preparation areas, including kitchen appliances and utensils. This needs to include a deep cleaning of the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets. Check all food and beverages expiration dates. Throw away anything that is expired or old or is not going to be used.
  • If your daycare uses a car or van for transporting, carry out a deep clean of the inside. Be sure to thoroughly vacuum the vehicle. Spray and wipe down all doors and window handle in addition to all surfaces inside the vehicle, including the windows insides.

Monthly Cleaning

  • Examine the plumbing and drains. Look for leaks or potential clogs.
  • Disinfect windows, blinds, and/ or curtains.
  • Disinfect behind furniture, vacuum, clean, and dust baseboards and windowsills.
  • Disinfect shelves, closets, and all storage containers and areas where they are kept. Make sure to take everything out and wipe it down with sanitizing spray prior to reorganizing.

Professional Cleaning

  • Disinfect carpets or upholstery a couple of times annually to guarantee there is no buildup of bacteria in heavily trafficked areas. This is going to also help to treat stains in addition to preventing them before they happen.
  • Clean air ducts to guarantee air is free from mold and dust buildup.
  • Disinfect then polish hardwood floors
  • Disinfect restrooms and kitchens. Comprehensively cleaning the grout is going to minimize the buildup of germs, mold, and bacteria.

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