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Church Cleaning Ideas

Here are some church cleaning ideas for the spring time. Read on to learn more. 

Identify Areas

The first step to successful spring cleaning is to take a walk through your building and grounds, and identify any asset that may require maintenance attention. Include facility team members in this process by asking them if they have any projects they would like to add to a spring cleaning checklist.

Walkways & Sidings

As longer days and warmer weather come around, give your facility’s siding and walkways the attention they need after being exposed to damaging salt residue and dirt during winter months. To clean siding, use a pressure washer and a concentrated cleaning solution. To clean walkways, start by sweeping. Then, apply detergent or degreaser using a pressure washer. Finish by power washing the concrete.

Roof Extensions

Awnings, gutters and other roof overhangs often bear the brunt of abuse from winter elements. They can also trap outdoor debris and collect bird droppings. To rid your building’s overhangs of dirt and grime, use a pressure washer with cleaner and degreaser. Never use a pressure washer while standing on a ladder. Instead, use a curved gutter cleaning attachment for your pressure washer.

Air Conditioning Units

Prepare your church for rising summer temperatures by servicing all air conditioning units on your property. A/C units that have been sitting idle for months are likely dirty from accumulation of grime and oxidation film. Dirty A/C units could impact performance and cost you money through increased energy usage. Start by conducting a coil cleaning on each A/C unit.

Outdoor Work

Does your facilities department use winter utility vehicles? If so, springtime is the perfect time to give them a thorough wash. During the winter, vehicles will often accumulate residual salt buildup. This buildup can cause corrosion and damage to the finish of vehicles if not removed.

Flooring Issues

During winter, entrance matting is great for preventing dirt, snow and moisture from damaging your facility’s flooring. But once spring rolls around, your facility’s mats will need a good cleaning. Begin my vacuuming the tops of rugs to remove dry dirt. Then, flip mats over and vacuum again to shake free any remaining particles. If your mats have crusty salt stains, soak them in hot water with a neutralizer solution. Then, extract water by using a brush-and-vac system.

Trash Cans

This spring, disinfect trash receptacles and areas around them. Warmer weather can create a damp and smelly breeding ground for insects and pests in your facility. Start by spraying down empty trash bins and applying soap. Rinse and apply disinfectant. You may find it helpful to apply a deodorizer to trash bins as well.


While many custodial workers have a regular cleaning routine for restrooms, it is still a good idea to conduct periodic deep cleanings to eliminate lingering dirt, dust, bacteria and messes. When deep cleaning a restroom, take time to remove built up grime and mold, polish fixtures, wipe down partitions, and scrub walls near toilets and urinals.

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