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Office Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Use our office cleaning tips and tricks to keep your building clean and ready for everyone to use.  Having a clean building is important to the running of your business.  It helps keep your staff focused and healthier by disinfecting surfaces throughout your office.  Another advantage is that everything will be in its rightful place, easy to find, and ready for use.

The best way to maintain a clean office is to hire a commercial cleaning company.  These tips can help keep your office clean between professional cleanings, or you may decide to try to take care of all of the work yourself.

1. Scheduling for an occasional deep cleaning

Request that your cleaning company performs an occasional deep cleaning. A lot of commercial cleaners offer deep cleaning, specialty carpet, and upholstery cleaning and hardwood flooring deep cleaning, in addition to daily cleaning.

Grime accumulates over time, so it’s wise to ask your cleaning company to alternate a deep clean in difficult to reach areas.

2. Designated locations

Everything in your office should be assigned a place and should be kept in that place when not in use.  Shelving and labels is an easy way for everyone to cooperate and keep the business organized.  This includes items such as handheld inventory control units, radios, and anything that needs to be kept charged and ready.

3. Well stocked supplies

The job will never get done, or get done right without the cleaning supplies needed.  It’s important to keep the cleaning closet or basket full of the dusting spray, glass cleaner, paper towels, rags, microfiber cloths, and rubbing alcohol you need.

4. Office supplies

Light cleaning should be done throughout the day to keep offices and cubicles clean.  Keyboard wipes are a good way to keep the office clean even if you use your office to have meals or eat snacks during your day.  Ensure they’re provided and employees know to let their keyboard dry before jumping back into work.  Use cleaning cloths or sprays to wipe down the phone and a rubbing alcohol cotton ball to clean dial pads.

5. Minimize clutter

The less clutter and things you have on your desk, the easier it is to keep it clean.  It also makes it harder to really spread your work out and get deep into a complicated project.  Anything you don’t use throughout your day should be kept in drawers and on shelves.  That includes extra calendars, post-it notes, paperclips, and the like.

6. Labeled lunches

The company refrigerator and cupboards can become a serious source of the mess if not kept orderly.  Companies should require employees to label their bags or boxes with their names.  There should also be a monthly clean out day, so old forgotten food can be disposed of.  Condiments such as mustard or ketchup should have the date written on them and be kept as long as they are good.

7. Trash & vacuuming

Keeping crumbs and dirt off your carpet helps it last longer, stay looking better, and keeps bugs away.  It’s also important to empty trash daily to keep the ants or other insects away from workspaces.  It can take hours or professional extermination to reverse the infestation a small bit of garbage can create.

8. Your mom doesn’t work here policy

If you have a kitchenette at your office it is important that any containers and dishes are cleaned immediately and the sink is rinsed out.  If you have company dishes make sure they get put away on a certain day of the week to empty the drying rack.  This also goes for wiping out the microwave.  If it splatters it needs to be wiped out completely, otherwise the mess hardens and needs a chisel to get out.   Plants should also be kept healthy, watered, and manicured.

9. Behind & under

People with dust allergies can become uncomfortable or downright sick if you forget to clean under and behind office furniture.  These are the most common forgotten areas and mean the difference between looking clean, and being clean.

10. Monitoring the office

A good test of how cleaning is going is to enter the building and pretend to be a customer.  Walk the routes most customers take and keep an eye out for areas that need improvement for cleaning.  Write notes so you can adjust the cleaning routines.  If you have a cleaning company their checklists should be built out enough that nothing is ever missed.

Keep your office clean to ensure you’re always ready to make that all-important first impression.  Even maintaining impressions is important with established clients or they may think your company isn’t doing so well.  While it might seem like a small detail the cleanliness of your building is of critical importance.  It keeps visitors, staff, employees, and managers healthier and safer.

11. Keyboard cleaning

A lot of cleaning companies are contracted to perform set cleaning duties, such as vacuuming the office, cleaning the bathrooms and breakroom areas, and emptying trash cans. Although some cleaners will clean computer keyboards, the mouse and the phones, many won’t include them in regular cleanings.

Computer and phone cleaning are typically disregarded by employees, but these are areas in the office sheltering high levels of germs and gross bacteria. Research conducted by the University of Arizona discovered that the average desktop has 400x more bacteria than your average toilet seat.

Regularly cleaning is easy. You will need a couple of cleaning tools, like a keyboard brush, pressurized air and maybe some gooey cleaning gel.

12. Disinfect your phone and desk

Wiping down your desk thoroughly with disinfectant spray or wipes once a week and doing the same to your phone will help to hinder the build-up of dust, grime, dirt, food stains, fingerprints, and germs. It is also a weekly chance to guarantee work odds and ends do not build up on your desk and your files get filed away.

Not only will your desk be a fresher, cleaner and nicer area to work from, you will also keep your personal space germ free. Just a quick wipe may also help in preventing flu and colds from spreading.

13. Organize and clean your desk drawer(s)

Even the most organized and clean individuals are inclined to have at least one drawer that gets into disarray every once and a while. Around every 6 weeks go through your desk drawer, organize is and give it a good wipe down.

Utilize drawer dividers with sections to keep any rubber bands, paper clips, staples, and smaller items organized. Choose what goes in the drawer and what stays on the desk. When you stay organized and your work productivity will soar.

14. Wipe the plant’s leaves

For some, plants might appear like just another thing that clutters up the office. But prior to you ruling them out, one thing you need know is that plants indeed clean the office air. Plants clear the air of pollutants and release humidity back into the air, which is especially good for offices that have air-conditioning.

If your office has indoor plants (if it doesn’t you should definitely get some), it’s leaves will require a soft wipe with a damp cloth from every now and then to hinder dust build-up.

15. Vacuum the top of folders, and files

It doesn’t matter how clean you are or how good you are at putting paperwork where it goes, file boxes and folders on shelving will accumulate dust. Regularly vacuuming the top of folders and files will hinder dust build-up. Be careful not to vacuum up any paperwork.

16. Incorporate up a refrigerator cleaning rotation

Have you seen leftover food in the office refrigerator turning into something you’ve never seen before? If you’re avoiding the fridge because of that, maybe it’s time to incorporate an office fridge cleaning rotation. Food that gets forgotten turns bad. At best it creates a bad odor. It poses a hygiene risk at worst.

Sharing a kitchen is everybody’s responsibility, as is maintaining the cleanliness of the refrigerator. Ask fellow employees to date food they open and to be responsible for throwing their out of date food out. Ensure the refrigerator gets cleaned weekly and employees empty any unwanted food at the end of the week.


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