What is Deep Cleaning?
Written by Desert Oasis Cleaners

What is Deep Cleaning?

Has it been a while since your business has had professional cleaning services, or possibly it needs some extra hard work after the Christmas break?

Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners has your annual deep or spring cleaning included with our deep cleaning services.

Nobody wants to spend invaluable weekend time cleaning and mopping floors.

The weekend is for putting your feet up and hanging out with friends and family and lounging by the pool. Not deep cleaning an entire office for hours on end.

You put in work and should leave the cleaning duties to the professionals at Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners and get that time back to your life.

Why Get a Deep Cleaning Rather Than a Basic Cleaning?

Once or twice annually, doing a more comprehensive deep cleaning like this becomes vital to keep your business clean and fresh or prepare the office for the upcoming season. This is the reason why deep cleaning may oftentimes be known as spring cleaning.

The deep cleaning concentrates on business areas needing more time to address. These are areas in which dust gathers over time but less quickly than flat surfaces such as countertops or flooring. These areas include places such as doors, base-boards, and window shades.

What’s Are the Differences Between Deep Cleaning, Spring Cleaning, and Basic Cleaning?

Deep and spring cleaning are two words typically used exchangeable. The main variation between a deep clean and basic cleaning is the degree of detail and concentration.

Different from deep cleaning, basic or regular cleaning, while providing a good-quality cleaning, bypasses specific labor-intensive areas that don’t get dirty as fast. For instance, the basic cleaning doesn’t include the cleaning of baseboards like a deep cleaning does.

Having said that, the basic cleaning services should be used primarily for preservation and maintenance within deep cleanings.

Deep cleaning services is a more comprehensive cleaning that pays more attention to the hard-to-reach places that could get missed throughout routine cleanings.

This includes things such as baseboards, ventilation ducts, windowsills, window shades, and some extra hard work needed to get things such as soap scum off of bathroom furnishings.

What’s in a Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners Deep Clean?

A lot of people have a different notion of what deep cleaning service entails. For us at Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners, a deep cleaning is everything in the regular cleaning, additionally we’ll spend more time with the base-boards, dusting the window shades, wiping down doors, dusting the exterior of the air conditioner vents, cleaning off light switches, and wiping down the power sockets.

After carrying out everything included in the regular cleaning service, our objective is to spend more time on things that only need cleaning every six to twelve months. These additional specifics are designed to get your business looking as good as it can. As stated above, another great designation for our deep cleaning service might be spring cleaning.

Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners Deep Cleaning

All the primary cleaning tasks in the conventional cleaning

  • Dusting the base-boards
  • Wiping down power outlets
  • Dusting of HVAC vents
  • Wiping down doors
  • Dusting window shades
  • Wiping down light switches

Ceiling fans, when requested, they’re easily overlooked when they’re running.

Favorable Deep Cleaning Service Extras

Deep cleaning is a perfect chance to think extras such as wet wiping window shades, or walls, subject to the businesses condition. For businesses that require extra attention, also think about upgrading to heavy-duty cleaning.

Perfect candidates for heavy-duty cleanings are businesses with unreasonable dust, clutter, or businesses that have not been cleaned professionally for some time.

Commercial Cleaning Phoenix by Desert Oasis Cleaners

Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners is a commercial cleaning company in Phoenix offering a full list of commercial cleaning services including office cleaning, warehouse floor cleaning, industrial cleaning, factory cleaning, cleanroom cleaning, company breakrooms & washrooms. We also help with industrial cleaning across the Valley.

To get a free cleaning service quote, use our contact form to submit a request or call Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners today at 1-480-720-0907.

First impressions are important for your business – that’s why you need the experts at Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners that never hesitate to go to great lengths to guarantee your workplace looks it’s best!

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