Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Procedures
Written by Desert Oasis Cleaners

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Procedures

Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners proudly offers commercial restaurant cleaning and commercial kitchen cleaning services and they customize their service to meet the exacting needs of your restaurant or business. Read on to learn more about how to clean a commercial kitchen so it compliments the job the professionals at Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners perform. In the following link, we also included a restaurant cleaning checklist you will find helpful!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state more than half of all foodborne health outbreaks originate in restaurants and this is something everyone who runs a restaurant, corporate kitchen or hotel should be very aware of. The best way of curtailing the spread of airborne illnesses is to ensure your kitchen is always in a fully sanitary condition.

Cleansing Hard Surfaces And Countertops

If you are looking for prime real estate for bacteria growth, look no further than your countertops and other hard surfaces. They should be cleaned at a minimum of twice per day especially as they are very often used for food preparation. Take everything down or off from the surfaces and then use a soft cloth to wipe everything down and apply a disinfectant spray by spraying about ten inches or so from the surface of the countertop and/or hard surface. Then let the area naturally dry out before replacing the items you originally removed from the surface. There are circumstances when you will have to take some further steps. This includes removing spilled beverages and dried up food. You can achieve both with the use of a soft brush and warm soapy water to scrub the hard surface or countertop. Another consideration is when you are cleaning tile surfaces, use specially formulated tile-based disinfectants as they best remove grime and bacteria from grouting work.

Cleansing Commercial Equipment And Appliances

Regular cleaning is of course absolutely essential as part of regular maintenance of commercial appliances and commercial equipment. It is not just the major equipment and appliances in need of attention. Do not forget to attend to the smaller pieces of gear such as toasters, microwaves and coffee makers. Deep cleanings should be performed on a weekly and monthly basis ensuring the equipment stays in the best condition possible. Here are some items to consider:

  • Refrigeration units – It is vital every two to three months to stake a brush with stiffened bristles and clean the condenser units and the vacuum ensuring grime and dust has been correctly removed. Another important aspect is to regularly clean and empty the drain tubs and pans as this will remove the buildup of sludge.
  • Ovens and ranges – As part of regular weekly maintenance, be sure to wipe down the walls, racks, and doors of your ranges and ovens.
  • Grills – After each use, be certain to brush away grime and ash from your grates when they have been used. In certain circumstances, it may be necessary to soak these items in a mixture of warm and soapy water in order the grease breaks up
  • Fryers – Once or twice per week, boil out your fryer.
  • Burners, flattops, and cooktops – Use warm and soapy water or a disinfectant spray to scrub down these services and parts.

Cleansing Sinks

Dishes, ingredients, and utensils are cleaned regularly (maybe several times per day) at your washing stations. This emphasizes how crucial it is to make sure that area or areas remain spotlessly clean. At the conclusion of every business day, wipe the backsplash and sink with a disinfectant spray. Furthermore, you are going to want to prevent the build-up of lime and scale by using a de-lime process on your sprayers, faucets and commercial sinks each and every week. Undoubtedly, commercial kitchens use a great deal of grease and oil and this means they can, over time, cause clogging of the pipes and drains.

Cleansing Vents And Exhaust Hoods

When airflow is being restricted in the kitchen, a likely culprit is an excess of grime and grease in the exhaust hoods and vents. Every few months you will need to wash out the vent hoods and you will need to do it more often than that if you are utilizing a deep fryer on a daily basis. Do not forget the filters need to be cleaned and do so by following the instructions provided in the service manual of the unit you are cleaning. When you perform an inspection on the filters look for tears and rips if you discover some, the filters need to be replaced without delay.

Cleansing Walls, Ceilings, And Kitchen Fans

Walls and ceilings can be cleaned on a weekly or bi-weekly basis depending on the number of food particles and grease that attach themselves.

  • You should always wipe down the occasional splatters from ceilings and walls. remember blemishes and bad odors can often be caused by airborne steam and grease. By using a professional-grade degreaser or appropriate cleaning solution you can use a soft bristle brush or a washcloth to scrub away any outstanding build-up.
  • Foot traffic adds to the mess already caused by spills and food on your floor. At the end of each day, clean the floor very thoroughly by sweeping or vacuuming the remove hard dirt and dust. Then grab a mop and clean the floor with a combination of vinegar, or alternatively a heavy-duty cleaning solution, always mixed with warm water. A mop is still the best option to use as it has the great advantage of being able to reach confined spaces with ease.

Cleansing Storage Areas

Twice per year, all of your storage solutions should have a wholesale cleaning performed. This should be all-inclusive taking into account shelving units, racks, cabinets, and pantries. When everything has been removed from each location, remove crumbs, dust, and other miscellaneous debris with a microfiber cloth or by using an attachment from a vacuum. Next, scrub down any stains or grease from all the surfaces using a cleaner and soft bristle brush. It is often a good idea to use a formula of warmer water and vinegar or soap to achieve this.

Customized Restaurant Cleaning Services In Phoenix

If you have a restaurant you need to keep it clean not only for the health inspector but for the impression it gives your patrons.  Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners offers the highest quality restaurant cleaning services and restaurant kitchen cleaning services with customized and detailed restaurant cleaning checklists.  Give us a call for a free restaurant cleaning consultation to see how we can help you keep your restaurant clean and ready for business!

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Gym Cleaning Ideas
Written by Desert Oasis Cleaners

Gym Cleanliness Standards

Obviously a gym is a wet and damp environment where perspiration helps to create an indeal environment for mold, mildew, bacteria, germs and viruses. As a gym owner, you can make sure your premises reach the highest levels of cleanliness. Read on to learn more!

Germs Frequently Found In Gyms

  • Dermatophytosis – a fungal infection of the skin also known as atheletes foot when it is located there and commonly referred to as tinea, jock itch and ringworm
  • Influenza – an airborne virus that multiples when it reaches the human respiratory tract having first been inhaled
  • Staphylococcus saprophyticus – bacteria that is a frequent cause of infections of the urinary tract
  • Staphylococcus aureus (golden staph) – a common bacterium that causing a wide range of maladies that lives on human skin
  • Salmonella – an illness that is gastrointestinal in nature whose symptoms include diarrhea, fever and vomiting
  • Rhinoviruses – viruses that cause many types of respitory infections as well as common colds

Gym Hygiene By The Numbers

Studies reported by the Australian Broadcast Company in 2016 showed:

  • Free weights contained 362 tiems more germs than an average toilet seat
  • Compared to public bathrooms, treadmilles had 74 times more bacteria on its surface
  • Compared to a tray from a food court, an exercise bike had 39 times more bacteria on its surface

In 2013 guide to health club cleanliness, the following statistics came to light:

  • 56% of gym members expect their gyms to be germ free environments
  • Gyms spending 4% of their total budget on housekeeping made greater profit and had less customer attrition than those who only allocated 3% of their total budget to housekeeping
  • Satisfaction ratings dropped 40 percent (83% to 43%) when the gym had a customer perception of being unclean nd retention rates fell over 40 percent as well from 90% to 52%.

Hygiene Regulations

Unlike resturants there are no legal and enforceable government standards but many gyms abide by the notion their service standards must protect the health of the customer and a regular cleaning schedule is part of that.

Hygiene For Gym Owners

  • If you’re building a new gym from the ground up or remodelling an existing building, try and incorporate elements in the design that will contribute to cleanliness and overall health. For example, you could include a high-filtration vacuum system to remove dirt and germs on floors and hard surfaces and a shower room with good drainage to deter bacteria and fungi. Good ventilation is also important for reducing moisture and damp.
  • Create a cleaning schedule and adhere to it strictly. Hourly cleaning tasks could include checking for rubbish, spot cleaning equipment and making sure towels and coverings are being utilised. Daily tasks might include vacuuming, wiping down and disinfecting equipment and cleaning showers, toilets and changing rooms. Weekly tasks could include checking for wear and tear in seats and coverings, checking fixtures and fittings and mopping and scrubbing floors and deep cleaning carpets.
  • Educate your staff (and particularly your cleaning staff) about the importance of ultra-cleanliness. Show them the correct way to clean and maintain gym equipment and make sure they know about and pay particular attention to hot spots where bacteria, viruses, and fungi can accumulate, such as door handles, mats and hand weights.
  • Educate your customers as well. Make it known that your gym is a clean and healthy facility and post signs requesting that patrons make use of the hand sanitiser and use the wipes provided to wipe down equipment after use.
  • Pay particular attention to showers and locker rooms in your daily cleaning schedule. This is where steam creates the damp environment that germs, mould and bacteria love. If possible, install a ventilation or dehumidifying system that will dissipate steam and keep the air relatively dry.
  • Have the right cleaning equipment. Use hospital-grade cleaners containing at least 10% bleach, but ensure they are not corrosive on metal or sprayed or wiped too close to sensitive electronic components in your gym equipment. If you have large hardwood courts and open floor spaces, consider purchasing heavy duty polishers and scrubbers to make you’re cleaning as cost-effective as possible.


Desert Oasis Cleaners Offers Gym Cleaning Services in Phoenix & Throughout The Valley.

To schedule gym cleaning or commercial cleaning services in Phoenix, learn more about Desert Oasis’s commercial cleaning services, or to get a free industrial commercial cleaning services quote, use our contact form to submit a request or call Desert Oasis Cleaners today at 1-480-720-0907.

Our quality cleaning materials and experience mean we clean to a higher standard, which leads to better indoor air quality, fewer allergens and lower levels of bacteria creeping around the workplace, just waiting to infect your workforce or cause an accident. At Desert Oasis, we clan and sanitize everything, including the places that most other companies overlook.

Commercial Cleaning vs Residential Cleaning
Written by Desert Oasis Cleaners

What is Commercial Cleaning?

We all have to clean every day in our lives, be it at home or at work. To understand what commercial cleaning actually is, it is most helpful to compare and contrast it to residential cleaning. Read on to learn more about commercial cleaning, how it differs from residential cleaning and how using the services of commercial cleaning services like Desert Oasis Cleaners can benefit your business and create a more productive work environment for you, your employees and your customers.

A lot of residential cleaning business owners want to expand into commercial cleaning but don’t think about just how different it is from their main business. The thinking is that cleaning is cleaning, whether it be a home or office. This approach is the reason that residential cleaning companies trying to expand into commercial cleaning can falter and fail from the start.

So how is commercial cleaning different from residential cleaning?  Here are 10 things to consider before diversifying into commercial cleaning.

  1. Residential cleaning is done during daytime hours and most commercial cleaning is usually done in the evenings, late at night and on weekends so it’s usually a good idea to have two separate crews. This will require hiring more cleaners, team leaders and/or promoting your current employees to supervise the commercial cleaning crew. You might find hiring for your commercial crew more challenging in comparison to your residential cleaners because people are more willing to work during the day as opposed to evenings, nights, or weekend work.
  2. Your current cleaning staff will have to be retrained if they will be working the commercial cleaning crew also. Since residential cleaning is a lot more detailed than that of commercial cleaning, your commercial crew will need to clean much more quickly and with less focus on detail and more attention on completing the required cleaning requirements of the facility.
  3. Residential cleaning is completed in the client’s personal space instead of their workspace. Because you are touching their personal effect’s they tend to be more sensitive and “picky” than commercial cleaning clients. They are typically more demanding of the small details (i.e. how you place the pillows on their bed and couch, how you fold or hang the towels, how you replace items you pick up to dust, etc.). Commercial cleaning clients are more interested with ensuring you complete the cleaning specifications agreed to on their contract.
  4. When residential clients are in their home while you are cleaning, they have inclination to watch your every move. They want you to be on time and might watch the clock to see how long it takes for you to clean. Commercial clients are not keeping an eye on the clock to make sure you arrived on time (if they are even on site when you get there). They might, however, leave “traps” to make ensure your employees are thoroughly cleaning.
  5. Residential cleaners have more interaction with their client’s, so you want to hire employees who have excellent communication skills, are personable, and are well groomed. Even though these are qualities you want to have in ALL your employees, commercial cleaners typically clean at night, after the building occupants have gone home for the day, so there is usually less interaction.
  6. You will have to wait to get paid with commercial cleaning so expect a decrease incoming cash. Residential cleaning companies are typically paid the day the service is completed. Commercial cleaning companies are normally under contract with terms of payment. This requires an invoice be issued every month to the customer and results in a longer time period to receive payment. In addition, a lot of commercial cleaning companies are now invoicing prior to providing cleaning services versus invoicing at the end of the month for that month’s cleaning services.
  7. Pricing and profit margins are different. In commercial cleaning, the bigger the account, the lower the profit margin. In addition, cleaning supplies, chemicals, and equipment costs are higher with commercial cleaning accounts which leads to decreased profit margins per client. However, the bigger accounts may be easier managed and the lower profit margin can be made up in volume.
  8. Production rates will differ from residential vs. commercial. The average production rate for residential is usually 700-1,000 sq. ft. vs. commercial which can range from around 2,500 to 4,000 sq. ft. per hour or more. Commercial pricing is more time consuming also. Commercial clients usually require a bidding process, a building walk through and a contract drawn up to include the list of cleaning specifications, terms and conditions of payment, signatures and references.
  9. Marketing is different since residential cleaning is “business to consumer” and commercial cleaning is usually “business to business”. Also, there are a lot more potential residential opportunities out there than commercial businesses so there will be more competition for commercial cleaning accounts.
  10. You may have to alter or change your current residential cleaning company name or create an entirely new one. Your company name needs to fit the services you are offering. You will find it extremely hard to lure new commercial cleaning customers with the name: We Clean Maid Services. Use a name that will be marketable to both residential and commercial clients.

As you can see, there are a lot of differences between residential cleaning and commercial cleaning. If you are thinking about braching out into commercial cleaning, start making a list of advantages and disadvantages in order to determine if this is the right thing to do for your business.

Desert Oasis Cleaners Provides Commercial Cleaning In Phoenix

Desert Oasis Cleaners is an commercial cleaning company in Phoenix, Arizona offering a full list of commercial cleaning services including industrial floor cleaning, warehouse cleaning, factory cleaning, cleanroom cleaning, industrial breakrooms & bathrooms. We also help with industrial cleaning in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Glendale, Gilbert, Tempe, or anywhere in the Phoenix Valley.

To get a free office commercial cleaning service quote, use our contact form to submit a request or call Desert Oasis Cleaners today at 1-480-720-0907.

First impressions are vital to your business – that’s why you need the experts at Desert Oasis Cleaners who never hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure your workplace looks it’s best!

OSHA Housekeeping Fact Sheet
Written by Desert Oasis Cleaners

OSHA Housekeeping Fact Sheet

You already know Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners offer the best janitorial services in the Phoenix Valley. To compliment that it is important your business is OSHA complaint. OSHA is a department of the United States Department Of Labor and is an acronym for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Read on to learn more about OSHA recommended housekeeping in the workplace to make sure your business not only looks great but is also OSHA compliant.

It is never easy to keep everything in order when a project is ongoing but despite everyones best efforts, if you work in an environment where there are facility inspections, you may receive reports regarding what can be interpreted as poor housekeeping. OSHA does not actually require mandatory housekeeping training but good employees obviously know the value of a tidy workplace. So although OSHA does not have a single standard for housekeeping, some of the following examples include provisions that address housekeeping.

OSHA Rules For Walking And Working Surfaces

OSHA rule 1910.22 says the following:

  • “Aisles and passageways are to have sufficient clearance. They are to be kept clear, without obstructions that could create a hazard.”
  • “Floors are to be clean and dry.”
  • “Permanent aisles are to be marked.”

Some common violations may include:

  • Isles that are blocked.
  • Materials that lie across the floor on an isle.
  • Overhanging materials on high shelves.
  • Oily or wet floors and work surfaces.

Good Housekeeping And Building Evacuation

OSHA’s rules for exit routes are covered in OSHA rules 1910, .34, .35, .36, and .37

The exit route has to be an unobstructed and continuous path from any point in the workplace to a place of safety and consists of three components:

  • Exit access.
  • The exit.
  • The exit discharge.

No equipment or materials can be placed or positioned within an exit route that must be a minimum of 28 inches wide at all points.

Chemical Storage And Fire Safety

OSHA has strict guidelines under rule 1910.106 for storing combustible and flammable liquids:

  • “Flammable and combustible liquids are to be kept in covered containers”
  • “OSHA sets limits on the quantities of flammable and combustible liquids that may be kept outside of protected storage”
  • “Inside storage rooms must have approved self-closing fire doors”
  • “The inside storage room must have one clear aisle at least three feet wide, and containers over 30 gallons cannot be stacked.”

Some common violations may include:

  • Leaving materials in the aisle of a storage room.
  • Using a storage room to stack drums.
  • Blocking open a fire door with open containers of liquids that are flammable.

Poor Housekeeping and Fire Protection

OSHA discusses sprinkler systems in rules 1910.157 and .159 and include some housekeeping suggestions:

  • “Fire extinguishers must be mounted, located, and identified so that they are readily accessible.”
  • “Fire extinguishers are to be kept in their designated places at all times except during use.”
  • “There must be at least 18 inches of clearance below sprinklers.”

Some frequent violations include:

  • Leaving cartons and carts in front of fire extinguishers.
  • Stacking materials too close to sprinklers.

Electrical Safety And Good Housekeeping

OSHA discusses generalized requirements for electrical systems in rules 1910.141:

  • “Working space around live parts must generally be at least three feet for voltages of 600 or less”
  • “Workspace in front of electric equipment operating at 600 volts or less must be at least 30 inches wide.”
  • “Working space may not be used for storage”

A frequent violation is the following:

  • When access to an electrical panel is blocked by storing items.

OSHA Sanitation Requirements

These requirements are found in OSHA rules 1910.141.

  • “Floors are to be kept dry”
  • “Disposal containers used for liquids or solids that may turn putrid must not leak, and they must have tight fitting covers”
  • “Sweepings, wastes, and refuse must be removed”
  • “No food or beverages can be stored in toilet rooms or in an area that is exposed to a toxic material”

Some violations include:

  • Oily or wet floors
  • The build up of trash
  • Waste containers that are open


Desert Oasis Cleaning Services Offers Office Cleaning in Phoenix & Throughout The Valley.

To schedule commercial cleaning services in Phoenix, learn more about Desert Oasis’s commercial cleaning services, or to get a free industrial commercial cleaning services quote, use our contact form to submit a request or call Desert Oasis Cleaners today at 1-480-720-0907.

Our quality cleaning materials and experience mean we clean to a higher standard, which leads to better indoor air quality, fewer allergens and lower levels of bacteria creeping around the workplace, just waiting to infect your workforce or cause an accident. At Desert Oasis, we clean and sanitize everything, including the places that most other companies overlook.

Bed Bugs In The Office
Written by Desert Oasis Cleaners

Bed Bugs In The Office

Everyone wants to make their office environment as comfy as possible and snacking at your desk becomes second nature to many. However, for cockroaches, rodents and bed bugs, this can create their dream vacation resort! Read on to understand how bed bugs thrive and how you can work with employees to eliminate the problem before it becomes a significant issue.

Cleanliness Equals Compliance

The US Occupational Safety and Health Act requires employers to provide their empoyees with a work environment that is clean, hygenic and pest free. Bed bugs and other insects and rodents frequently spread disease and if their presence is not detected and dealt with in an efficent manner, it may be interpreted as a violation of the above federal law. If there is an infestation and your employees are talking about it, do not try to shush them but instead listen as they will have information regarding the extent of the problem. Also, if you try to limit these discussions remember the National Labor Relations Act says employers cannot prevent employees from discussing these issues. But working together gives you the best chance of getting to the root of the problem as soon as possible.

Where To Look

When food has been left out for a period of time or overnight, it is an invitation to insects including flies, cockroaches, rodents and other pests (including bed bugs) that may be hungry. Make sure employees know they are expected to clean up directly afterwards and that any leftovers are in the fridge for no longer than seven days.

Another area to look for is water, bed bugs and other insects are attracted to roof leaks, pipes that are dripping or whenever there is a hard to identify musty smell. Remember, bed bugs and other creatures often prefer environments with a high-moisture content. It may also be indicative of another invisible threat, mold.

Another place to look for bugs and rodents (though not necessarily bed bugs) is any area where there is a draft. Any voids or cracks that are greater than one quarter inch in size offer up an ideal home base for these critters. Be sure to check under exterior doors and if you see any large holes designed for utilities and network cabling, speak to your IT team to have them seal the holes up.

Pest Control Tactics

Pest control issues can have an impact on even the cleanest office. If an employee notices a rodent or insect, the matter should be investigated by the building management team as soon as possible. In most cases, they can recommend a course of treatment once they have locted and identified the source. However, in some instances, the source of infestation that needs to be treated is not clear. When that is the situatuin it may be likely when the employees travel to the office, they are not always arriving alone. Insects like lice, fleas and bed bugs, travel by latching onto their human hosts. Similar to flu, these bugs are very contagious and just a single example can rapidly turn into a pandemic impacting the entire organization.

You may be fortunate in that a responsible employee who has been afflicted comes to you. Clearly, this situation deserves the utmost confidentiality and sensitivity. Make arrangements they can work from home or take paid leave for this situation to be addressed and resolved. However, sometimes an employee may come forward claiming a co-worker has an issue. Remember false accusations may be part of workplace bullying and perhaps, even, discrimination. Speak to the manager of the employee and see if they have witnessed similar evidence, only if the answer is affirmative should you approch the individual who has been afflicted. In private ask if they are the victim of a communicable condition and kindly explain it is your duty to make sure working conditions are safe for everyone. You can then inform the employee of their telecommuting or leave options.

Bed Bugs…A Serious Issue

Just one sighting of one of these bugs, just a fraction of an inch in length, can be the cause of an entire workplace having to shut down their operations until the matter has been dealt with. Amazingly, bed bugs can exist for more than 18 months without eating, having an employee work from home will not be enough. A specialist will have to be hired to visit the property with a bug sniffing dog. If the search shows anything, the next step is to fumigate the entire office building. In circumstances where an employee comes forward on a voluntary basis as a potential source of infestation, you may want to consider paying for the employees home to be fumigated as the cost of doing so may be beyond the budget of the employee. Depending on the extent of the infestation, an expert may recommend treatments that are less invasive such as steaming or freezing the hideouts used by bed bugs.

Desert Oasis Cleaning Services Offers Office Cleaning in Phoenix & Throughout The Valley.

To schedule commercial cleaning services in Phoenix, learn more about Desert Oasis’s commercial cleaning services, or to get a free industrial commercial cleaning services quote, use our contact form to submit a request or call Desert Oasis Cleaners today at 1-480-720-0907.

Our quality cleaning materials and experience mean we clean to a higher standard, which leads to better indoor air quality, fewer allergens and lower levels of bacteria creeping around the workplace, just waiting to infect your workforce or cause an accident. At Desert Oasis, we clean and sanitize everything, including the places that most other companies overlook.

Graffiti Removal and Vandalism Clean-Up Services
Written by Desert Oasis Cleaners

Graffiti Removal and Vandalism Clean-Up Services

Removing graffiti or other types of damage as soon as it appears makes it easier to clean and reduces the risk of it happening again. Our professionals at Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners are available 24 hours a day to provide emergency services and fast response times. We’re ready and equipped to take charge with efficient vandalism clean-up.

Vandalism Clean-up

Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners provides commercial and residential vandalism and graffiti cleanup in Phoenix, Arizona and other areas of Maricopa County. When your property is vandalized, you want it restored back to its original state as quickly as possible to safeguard your property and prevent future acts of vandalism. Don’t worry or stress out about having to do the cleanup by yourself— Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners is here to help.

Vandalism comes unexpectedly and can be troublesome and stressful for property owners who now have to be concerned about vandalism cleanup and the possibility of repeat vandalism. Save yourself the hassle by hiring a vandalism cleanup company to clean-up the damage and make repairs fast and effectively. Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners technicians are licensed and certified to perform vandalism cleanup services at your residence or business.

Don’t Delay Vandalism Cleanup

It doesn’t matter if your home or business has become the victim of graffiti or physical damage, Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners has all the tools needed to restore your property quickly and efficiently. It is essential to remove paint, food and other waste quickly before it damages or stains the underlying surface and causes lasting damage.

Taking longer to getting graffiti removed or to get your building secured after an act of vandalism places your home or business at risk for more vandalism. If your property is tagged with spray painted graffiti, other taggers will follow suit, leading to continuing vandalism. Your property is also at risk if vandalism results from a broken window or door and it is no longer secured. Graffiti removal and making repairs as fast as you can is the best way to prevent further damage from vandalism.

Hire a Professional for Cleanup

There are several reasons why you should always hire a professional to handle vandalism cleanup and graffiti removal. It’s the best way to ensure that cleanup is completed quickly, deterring future vandalism and additional damage. A vandalism cleanup technician also has the tools and materials necessary to remove paint, food, and waste effectively and without damaging the underlying surface.

Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners technicians are specially trained to identify the most efficient and safest vandalism cleanup and removal methods for different surfaces and materials, guaranteeing that your property will be returned to its former state. Attempting to clean up vandalism yourself can sometimes be disastrous and may result in more damage if you use the wrong cleaning agents or methods.

At Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners our professionals are licensed and certified to perform restoration and cleanup after vandalism. We can also inspect your property and give you an estimate before starting cleanup. We offer quality, effective and affordable vandalism cleanup answers for your home or business. If your home or business has been the target of vandalism, don’t hesitate to call Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners solutions about our graffiti and vandalism cleanup services.

Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners Offers Graffiti Removal and Vandalism Clean-Up Services in Phoenix

To schedule your commercial cleaning services or other types of cleaning in Phoenix and Scottsdale, learn more about Desert Oasis’s commercial cleaning services, or to get a free office commercial cleaning service quote, use our contact form to submit a request or call Desert Oasis Cleaners today at 1-480-720-0907.

First impressions are vital to your business – that’s why you need the experts at Desert Oasis Cleaners who never hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure your workplace looks it’s best!

Conference Room Cleaning
Written by Desert Oasis Cleaners

Conference Room Cleaning

Imagine entering a conference room to prep for an important meeting. You walk in to set up and are faced with a dirty, cluttered room. You can’t present to current or prospective staff members or clients in here! While you rush to make the room presentable, you run out of time to properly prepare for the meeting itself. Download a Printable PDF Version of this CONFERENCE ROOM CHECKLIST.

If this sounds like a common occurrence in your office, let us help. Use this conference room etiquette list from Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners to create your own conference room usage guidelines. That way, everyone will know what they need to do after every meeting is complete.


In general, have the leader of the meeting perform the following tasks after each meeting has concluded:

  1. ❒ Turn Off Computers and Other Equipment.

It doesn’t matter if you turn off equipment or put them in standby mode, it will depend on your workflow, but there should be some model for how electronic devices like conference room computers, projectors, speakers, and computer cameras are left when the room is not being used.

  1. ❒ Clean Up Any Messes.

Meeting notes, handouts, food &, drinks, trash – whatever is lying around at the end of the meeting should be tidied up. Usually, each member of the meeting should be responsible for cleaning up after themselves. Nevertheless, if anything is left behind, it’s up to the meeting’s leader to make sure the room is cleaned and ready for the next meeting.

  1. ❒ Put All Equipment Back Where It Belongs.

Every item in the conference room should have a place, including extra notepads and pens, chairs, phones and computers. Be sure all equipment is put back where they belong. Any brought in items that don’t belong in the conference room, should be taken out after the meeting.

  1. ❒ Wipe Down Surfaces with Disposable Cleaning Wipes.

Having packages of disposable cleaning wipes in the room makes it easy for people in the meeting to clean and sanitize the conference room after the meeting is over. Meeting leaders should wipe down the table, phones, keyboards, computer mouse’s and other high-touched surfaces to help fight the spread of germs and viruses in the office.

  1. ❒ Turn Off The Lights.

Once everything on the checklist has been completed, shut off the lights. The room should be clean and ready for the next scheduled meeting to take place.

  1. ❒ Include The Conference Room In The Regular Cleaning Schedule.

The conference room in your office may or may not get much use. But, it’s important to include the room on the regular cleaning schedule to keep it fully maintained and functional. Along with the steps mentioned above, the janitorial crew can vacuum, remove and replace trash bags, and clean and sanitize surfaces to keep the room always ready to use.

Desert Oasis Cleaning Services Offers Conference Room Cleaning in Phoenix & Throughout The Valley.

To schedule conference room cleaning services in Phoenix, learn more about Desert Oasis’s commercial cleaning services, or to get a free commercial cleaning services quote, use our contact form to submit a request or call Desert Oasis Cleaners today at 1-480-720-0907.

At Desert Oasis, we clan and sanitize everything, including the places that most other companies overlook.

How To Clean Fabric Wall Panels
Written by Desert Oasis Cleaners

How To Clean Fabric Wall Panels

In nearly every office there are cubicles and more often than not they have fabric covered walls. However, as they are fabric, they just cannot be wiped down to make them clean. Read on to learn more about the special care cubicle walls require to keep them clean and free of germs.

Good Reasons For Cleaning Cubicle Walls

  • Dust is trapepd by fabric cubicle walls as a by-product of dust mites. Airborne debris, other irritants and dirt are also attracted to them. So, mregular cleaning helps to prevent the spread of dust mites.
  • Allergens are reduced as dust likes to lay in wait in the fabric of youe cubicle. Regualr vacuuming with a HEPA filter will improve the air quality of your workplace and control the allergens in your fabric panels.
  • Unsightly stains can be removed with a thorough deep cleaning that will keep the walls of your cubicle looking fantastic for other coworkers or visitors.

Cleaning Cubicle Walls

  • Remove all the items attached to the wall prior to cleaning.
  • You can access the wall more easily by moving any furniture blocking the way.
  • Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter and reduce allergens like pollen and dust as well as removing particulates, dust and dirt.
  • Pre-treat the stains utilizing a spot cleaner making sure the cleaner does not fade the fabriccolor or cause other damage.
  • Clean the cubicle walls with a mixture of a ¼ cup of liquid detergent and 1 quart of warm water. Mix so it becomes sudsy. Dip a soft-bristle scrub brush into the suds (not the soapy water) and then apply the brush to the fabric panel. Gently scrub the panel in a circular motion, working from the top to the bottom of the wall.
  • Remove the suds with a wet, clean towel.

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Cleaning Rules For Employees
Written by Desert Oasis Cleaners

Cleaning Rules For Employees

Although nothing beats having a regular commercial cleaning service, co-workers may need to understand what they can do in helping to keep an office clean and safe. There are always some office messes that will need sorting out when they occur to prevent illness or injury to co-workers. Of course, you also want the office to look presentable to clients and customers. Read on to learn some basic housekeeping tips.

Personal Workspaces

Germs and dirt can spread very easily through offices including at individuals workstations. A recent study of nearly 5,000 surfaces and 3,000 employees discovered computer mouses, keyboards and telephones needed regular housekeeping. They utilized a device to measure levels and presence of adenosine triphosphate, an energy molecule found in food bacteria. You can spread uncleanliness every time your hands touch knobs or handles. It is a good idea to avoid eating messy meals at your workstation and clean up crumbs and spills when you do. Also, wash your hands on a frequent basis.

Shared Workspace Areas

Storage rooms, conference rooms, and office printers are all shared workspaces. Nearly everyone uses these at least a few time every day. You can preserve the health and safety of your co-workers by picking up loosed and dropped papers from the floor. You can also straighten up containers and boxes so other coworkers can find supplies more easily. Remove objects from high shelves that may fall off onto someone’s skull. Keep long extension cords away from walkways and dispose of large storage boxes in an outside dumpster. By keeping organized and clean in the office, productivity can be boosted as well as the performance of employees!

Employee Common Areas

During office hours it a very good idea for employees to take care of minor housekeeping related jobs. For instance, avoid littering restrooms with paper. Everyone in the office should know where there is an ample stock of tissue, papers, and soap. In the kitchen make sure coffee grounds and food debris are not left on counters and that spills are wiped up immediately. Refrigerators that are shared need to be kept clean, organized and expired foods should be removed. Food prep areas need to be cleaned with the purpose of preventing vermin and pests from the office.

Toxic Chemicals And Cleaning Products

Remember co-workers may be sensitive or have allergies to certain cleaning products. So it may be a good idea to ask around the office before purchasing any cleaning products. Gloves are also needed as your skin may be exposed to harsh chemicals. Keep the cleaning bottles in a secure place away from kitchen countertops. Another very important thing is to make sure the bottles are very clearly marked. As always make sure you follow the warning label and the instructions on the bottle.

Desert Oasis Cleaners Offers Commercial Office Cleaning in Phoenix and Surrounding Areas

To schedule your office cleaning services, including medical office cleaning in Phoenix and Scottsdale, learn more about Desert Oasis’s commercial cleaning services, or to get a free office commercial cleaning service quote, use our contact form to submit a request or call Desert Oasis Cleaners today at 1-480-720-0907.

First impressions are vital to your business – that’s why you need the experts at Desert Oasis Cleaners who never hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure your workplace looks it’s best!

Data Center Best Cleaning Practices
Written by Desert Oasis Cleaners

Data Center – Best Cleaning Practices

Controlling contamination is becoming increasingly important as modern technology makes computer components smaller than ever before. In many ways that is fantastic but it does increase the risk of equipment failing because of contamination. Even in the most studious of environments, everyday grime and dirt can cause overheating, short-circuiting and other numerous issues. Failures related to contamination are a leading cause of downtime meaning millions of dollars is lost in turnover and revenue. Read on to learn what you can do to prevent downtime, packet loss and bit errors caused by contamination.

As a business owner, how clean your office is probably not the first thing you think of on a day to day basis. Having a clean and healthy workspace is essential when it comes to running a successful business. A lot of business owners take only notice of such things when they get totally out of hand.

Despite that, leaving a good impression is associated with your role as an employer, too. In order to keep both clients and employees, you need to put in your best efforts forward to please both sides. This is particularly true when you’re welcoming a possible new employee. What they see in the beginning will form their opinion on their own in the company that they possibly may work for.

Contamination Control In Computer And Data Rooms

It is very important to establish easy to understand and maintain guidelines so all of your visitors and staff can support the goals of contamination prevention. However, an initiative to minimize the prevention of contamination can educate and inform everyone of what activities are suitable for the work environment.

Establish Computer And Data Room Protocols

The following tips can form the nucleus of a practical protocol any employee can follow in the way they work and operate in data and computer rooms. They are easy to follow and implement. You may want to add to or alter some of these to fit your individual needs.

  • No drink or food in the computer or data room
  • Do not use for the computer room for uncrating, unpacking or opening other items. Utilize a designated staging area away from the computer room. This area can be established for the stated purpose of uncrating or unpacking activities
  • Keep products that shed large amounts of contamination away from the computer/data room. Examples would include woods, cardboard, and all other types of paper products
  • Doors should not be propped open when they lead to areas that are not the computer or data rooms
  • Test the protocols on contamination for their impact on the environment – review and approve them before allowing further work to take place in the computer room or data room
  • Ensure the tools and equipment brought into the computer or data rooms that are utilized by vendors, contractors and employees are reasonably contaminant free and kept in clean order

Access To The Computer or Data Room

  • You probably have security procedures in place to limit access to computer and data rooms but consider this: Personnel who are not needed in the area contribute to the levels of contamination even if they do not mean to do so. Contamination is generated from peoples clothing fibers, hair, dead skin and dirt from their shoes
  • Utilizing control mats that limit contamination can help ensure, carpet fibers, dust, and other very small particles are not tracked into the room from, for example, wheels on carts or shoes
  • Contaminated air can be prevented from entering the computer or data room by using positive pressurization

A Designated Computer Or Data Room Cleaning Program

Consider these options to maintain an environment where contamination is minimized:

  • Clean floor surfaces every three months or even more often if needed
  • Clean all environmental services and equipment at least quarterly or even more often if required
  • The underfloor plenum needs cleaning at least once per year and two or more times per year if the plenum is responsible for delivering pressurized air
  • Maintain your newly established schedule for cleaning
  • During other events that produce contamination such as construction increase the frequency of your cleanings

Desert Oasis Cleaners Offers Data Center Cleaning in Phoenix and Surrounding Areas

To schedule your computer and data room cleaning services, in Phoenix and Scottsdale, learn more about Desert Oasis’s commercial cleaning services, or to get a free office commercial cleaning service quote, use our contact form to submit a request or call Desert Oasis Cleaners today at 1-480-720-0907.

First impressions are important your business – that’s why you need the professionals at Desert Oasis Cleaners who never hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure your workplace looks it’s best!

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