Airport Sanitation Services
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Airport Sanitation Service

You may be searching for airport cleaning, or the answer to “How Do Airport Cleaning Services Work?”, this post can help! Read on to find out how exactly our airport cleaning works, kinds of industrial cleaning services, what industrial cleaning companies do, and what the description of an industrial cleaner’s job is.

When it comes to any basic airport, they typically serve hundreds if not thousands of people every single day. That is beyond an absurd amount of trash, liquid spillage, germs, and grime. Especially during the times, we are in currently it is essential that you keep the airport as clean as possible and sanitized for everyone involved in using airport services. Contact a reliable team of experts who understand commercial cleaning guidelines front to back and the seriousness of having and maintaining a healthy work environment.

Desert Oasis Cleaners has been providing spectacular sanitation services for decades, and decades to come. A team is full of reliable professionals in all facets of commercial airport cleaning. Stocked with all equipment and procedures to accomplish any cleaning job at scale. We understand proper cleaning and how the operation of airports work and you can expect nothing but the best when it comes to implementing an ideal cleaning plan.


Stellar Cleaning Performance

Flying can be demanding in many ways. We primarily focus on providing an extraordinary airport experience as we understand the attractiveness of hygiene and clean flights. Another great point for the airport itself it helps your customers become more confident in your brand and their health as a customer means something to you.

Desert Oasis sanitizes all areas within the airport that withhold the highest of standards:

  • Bathrooms
  • Security Check
  • VIP Lounges/Areas
  • Check-In
  • Employee Break rooms/Offices
  • Airport Terminal


Full-Service Janitorial Airport Cleaning Services

Airports alone hold so many unique challenges contrary to popular belief. To begin with, the size alone is something to scare most cleaning companies away, also you never see an Airport closed. Enforcing how essential the cleanliness that your holds needing constant attention and the stretch to get the job done correctly.

Desert Oasis offers round the clock airport janitorial cleaning to secure you and your customers safety. We clean from corner to corner providing a full sweep of services ensuring that your airport maintains the level of cleanliness that you are happy with. Our team of professionals is trained to continuously service the entire airport when we are on the task at hand.

Focusing on:

  • Janitorial Cleaning Services
  • Hard Floor/Wood Care
  • Carpet
  • Window Maintenance
  • Outside Cleaning Management
  • Construction Maintenance

In context to our regular commercial cleaning services, we are always available in case of any sort of cleaning emergency. Anything can happen at any time anywhere, especially within the airport. So reliably we will always have your back when it comes to any sort of cleaning issues you are having or solutions you are needing. A Quality commercial cleaning service backed with years of experience.


Making Airport Cleaning Easy

The way our airport cleaning processes are done is relatively similar to other companies and others in the industry. To begin the process of working with a client, we start primarily with you. For starters, we will review the facility alongside you to find the challenges and needs you are looking to us for. Afterward, we form a custom sanitation plan to ensure quality each and every single time we work together.

Once the plan has been reviewed and we are satisfied with the process, our highly trained professionals will carry out the mission at hand with the utmost cleanliness possible. One main factor being the team understands how to focus on the problem at hand providing a speedy resolution.

Understanding the primary focus is security and safety in all airports. Hence the reasoning behind working with the utmost professional employees only with proven records of spectacular work. We are deeply committed to the partnership with our clients ensuring all security and safety procedures are met when working together.

We at Desert Oasis believe intensely on looking for problems and solving them beforehand, and pure accountability for the actions of our team. Along the entire process, we will be in touch with the partner in contact to maintain our solid and stable relationship between one another. We believe in unrestricted communication between our clients so we’re able to provide a personal solution.


Highly Reliable Professional Airport Cleaning

Towards the subject of airport cleaning the main reason for our service is for the airport’s customer satisfaction. When flying you need a reliable clean airport that has all cleaning services up to par and intact. The focus is keeping and maintain the facility to the highest level of cleanliness as possible. The specialists we have staffed on our team provide the valleys most rated top-quality cleaning services, never to disappoint.

If your priority is to maintain the confidence and rapport built with your thousands of passengers, contact us today because our services are so simple and comprehensive it only makes sense. Learn more about the way we too can ensure your airport is sanitary and clean.

Desert Oasis Cleaners is an industrial cleaning company in Phoenix, Arizona offering a full list of industrial cleaning services including industrial floor cleaning, airport cleaning services, warehouse cleaning, factory cleaning, cleanroom cleaning, industrial breakrooms & bathrooms We also help with industrial cleaning in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Glendale, Gilbert, Tempe, or anywhere in the Phoenix Valley.

To get a free office commercial cleaning service quote, use our contact form to submit a request or call Desert Oasis Cleaners today at 1-480-720-0907.

First impressions are vital to your business – that’s why you need the experts at Desert Oasis Cleaners who never hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure your workplace looks it’s best!

How to remove stains from plastics
Written by Desert Oasis Cleaners

10 Incredible Ways to Remove Stains From Plastic

Epoxy floors are generally easy to care for. However here are some guideline to keep them in tip-top condition. Read on to learn more.

Plastic is incredibly useful for everyday uses.  Commonly found in the kitchen for its affordable yet highly efficient purpose.  Unfortunately, plastic inevitably stains or discolors due to the material stored.

We share techniques to remove stains from plastic with household cleaners.  You can finally extend the life of your favorite mixing bowls, drinking glasses, spoons, spatulas, colanders, and other popular kitchen goods.

Regardless of the material you decide to clean with, always rinse thoroughly to remove any residue.



The best way to prevent discoloration is rinsing the item immediately after its use.  Food dye commonly stains plastic that are left unrinsed.  Coffee, tea, juice, soda, tomato sauce and tomato paste stains are the leading causes for discoloration.

Rubbing alcohol is highly effective at removing these stains.  If the stains are being stubborn and not coming out, then pour the rubbing alcohol into the container.  Allow it to sit for a few minutes.

When the plastic is not a container, or the outside of the container, you cannot simply let the object soak.  Instead you will need to use a larger container to sit the smaller object in.

Once the stains have disappeared from the plastic object, it is time to rinse thoroughly and dry.



Don’t have rubbing alcohol available?  Try using hand sanitizer as a substitute as its active ingredient is alcohol.

You can apply the hand sanitizer directly to the plastic ware.  Wash and rinse thoroughly, then dry.


Use bleach to remove stains from plastic


Chlorine bleach is a powerful cleaning agent that can remove liquid stains such as coffee, soda, juice, tea; ink stains; and those pesky tomato stains.

Due to its strength, you will need to dilute the bleach with water.  Use one tablespoon of bleach per cup of water.

Set the plastic ware in a larger container and let it soak for at least one to two hours.  Helpful tip: use a larger container to clean multiple plastic containers at the same time.



If you have concerns using bleach on food containers, consider white vinegar as an alternative.  In fact, they use the exact same ratio!  One tablespoon vinegar per cup of water.

Due to being a natural food-safe substance, people often prefer vinegar since it’s made from organic compounds.  Residue from cleaning plastic containers with vinegar could improve your digestion!

Vinegar does not harm plastic.  It can be used to remove water marks as well.


Baking sodea paste can remove stains from plastic5.  BAKING SODA PASTE

Need to know how to remove oily residues stains from plastic?  Baking soda paste is a great disinfectant that can clean plastics.  It can also remove the typical liquid stains previously mentioned.

Baking soda paste needs to be mixed with water.  Apply directly to the discolored areas of the plastic container.  Allow the object to sit for twenty to thirty mins before applying with a moist cloth to the container.

Then rinse and dry.



Denture tablets are a great plastic cleaner!

Denture tablets were created for keeping dentures clean, disinfected and prevent discoloration.  Therefore, it is strong enough to address your plastic ware stains.

Place 2 tablets in hot water.  Then pour the mixture into your discolored container.  Let sit until the stains are gone.




Okay, ready for this one?  Alka seltzer has a lot of unknown uses!  Who knew?!

It can polish your jewelry, clean your coffee maker, whiten and bright laundry, and clean those stained plastics!

Crazy, huh?

Add 2 tablets to hot water.  Swish the solution around until the tablets have dissolved and let sit for an hour.



Prefer to go complete organic?  Lemon juice and sun light is the way to go then.

Rub the stained food container with lemon juice.  Then set it outside for 1 or 2 days so the sun’s UV light can work its magic.

Salt can remove stains from plastic9.  SALT

Good ole salt and warm water works to remove stains.  Use a damp cloth to scrub the effected areas.  You may need to repeat this process several times for the discoloration to be resolved.




Find a dishwasher soap built to remove stains and apply it outside of the dishwasher.  Dawn Power Dissolver and Cascade Plastic Booster are popular choices.

Soak your containers in warm water for thirty to sixty minutes.  Watch for the discoloration to dissolve and then wash the object.

These are the most proven methods for how to remove stains from plastic.  If you have any alternative suggestions, please share in the comments section.

Desert Oasis Cleaners Provides Commercial Cleaning In Phoenix

Desert Oasis Cleaners is an commercial cleaning company in Phoenix, Arizona offering a full list of commercial cleaning services including industrial floor cleaning, warehouse cleaning, factory cleaning, cleanroom cleaning, industrial breakrooms & bathrooms. We also help with industrial cleaning in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Glendale, Gilbert, Tempe, or anywhere in the Phoenix Valley.

To get a free office commercial cleaning service quote, use our contact form to submit a request or call Desert Oasis Cleaners today at 1-480-720-0907.

First impressions are vital to your business – that’s why you need the experts at Desert Oasis Cleaners who never hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure your workplace looks it’s best!

Cleaning Products Desert Office Cleaners
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Covid-19 Cleaning for your Office

Railings can be very beautiful regardless of the material they are made from but they need to be kept clean and be safe from a structural standpoint. Read on to learn how you can clean railings made from different materials.

Keeping a clean office environment during this time is particularly important. Remember the areas in your office that require a good cleaning solution or disinfectant include the areas where your employees work. Read on to learn more.

COVID-19 Office Cleaning

COVID-19 has brought many issues to Phoenix Metro area businesses and it is important for these companies to keep both their employees and customers safe.

COVID-19 Cleaning Checklist

This checklist is important if you are looking to clean and disinfect your office on your own. If you need professional cleaning services provided by Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners, we can assist in your efforts to clean and disinfect your office space. The important aspect is keeping the office environment clean and disinfected.

Remember when cleaning, utilize a good disinfectant that would work well for your office. Here is a small office cleaning checklist to utilize:

Office Area Checklist

  • Office Door Handles
  • Office Desks
  • Office Floors
  • Mobile Office Phones (Employees should be reminded to clean and disinfect their phones)
  • Office Counter
  • Office Desks/Cubicles
  • Office Computers (Including keyboards)
  • Office Copiers
  • Office Water Fountain
  • Office Keys
  • Office Light Switches

Kitchen Area Checklist

  • Kitchen Tables
  • Kitchen Chairs
  • Kitchen Floors
  • Kitchen Microwave
  • Kitchen Water Faucet
  • Kitchen Refrigerator

Bathroom Checklist

  • Bathroom Floors
  • Bathroom Stall Walls
  • Bathroom Toilets
  • Bathroom Sinks
  • Bathroom Faucets
  • Bathroom Mirrors
  • Bathroom Walls
  • Bathroom Air Hand Drier
  • Bathroom Towel Dispenser
  • Bathroom Tiles and Grout
  • Bathroom Fan

When looking to clean your office environment:

Wear Disposable Gloves. Clean with soap and water and then use a good disinfectant. Using soap and water assists in reducing impurities and disinfectant kills germs on surfaces. Remember to clean areas that are often frequented and need regular cleaning. These include:

  • Tables
  • Doorknobs
  • Light Switches
  • Countertops
  • Handles
  • Desks
  • Keyboards
  • Toilets
  • Faucets
  • Sinks

If you need assistance for cleaning and disinfecting from professionals, including office cleaning, restaurant cleaning, and commercial facility cleaning give us a call. We can provide you with a quote and how we may be able to assist you with your cleaning needs.

Desert Oasis Cleaners Provides Commercial Cleaning In Phoenix

Desert Oasis Cleaners is an commercial cleaning company in Phoenix, Arizona offering a full list of commercial cleaning services including industrial floor cleaning, warehouse cleaning, factory cleaning, cleanroom cleaning, industrial breakrooms & bathrooms. We also help with industrial cleaning in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Glendale, Gilbert, Tempe, or anywhere in the Phoenix Valley.

To get a free office commercial cleaning service quote, use our contact form to submit a request or call Desert Oasis Cleaners today at 1-480-720-0907.

First impressions are vital to your business – that’s why you need the experts at Desert Oasis Cleaners who never hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure your workplace looks it’s best!

Written by Desert Oasis Cleaners

Office Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Use our office cleaning tips and tricks to keep your building clean and ready for everyone to use.  Having a clean building is important to the running of your business.  It helps keep your staff focused and healthier by disinfecting surfaces throughout your office.  Another advantage is that everything will be in its rightful place, easy to find, and ready for use.

The best way to maintain a clean office is to hire a commercial cleaning company.  These tips can help keep your office clean between professional cleanings, or you may decide to try to take care of all of the work yourself.

1. Scheduling for an occasional deep cleaning

Request that your cleaning company performs an occasional deep cleaning. A lot of commercial cleaners offer deep cleaning, specialty carpet, and upholstery cleaning and hardwood flooring deep cleaning, in addition to daily cleaning.

Grime accumulates over time, so it’s wise to ask your cleaning company to alternate a deep clean in difficult to reach areas.

2. Designated locations

Everything in your office should be assigned a place and should be kept in that place when not in use.  Shelving and labels is an easy way for everyone to cooperate and keep the business organized.  This includes items such as handheld inventory control units, radios, and anything that needs to be kept charged and ready.

3. Well stocked supplies

The job will never get done, or get done right without the cleaning supplies needed.  It’s important to keep the cleaning closet or basket full of the dusting spray, glass cleaner, paper towels, rags, microfiber cloths, and rubbing alcohol you need.

4. Office supplies

Light cleaning should be done throughout the day to keep offices and cubicles clean.  Keyboard wipes are a good way to keep the office clean even if you use your office to have meals or eat snacks during your day.  Ensure they’re provided and employees know to let their keyboard dry before jumping back into work.  Use cleaning cloths or sprays to wipe down the phone and a rubbing alcohol cotton ball to clean dial pads.

5. Minimize clutter

The less clutter and things you have on your desk, the easier it is to keep it clean.  It also makes it harder to really spread your work out and get deep into a complicated project.  Anything you don’t use throughout your day should be kept in drawers and on shelves.  That includes extra calendars, post-it notes, paperclips, and the like.

6. Labeled lunches

The company refrigerator and cupboards can become a serious source of the mess if not kept orderly.  Companies should require employees to label their bags or boxes with their names.  There should also be a monthly clean out day, so old forgotten food can be disposed of.  Condiments such as mustard or ketchup should have the date written on them and be kept as long as they are good.

7. Trash & vacuuming

Keeping crumbs and dirt off your carpet helps it last longer, stay looking better, and keeps bugs away.  It’s also important to empty trash daily to keep the ants or other insects away from workspaces.  It can take hours or professional extermination to reverse the infestation a small bit of garbage can create.

8. Your mom doesn’t work here policy

If you have a kitchenette at your office it is important that any containers and dishes are cleaned immediately and the sink is rinsed out.  If you have company dishes make sure they get put away on a certain day of the week to empty the drying rack.  This also goes for wiping out the microwave.  If it splatters it needs to be wiped out completely, otherwise the mess hardens and needs a chisel to get out.   Plants should also be kept healthy, watered, and manicured.

9. Behind & under

People with dust allergies can become uncomfortable or downright sick if you forget to clean under and behind office furniture.  These are the most common forgotten areas and mean the difference between looking clean, and being clean.

10. Monitoring the office

A good test of how cleaning is going is to enter the building and pretend to be a customer.  Walk the routes most customers take and keep an eye out for areas that need improvement for cleaning.  Write notes so you can adjust the cleaning routines.  If you have a cleaning company their checklists should be built out enough that nothing is ever missed.

Keep your office clean to ensure you’re always ready to make that all-important first impression.  Even maintaining impressions is important with established clients or they may think your company isn’t doing so well.  While it might seem like a small detail the cleanliness of your building is of critical importance.  It keeps visitors, staff, employees, and managers healthier and safer.

11. Keyboard cleaning

A lot of cleaning companies are contracted to perform set cleaning duties, such as vacuuming the office, cleaning the bathrooms and breakroom areas, and emptying trash cans. Although some cleaners will clean computer keyboards, the mouse and the phones, many won’t include them in regular cleanings.

Computer and phone cleaning are typically disregarded by employees, but these are areas in the office sheltering high levels of germs and gross bacteria. Research conducted by the University of Arizona discovered that the average desktop has 400x more bacteria than your average toilet seat.

Regularly cleaning is easy. You will need a couple of cleaning tools, like a keyboard brush, pressurized air and maybe some gooey cleaning gel.

12. Disinfect your phone and desk

Wiping down your desk thoroughly with disinfectant spray or wipes once a week and doing the same to your phone will help to hinder the build-up of dust, grime, dirt, food stains, fingerprints, and germs. It is also a weekly chance to guarantee work odds and ends do not build up on your desk and your files get filed away.

Not only will your desk be a fresher, cleaner and nicer area to work from, you will also keep your personal space germ free. Just a quick wipe may also help in preventing flu and colds from spreading.

13. Organize and clean your desk drawer(s)

Even the most organized and clean individuals are inclined to have at least one drawer that gets into disarray every once and a while. Around every 6 weeks go through your desk drawer, organize is and give it a good wipe down.

Utilize drawer dividers with sections to keep any rubber bands, paper clips, staples, and smaller items organized. Choose what goes in the drawer and what stays on the desk. When you stay organized and your work productivity will soar.

14. Wipe the plant’s leaves

For some, plants might appear like just another thing that clutters up the office. But prior to you ruling them out, one thing you need know is that plants indeed clean the office air. Plants clear the air of pollutants and release humidity back into the air, which is especially good for offices that have air-conditioning.

If your office has indoor plants (if it doesn’t you should definitely get some), it’s leaves will require a soft wipe with a damp cloth from every now and then to hinder dust build-up.

15. Vacuum the top of folders, and files

It doesn’t matter how clean you are or how good you are at putting paperwork where it goes, file boxes and folders on shelving will accumulate dust. Regularly vacuuming the top of folders and files will hinder dust build-up. Be careful not to vacuum up any paperwork.

16. Incorporate up a refrigerator cleaning rotation

Have you seen leftover food in the office refrigerator turning into something you’ve never seen before? If you’re avoiding the fridge because of that, maybe it’s time to incorporate an office fridge cleaning rotation. Food that gets forgotten turns bad. At best it creates a bad odor. It poses a hygiene risk at worst.

Sharing a kitchen is everybody’s responsibility, as is maintaining the cleanliness of the refrigerator. Ask fellow employees to date food they open and to be responsible for throwing their out of date food out. Ensure the refrigerator gets cleaned weekly and employees empty any unwanted food at the end of the week.


  1. Wilson, Robin. “7 Office Cleaning Tips for Clean Freaks.”, 31 July 2019,

Schedule Office Cleaning in Phoenix

Desert Oasis Cleaners offers office cleaning in Phoenix, Arizona. If you’re buried under layers of grime, dust, and dirt and don’t know how to keep up, give us a call. Our cleaning services are guaranteed to get your office clean reliably.  We clean on your schedule daily, weekly, or monthly based on what your needs are. Invest in our office cleaning service and reap the dividends of healthier employees, customers, and a consistently clean office. Call us today at 480-720-0907 and schedule your office cleaning in Phoenix.

Commercial Cleaning vs Residential Cleaning
Written by Desert Oasis Cleaners

What is Commercial Cleaning?

We all have to clean every day in our lives, be it at home or at work. To understand what commercial cleaning actually is, it is most helpful to compare and contrast it to residential cleaning. Read on to learn more about commercial cleaning, how it differs from residential cleaning and how using the services of commercial cleaning services like Desert Oasis Cleaners can benefit your business and create a more productive work environment for you, your employees and your customers.

A lot of residential cleaning business owners want to expand into commercial cleaning but don’t think about just how different it is from their main business. The thinking is that cleaning is cleaning, whether it be a home or office. This approach is the reason that residential cleaning companies trying to expand into commercial cleaning can falter and fail from the start.

So how is commercial cleaning different from residential cleaning?  Here are 10 things to consider before diversifying into commercial cleaning.

  1. Residential cleaning is done during daytime hours and most commercial cleaning is usually done in the evenings, late at night and on weekends so it’s usually a good idea to have two separate crews. This will require hiring more cleaners, team leaders and/or promoting your current employees to supervise the commercial cleaning crew. You might find hiring for your commercial crew more challenging in comparison to your residential cleaners because people are more willing to work during the day as opposed to evenings, nights, or weekend work.
  2. Your current cleaning staff will have to be retrained if they will be working the commercial cleaning crew also. Since residential cleaning is a lot more detailed than that of commercial cleaning, your commercial crew will need to clean much more quickly and with less focus on detail and more attention on completing the required cleaning requirements of the facility.
  3. Residential cleaning is completed in the client’s personal space instead of their workspace. Because you are touching their personal effect’s they tend to be more sensitive and “picky” than commercial cleaning clients. They are typically more demanding of the small details (i.e. how you place the pillows on their bed and couch, how you fold or hang the towels, how you replace items you pick up to dust, etc.). Commercial cleaning clients are more interested with ensuring you complete the cleaning specifications agreed to on their contract.
  4. When residential clients are in their home while you are cleaning, they have inclination to watch your every move. They want you to be on time and might watch the clock to see how long it takes for you to clean. Commercial clients are not keeping an eye on the clock to make sure you arrived on time (if they are even on site when you get there). They might, however, leave “traps” to make ensure your employees are thoroughly cleaning.
  5. Residential cleaners have more interaction with their client’s, so you want to hire employees who have excellent communication skills, are personable, and are well groomed. Even though these are qualities you want to have in ALL your employees, commercial cleaners typically clean at night, after the building occupants have gone home for the day, so there is usually less interaction.
  6. You will have to wait to get paid with commercial cleaning so expect a decrease incoming cash. Residential cleaning companies are typically paid the day the service is completed. Commercial cleaning companies are normally under contract with terms of payment. This requires an invoice be issued every month to the customer and results in a longer time period to receive payment. In addition, a lot of commercial cleaning companies are now invoicing prior to providing cleaning services versus invoicing at the end of the month for that month’s cleaning services.
  7. Pricing and profit margins are different. In commercial cleaning, the bigger the account, the lower the profit margin. In addition, cleaning supplies, chemicals, and equipment costs are higher with commercial cleaning accounts which leads to decreased profit margins per client. However, the bigger accounts may be easier managed and the lower profit margin can be made up in volume.
  8. Production rates will differ from residential vs. commercial. The average production rate for residential is usually 700-1,000 sq. ft. vs. commercial which can range from around 2,500 to 4,000 sq. ft. per hour or more. Commercial pricing is more time consuming also. Commercial clients usually require a bidding process, a building walk through and a contract drawn up to include the list of cleaning specifications, terms and conditions of payment, signatures and references.
  9. Marketing is different since residential cleaning is “business to consumer” and commercial cleaning is usually “business to business”. Also, there are a lot more potential residential opportunities out there than commercial businesses so there will be more competition for commercial cleaning accounts.
  10. You may have to alter or change your current residential cleaning company name or create an entirely new one. Your company name needs to fit the services you are offering. You will find it extremely hard to lure new commercial cleaning customers with the name: We Clean Maid Services. Use a name that will be marketable to both residential and commercial clients.

As you can see, there are a lot of differences between residential cleaning and commercial cleaning. If you are thinking about braching out into commercial cleaning, start making a list of advantages and disadvantages in order to determine if this is the right thing to do for your business.

Desert Oasis Cleaners Provides Commercial Cleaning In Phoenix

Desert Oasis Cleaners is an commercial cleaning company in Phoenix, Arizona offering a full list of commercial cleaning services including industrial floor cleaning, warehouse cleaning, factory cleaning, cleanroom cleaning, industrial breakrooms & bathrooms. We also help with industrial cleaning in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Glendale, Gilbert, Tempe, or anywhere in the Phoenix Valley.

To get a free office commercial cleaning service quote, use our contact form to submit a request or call Desert Oasis Cleaners today at 1-480-720-0907.

First impressions are vital to your business – that’s why you need the experts at Desert Oasis Cleaners who never hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure your workplace looks it’s best!

Graffiti Removal and Vandalism Clean-Up Services
Written by Desert Oasis Cleaners

Graffiti Removal and Vandalism Clean-Up Services

Removing graffiti or other types of damage as soon as it appears makes it easier to clean and reduces the risk of it happening again. Our professionals at Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners are available 24 hours a day to provide emergency services and fast response times. We’re ready and equipped to take charge with efficient vandalism clean-up.

Vandalism Clean-up

Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners provides commercial and residential vandalism and graffiti cleanup in Phoenix, Arizona and other areas of Maricopa County. When your property is vandalized, you want it restored back to its original state as quickly as possible to safeguard your property and prevent future acts of vandalism. Don’t worry or stress out about having to do the cleanup by yourself— Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners is here to help.

Vandalism comes unexpectedly and can be troublesome and stressful for property owners who now have to be concerned about vandalism cleanup and the possibility of repeat vandalism. Save yourself the hassle by hiring a vandalism cleanup company to clean-up the damage and make repairs fast and effectively. Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners technicians are licensed and certified to perform vandalism cleanup services at your residence or business.

Don’t Delay Vandalism Cleanup

It doesn’t matter if your home or business has become the victim of graffiti or physical damage, Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners has all the tools needed to restore your property quickly and efficiently. It is essential to remove paint, food and other waste quickly before it damages or stains the underlying surface and causes lasting damage.

Taking longer to getting graffiti removed or to get your building secured after an act of vandalism places your home or business at risk for more vandalism. If your property is tagged with spray painted graffiti, other taggers will follow suit, leading to continuing vandalism. Your property is also at risk if vandalism results from a broken window or door and it is no longer secured. Graffiti removal and making repairs as fast as you can is the best way to prevent further damage from vandalism.

Hire a Professional for Cleanup

There are several reasons why you should always hire a professional to handle vandalism cleanup and graffiti removal. It’s the best way to ensure that cleanup is completed quickly, deterring future vandalism and additional damage. A vandalism cleanup technician also has the tools and materials necessary to remove paint, food, and waste effectively and without damaging the underlying surface.

Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners technicians are specially trained to identify the most efficient and safest vandalism cleanup and removal methods for different surfaces and materials, guaranteeing that your property will be returned to its former state. Attempting to clean up vandalism yourself can sometimes be disastrous and may result in more damage if you use the wrong cleaning agents or methods.

At Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners our professionals are licensed and certified to perform restoration and cleanup after vandalism. We can also inspect your property and give you an estimate before starting cleanup. We offer quality, effective and affordable vandalism cleanup answers for your home or business. If your home or business has been the target of vandalism, don’t hesitate to call Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners solutions about our graffiti and vandalism cleanup services.

Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners Offers Graffiti Removal and Vandalism Clean-Up Services in Phoenix

To schedule your commercial cleaning services or other types of cleaning in Phoenix and Scottsdale, learn more about Desert Oasis’s commercial cleaning services, or to get a free office commercial cleaning service quote, use our contact form to submit a request or call Desert Oasis Cleaners today at 1-480-720-0907.

First impressions are vital to your business – that’s why you need the experts at Desert Oasis Cleaners who never hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure your workplace looks it’s best!

Conference Room Cleaning
Written by Desert Oasis Cleaners

Conference Room Cleaning

Imagine entering a conference room to prep for an important meeting. You walk in to set up and are faced with a dirty, cluttered room. You can’t present to current or prospective staff members or clients in here! While you rush to make the room presentable, you run out of time to properly prepare for the meeting itself. Download a Printable PDF Version of this CONFERENCE ROOM CHECKLIST.

If this sounds like a common occurrence in your office, let us help. Use this conference room etiquette list from Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners to create your own conference room usage guidelines. That way, everyone will know what they need to do after every meeting is complete.


In general, have the leader of the meeting perform the following tasks after each meeting has concluded:

  1. ❒ Turn Off Computers and Other Equipment.

It doesn’t matter if you turn off equipment or put them in standby mode, it will depend on your workflow, but there should be some model for how electronic devices like conference room computers, projectors, speakers, and computer cameras are left when the room is not being used.

  1. ❒ Clean Up Any Messes.

Meeting notes, handouts, food &, drinks, trash – whatever is lying around at the end of the meeting should be tidied up. Usually, each member of the meeting should be responsible for cleaning up after themselves. Nevertheless, if anything is left behind, it’s up to the meeting’s leader to make sure the room is cleaned and ready for the next meeting.

  1. ❒ Put All Equipment Back Where It Belongs.

Every item in the conference room should have a place, including extra notepads and pens, chairs, phones and computers. Be sure all equipment is put back where they belong. Any brought in items that don’t belong in the conference room, should be taken out after the meeting.

  1. ❒ Wipe Down Surfaces with Disposable Cleaning Wipes.

Having packages of disposable cleaning wipes in the room makes it easy for people in the meeting to clean and sanitize the conference room after the meeting is over. Meeting leaders should wipe down the table, phones, keyboards, computer mouse’s and other high-touched surfaces to help fight the spread of germs and viruses in the office.

  1. ❒ Turn Off The Lights.

Once everything on the checklist has been completed, shut off the lights. The room should be clean and ready for the next scheduled meeting to take place.

  1. ❒ Include The Conference Room In The Regular Cleaning Schedule.

The conference room in your office may or may not get much use. But, it’s important to include the room on the regular cleaning schedule to keep it fully maintained and functional. Along with the steps mentioned above, the janitorial crew can vacuum, remove and replace trash bags, and clean and sanitize surfaces to keep the room always ready to use.

Desert Oasis Cleaning Services Offers Conference Room Cleaning in Phoenix & Throughout The Valley.

To schedule conference room cleaning services in Phoenix, learn more about Desert Oasis’s commercial cleaning services, or to get a free commercial cleaning services quote, use our contact form to submit a request or call Desert Oasis Cleaners today at 1-480-720-0907.

At Desert Oasis, we clan and sanitize everything, including the places that most other companies overlook.

Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust & Hood Cleaning
Written by Desert Oasis Cleaners

Kitchen Exhaust & Restaurant Hood Cleaning

According to law, kitchen exhaust cleaning and restaurant hood cleaning are required for just about every commercial cooking establishment in the US. Restaurants, employee cafeterias, hotels, hospitals, and other food service areas have a hood and ductwork over their stoves or ranges to exhaust smoke, fumes, and steam out of the kitchen and building.

These exhaust gases produce a residue on the inside of the hood and ductwork. A lot of grease buildup, whether it be in a home or restaurant, creates a fire hazard.

What Kind of Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services Are There?

There are two main methods of cleaning kitchen grease exhaust and hoods, depending on your restaurant needs or local and state fire authority requirements.


Scraping is more budget friendly and is highly effective when performed correctly and thoroughly. Scraping of restaurant kitchen duct systems complies with state and local laws.

Pressure Washing or Steam Cleaning

Pressure washing or steam cleaning is more expensive and takes more time, because it needs significant prep work to control the wastewater and more costly equipment is used. None the less, using this method will clean the ductwork more thoroughly, in particularly hard-to-reach places found in a small number of systems. This is the reason why pressure washing might be required by local policies.

Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is commonly known as restaurant hood cleaning or commercial hood cleaning. As they all relate to the same process, but hood cleaning is a bit misleading. The actual hood is outside the exhaust system and kitchen exhaust cleaning requires removing grease that has collected in the fans and ducts, and behind the exhaust filters of kitchen exhaust systems.

How Frequently Should a Kitchen Exhaust Be Cleaned?

Recommended cleaning frequency will depend on the type of your cooking establishment:

  • 30 days: Charcoal-burning stoves, wood-burning or char broilers, open 24-hour restaurants, pizza places and some hamburger places
  • 60 days: A lot of fast-food locations and hamburger restaurants
  • 90 days: The average restaurant, employee cafeterias, hotels or hospital kitchens
  • 180 days: Some pizza places, healing hospitals or small snack bar types
  • 1 year: Hoods that are over non-grease-producing appliances, like steam kettles, soup vats or dishwashers

Kitchen Grease Fires

It is approximated that one of three restaurant fires are caused by grease build up. Here is a common way of how a kitchen exhaust fire starts:

  1. A flame flares up on the range.
  2. The fire comes in contact with the filters above the range on the kitchen hood. The filters then ignite.
  3. Because the exhaust fan is on, pulling air into the hood, through the filters, and inside the duct, the flame on the filters is drawn into the duct.
  4. If considerable grease residue has collected on the interior of the duct, this may act as an accelerant and the fire spreads up the duct, maybe even all the way into the fan.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires all commercial kitchen exhaust hoods be inspected at particular intervals, depending on the cooking volume and type of cooking done.

Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners Offers Restaurant Cleaning Services in Phoenix & Throughout The Valley of the Sun.

To schedule restaurant kitchen cleaning services in Phoenix, learn more about Desert Oasis’s restaurant kitchen cleaning services, or to get a free restaurant kitchen cleaning services quote, use our contact form to submit a request or call Desert Oasis Cleaners today at 1-480-720-0907.

Download Out Restaurant Cleaning Checklist Here.

Removing Oil Stains From Concrete
Written by Desert Oasis Cleaners

What is Industrial Cleaning?

You may be searching for industrial cleaning, or the answer to “What Is Industrial Cleaning?”, this post can help! Read on to find out what exactly industrial cleaning is, kinds of industrial cleaning services, what industrial cleaning companies do, and what the description of an industrial cleaner’s job is.

Industrial Cleaning Service

Basically, industrial cleaning is the cleaning of hazardous areas in industrial facilities like warehouses, factories, power plants and various other types of facilities. An industrial cleaning position such as this is necessary that you receive on the job training, and to learn about industrial safety knowledge. There may be specialized equipment for an industrial cleaner to wear or specific chemicals they use to do their jobs.

The job of an industrial cleaner worker is hard and dirty work. Keeping the offices of industrial sites maintained is very challenging as well, as there is dirt being continuously tracked in from the outside areas of a warehouse or factory floors. Then they have the difficulty of working around heavy machinery and the safety risks that are involved, like industrial paints, metal shavings, lubricants, and fiberglass. There are also some types of machinery that are vulnerable to things like dirt and dust particles and cleaning them is important. Another thing to take into account when cleaning industrial sites are the staffing areas. For example, employees that perform industry cleaning are required to be in good health and in shape to perform the duties needed.

Industrial Cleaning Types

There are many different types of industrial cleaning types including:

  • Factories
  • Office Cubicles
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Conference Rooms
  • Loading Docks
  • Loading Docks
  • Restrooms
  • Warehouses
  • Clean Rooms
  • Industrial Storage Areas

Asbestos Removal.

Asbestos removal is one of the more popular types of industrial cleaning services as a lot of older buildings are known for having asbestos in their walls, fireproofing, and more. Learn more about asbestos removal with Desert Oasis Cleaners.

Hydro Blasting.

Hydro blasting, commonly known as pressure washing, is a high-pressure water blasting method used for the removal of lead and paint. It’s commonly used for large mastic and epoxy coating removal jobs on their horizontal and vertical surfaces. It’s also used for the paint removal on highways, in parking lots and airports.

Lead Abatement & Removal.

Removing the lead includes using chemicals to breakdown different coatings that can contain lead and lead by-products.

Industrial Vacuuming.

The floors in some facilities contain metal shavings, chemicals, debris, dirt and more. Regular janitorial services are unable to remove these types of substances. Power vacuuming with industrial cleaners is the only way to eliminate substances from your walls, equipment, and flooring.

Remediation & Mold Removal.

A lot of types of mold can cause health issues. You need trained mold remediation professional to test the mold, testing of the air, secure the containment zone, and offer mold removal.

What are Industrial Plant Cleaning Services?

Industrial plant cleaning is a type of cleaning service performed in manufacturing plants warehouses, factory floors, and other types of facilities. Industrial plant cleaning services include:

  • HVAC Cleaning
  • Tube Cleaning
  • Paint Removal
  • Water Pipe Cleaning
  • Coating Removal
  • Silo Cleaning
  • Conveyor Cleaning
  • Mercury Spill Cleanup
  • Tank Cleaning
  • And More

Industrial Cleaning Job Duties and Description

An industrial cleaner performs light and heavy janitorial work for a lot of industries, like warehouses, factories, and manufacturing plants. The work of an industrial janitor is unlike janitorial services performed in retail outlets, office complexes, schools, and residential areas, because the work in industries is typically performed in hazardous and unsafe conditions, and usually requires special machinery and safety equipment. Industrial janitorial work consists of keeping a clean environment, for the safety of the workers, and their work is usually done daily, in order for the continuing operation of the facility.

Experts put attention on the work being labor-intensive that requires being able to operate powerful washing equipment that is powered by high pressure, the capability to operate industrial trucks, and also requires physical strength and ability. Subject to the location of the workplace, industrial janitorial services can consist of the removal of hazardous chemicals, cleaning, inspecting, and maintaining, the machinery and other types of equipment.

Sometimes, industrial cleaning or other janitorial positions can require a high school diploma or a GED, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employers will usually offer on the job training and/or other types of safety training. Sometimes additional training may be required if the work is to be done in an industry where the worker is exposed to potentially hazardous chemicals, like learning about the standards that have been developed by OSHA.

Finding Professional Industrial Cleaning Services Near You

The easiest way to find industrial cleaning services is by using a search engine to search for the keywords “industrial cleaning services“. This will find industrial cleaners in your area so you can read reviews and find the industrial cleaning company that suits your company needs the best.

Desert Oasis Cleaners Provides Industrial Cleaning In Phoenix

Desert Oasis Cleaners is an industrial cleaning company in Phoenix, Arizona offering a full list of industrial cleaning services including industrial floor cleaning, warehouse cleaning, factory cleaning, cleanroom cleaning, industrial breakrooms & bathrooms We also help with industrial cleaning in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Glendale, Gilbert, Tempe, or anywhere in the Phoenix Valley.

To get a free office commercial cleaning service quote, use our contact form to submit a request or call Desert Oasis Cleaners today at 1-480-720-0907.

First impressions are vital to your business – that’s why you need the experts at Desert Oasis Cleaners who never hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure your workplace looks it’s best!

Classroom Cleaning
Written by Desert Oasis Cleaners

Classroom Cleaning Checklist

As a teacher, you do your best to provide a healthy, friendly learning atmosphere for each of your students. This post will explain how to keep your classroom clean and healthy. Download the Classroom Cleaning Checklist PDF

Part of your responsibilities as a teacher includes keeping your classroom clean to lower the risk of bacteria and germs from spreading, especially during cold and flu season. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are a couple of things you can do to stop or at least lower the spreading of illnesses in your classroom. With their tips in mind, we’ve compiled a classroom cleaning checklist to help you keep your classroom tidy, organized and most importantly, healthy for your students.

Tips For An Everyday Clean Classroom

While sometimes it can feel like the work of keeping your classroom fully cleaned and sanitized is never done, there are some quick and simple duties you can do during the day to lower the spreading of germs. Some preventative measures you can take each day to limit your and your students’ exposure to germs include:

  • Wipe down all high-touch surfaces with a combination of sanitizer and cleaner on a regular basis. Some areas can include doorknobs, desks, student school supplies, sinks and more.
  • Keep hand sanitizer, facial tissues and cleaning wipes at the ready for you and your students to use during the day.
  • Make use of no-touch trash cans in your classroom to reduce exposure to germs and bacteria.
  • If you feel sick, stay at home.
  • If a student feels or even looks sick, encourage them to see the school nurse and stay home until they are no longer contagious.

Weekly Classroom Cleaning Checklist

A lot of areas in a classroom can become a breeding ground for germs. Schoolbooks, desks, whiteboards, shared supplies, and even student’s toys can become contaminated in a matter of seconds. To help you keep germs at a minimum, use this classroom cleaning checklist in your classroom at least once a week:

  • ❒Sanitize high-touch areas. Yours and your student’s desks, chairs, door handles and knobs, and all play areas should be the first to be cleaned.
  • ❒Use the proper cleaning wipes for electronics. Computer keyboards, phones and items like iPads and tablets that are used in classrooms need to be regularly cleaned to lower the spreading of germs.
  • ❒Sweep and mop the floors and vacuum the carpets. Carpets and hard surfaces such as linoleum absolutely love germs, particularly in high-traffic areas like classrooms, gyms, and cafeterias. Speak with your school’s janitorial crew to find out they already do this step during their regular cleaning schedule.
  • ❒Throw away any waste in a timely manner. Cloths or towels that are used for cleaning should be washed or thrown away immediately. When emptying trash cans, try not to touch used tissues or other waste that can transmit germs onto your skin. Wash your hands as soon as you’re done disposing of waste to prevent the spreading of pathogens.

Use A Professional Cleaning Service

Taking down small tasks daily and the bigger tasks weekly, helps you can keep your classroom clean, tidy and healthy all school year. If your school needs assistance cleaning classrooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums and other populated areas of your school, call on the professionals to get the job done right.

Desert Oasis Cleaners Offers Classroom Cleaning in Phoenix

To learn more about Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaner’s classroom cleaning services in Phoenix or Scottsdale, or to get a free school or classroom cleaning service quote, use our contact form to submit a request or call Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners today at 480-720-0907.

Call the professionals at Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners who never hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure your classroom looks it’s best for you and your students!

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