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Benefits Of Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Services

Benefits Of Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Services

Restaurant kitchens must remain clean and sanitary to keep diners healthy and safe.  If a kitchen isn’t cleaned often enough or properly it can lead to food-borne illnesses and fire risk.  In addition, the state of your kitchen can shine as an example or get you fined or even shut down.  Learn about the benefits of restaurant kitchen cleaning services in this post.

Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Service Benefits

Hiring a team of professional kitchen cleaners helps minimize the risks of fire and potentially having a food-borne illness spread at your location.  Not only does it keep your diners healthy but also your staff safe.  Best of all cleaning services can be rendered while your away as to not interfere with your daily operations.

Vital Kitchen Cleaning Task

While all of these cleaning tasks are important and need to get done, the cleaning of exhaust fans is likely the most important.  Exhaust fans help move the airborne grease out of the kitchen and if not cleaned often and thoroughly can lead to a serious fire hazard.  In addition to keeping your kitchen safer this task is required by the FDA and the National Fire Protection Association.

Cleaning That Meets Your Needs

While most restaurants have daily cleaning tasks such as light duty sweeping, mopping, and getting the dishes clean and ready for a new day, deep cleaning tasks are too time consuming to do after you close.  This is where restaurant cleaning services come in and ensure that the cleaning gets done, and done right.

Reduce Strain On Staff

The staff in your restaurant kitchen likely spend their days and nights quickly and efficiently preparing delicious cuisine for your guests.  To ensure they focus on perfect preparation and aren’t cutting corners trying to stay on top of cleaning tasks our team of cleaners come in and take off the pressure.  Your chef and cooks will be able to focus on what they do best.  In addition, your staff won’t be tempted to rush end of night orders or be required to stay later to take care of cleaning tasks.  The cleaning will get done by our team and take the strain off your kitchen staff.

Common kitchen cleaning services include:

  • Deep cleaning for kitchen walls, floors, ceilings, and equipment
  • Removing grease from exhaust fans and kitchen hoods
  • Checking and replacing filters along with cleaning vents
  • Emptying grease traps which can be a fire hazard
  • Disinfecting and sanitization of countertops and sinks
  • Refilling all soap or chemical dispensers
  • Deep cleaning mats on the floor


Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Service Schedules

Professional restaurant kitchen cleaning is always scheduled for the needs of each individual restaurant.  Some are busier than others while others choose to do more or less of the cleaning tasks.  Some restaurants choose bi-yearly services while others will have service done each quarter or more.  One-time services are also used often if a restaurant knows a insurance, fire, or health inspection is coming.  This service will ensure that all of the federal and state laws are satisfied in regard to cleaning.

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