Removing Nicotine From Walls
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Removing Nicotine From Walls

Smoke from cigarettes leaves behind a yellow residue that stains walls. Read on to learn how it can be removed from walls.

As the smell in a heavy smoker’s home can linger for a very long time, it can be difficult to completely remove nicotine from walls. For a chemical-free approach, the best cleaner for nicotine on walls is a solution of half vinegar and half water. When cleaning nicotine stains, the vinegar can also help to neutralize the lingering odor. Spray the vinegar solution and let it sit for several seconds before wiping it clean with a damp cloth. It can take several applications to complete. The best cleaner for nicotine on walls from a commercial standpoint is a product containing trisodium phosphate, or TSP. TSP is a general-purpose cleaner found in most home improvement stores.

Before cleaning the wall, put a tarp down on the floor to protect it from drips. It’s also a good idea to don cleaning gloves, as TSP can irritate the skin.

To remove nicotine from walls, follow the directions on the label for the proper amount of water to cleaner ratio. Dip a sponge or scrub brush in the cleaning solution and wipe or scrub until the stain disappears. It may take several passes for stains that are building up over time. Rinse the sponge in clean water and wipe the area clean of the cleanser.

It may not be possible to remove nicotine from walls that are too far gone, and repainting may be necessary. Because tar and nicotine will leach through paint, it’s best to first paint the walls with KILZ primer to neutralize the odor and cover the stain.

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How to remove stains from plastics
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10 Incredible Ways to Remove Stains From Plastic

Epoxy floors are generally easy to care for. However here are some guideline to keep them in tip-top condition. Read on to learn more.

Plastic is incredibly useful for everyday uses.  Commonly found in the kitchen for its affordable yet highly efficient purpose.  Unfortunately, plastic inevitably stains or discolors due to the material stored.

We share techniques to remove stains from plastic with household cleaners.  You can finally extend the life of your favorite mixing bowls, drinking glasses, spoons, spatulas, colanders, and other popular kitchen goods.

Regardless of the material you decide to clean with, always rinse thoroughly to remove any residue.



The best way to prevent discoloration is rinsing the item immediately after its use.  Food dye commonly stains plastic that are left unrinsed.  Coffee, tea, juice, soda, tomato sauce and tomato paste stains are the leading causes for discoloration.

Rubbing alcohol is highly effective at removing these stains.  If the stains are being stubborn and not coming out, then pour the rubbing alcohol into the container.  Allow it to sit for a few minutes.

When the plastic is not a container, or the outside of the container, you cannot simply let the object soak.  Instead you will need to use a larger container to sit the smaller object in.

Once the stains have disappeared from the plastic object, it is time to rinse thoroughly and dry.



Don’t have rubbing alcohol available?  Try using hand sanitizer as a substitute as its active ingredient is alcohol.

You can apply the hand sanitizer directly to the plastic ware.  Wash and rinse thoroughly, then dry.


Use bleach to remove stains from plastic


Chlorine bleach is a powerful cleaning agent that can remove liquid stains such as coffee, soda, juice, tea; ink stains; and those pesky tomato stains.

Due to its strength, you will need to dilute the bleach with water.  Use one tablespoon of bleach per cup of water.

Set the plastic ware in a larger container and let it soak for at least one to two hours.  Helpful tip: use a larger container to clean multiple plastic containers at the same time.



If you have concerns using bleach on food containers, consider white vinegar as an alternative.  In fact, they use the exact same ratio!  One tablespoon vinegar per cup of water.

Due to being a natural food-safe substance, people often prefer vinegar since it’s made from organic compounds.  Residue from cleaning plastic containers with vinegar could improve your digestion!

Vinegar does not harm plastic.  It can be used to remove water marks as well.


Baking sodea paste can remove stains from plastic5.  BAKING SODA PASTE

Need to know how to remove oily residues stains from plastic?  Baking soda paste is a great disinfectant that can clean plastics.  It can also remove the typical liquid stains previously mentioned.

Baking soda paste needs to be mixed with water.  Apply directly to the discolored areas of the plastic container.  Allow the object to sit for twenty to thirty mins before applying with a moist cloth to the container.

Then rinse and dry.



Denture tablets are a great plastic cleaner!

Denture tablets were created for keeping dentures clean, disinfected and prevent discoloration.  Therefore, it is strong enough to address your plastic ware stains.

Place 2 tablets in hot water.  Then pour the mixture into your discolored container.  Let sit until the stains are gone.




Okay, ready for this one?  Alka seltzer has a lot of unknown uses!  Who knew?!

It can polish your jewelry, clean your coffee maker, whiten and bright laundry, and clean those stained plastics!

Crazy, huh?

Add 2 tablets to hot water.  Swish the solution around until the tablets have dissolved and let sit for an hour.



Prefer to go complete organic?  Lemon juice and sun light is the way to go then.

Rub the stained food container with lemon juice.  Then set it outside for 1 or 2 days so the sun’s UV light can work its magic.

Salt can remove stains from plastic9.  SALT

Good ole salt and warm water works to remove stains.  Use a damp cloth to scrub the effected areas.  You may need to repeat this process several times for the discoloration to be resolved.




Find a dishwasher soap built to remove stains and apply it outside of the dishwasher.  Dawn Power Dissolver and Cascade Plastic Booster are popular choices.

Soak your containers in warm water for thirty to sixty minutes.  Watch for the discoloration to dissolve and then wash the object.

These are the most proven methods for how to remove stains from plastic.  If you have any alternative suggestions, please share in the comments section.

Desert Oasis Cleaners Provides Commercial Cleaning In Phoenix

Desert Oasis Cleaners is an commercial cleaning company in Phoenix, Arizona offering a full list of commercial cleaning services including industrial floor cleaning, warehouse cleaning, factory cleaning, cleanroom cleaning, industrial breakrooms & bathrooms. We also help with industrial cleaning in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Glendale, Gilbert, Tempe, or anywhere in the Phoenix Valley.

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Restaurant Cleaning Cost
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How Much Does Restaurant Cleaning Cost?

The average cost of restaurant cleaning is $85 per hour with average restaurant cleaning services rates and prices ranging from $20 to $150 per hour for the US in 2020.

The reason for the wide variation in costs is because the price depends on many different factors. For example, light cleaning (dusting, vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms) averages $35 per hour with costs ranging from $20 to $40 per hour. Conversely, commercial kitchen cleaning is considerably more expensive because of the level of difficulty. You can look to spend an average of $100 per hour on commercial kitchen cleaning with costs ranging from $50 to $150 per hour. The good news is a heavy-duty kitchen cleaning is only needed a few times per year. Professional carpet cleaning costs average $0.15 per square foot with costs ranging from $0.05 to $0.25 per square foot.

When you hire a professional cleaning service, you determine the frequency of the cleaning. You can choose from daily, weekly or even monthly visits. You can be sure the professional and experienced staff at Desert Oasis Cleaners will do all of the cleanings to the highest standards and can be a supplement to the routine cleaning chores handled by your staff. 

About Restaurant Cleaning

Restaurant owners often outsource part or all of their cleaning depending on the size of the restaurant and staffing levels. Services provided often include:

  • Bathrooms- Scrubbing and sanitizing all surfaces, including countertops and toilets; mopping and sweeping floors; removing trash; and refilling paper products and soaps.
  • Dining room/Lobby- Mopping, dusting, sweeping; sanitizing tables and other surfaces; washing ceilings and walls; and washing windows.
  • Kitchen- Cleaning and sanitizing all countertop and stainless steel surfaces; washing walls and floors; degreasing and cleaning exhaust fans; broilers, scrubbing irons and stoves; and cleaning and degreasing filters and ducts. 

Choosing A Restaurant Cleaning Service

You want to choose the best restaurant cleaning service, so here are some important tithings to consider when you decide who to opt for:

  • Be sure to meet the people from the cleaning company before you hire them. Make sure they seem professional. Ask lots of specific questions. How long have they worked for the company? What kind of training did they have? Will they be arriving at the same time every week?
  • Limit your search to companies that specialize in restaurant cleaning. If they are only experienced with necessary office cleaning won’t understand the unique needs of a restaurant or proper sanitation procedures.
  • Do some background research. Ask for references and check them – have past customers been pleased with the service? Check the company’s track record with consumer protection organizations like the Better Business Bureau as well as online reviews.
  • Make sure the cleaning service is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), a nonprofit that sets standards for the restoration, inspection and cleaning services.
  • Ensure you have a checklist of specific cleaning tasks that will be performed. This way you know exactly where your money is going. Be sure to ask things like:  “Is window washing included in the price or does that cost extra?” and “What about washing walls or dusting ceiling fans?” 

Customized Restaurant Cleaning Services In Phoenix

If you have a restaurant, you need to keep it clean not only for the health inspector but for the impression it gives your patrons.  Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners offers the highest quality restaurant cleaning services and restaurant kitchen cleaning services with customized and detailed restaurant cleaning checklists.  Give us a call for a free restaurant cleaning consultation to see how we can help you keep your restaurant clean and ready for business!

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Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust & Hood Cleaning
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Kitchen Exhaust & Restaurant Hood Cleaning

According to law, kitchen exhaust cleaning and restaurant hood cleaning are required for just about every commercial cooking establishment in the US. Restaurants, employee cafeterias, hotels, hospitals, and other food service areas have a hood and ductwork over their stoves or ranges to exhaust smoke, fumes, and steam out of the kitchen and building.

These exhaust gases produce a residue on the inside of the hood and ductwork. A lot of grease buildup, whether it be in a home or restaurant, creates a fire hazard.

What Kind of Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services Are There?

There are two main methods of cleaning kitchen grease exhaust and hoods, depending on your restaurant needs or local and state fire authority requirements.


Scraping is more budget friendly and is highly effective when performed correctly and thoroughly. Scraping of restaurant kitchen duct systems complies with state and local laws.

Pressure Washing or Steam Cleaning

Pressure washing or steam cleaning is more expensive and takes more time, because it needs significant prep work to control the wastewater and more costly equipment is used. None the less, using this method will clean the ductwork more thoroughly, in particularly hard-to-reach places found in a small number of systems. This is the reason why pressure washing might be required by local policies.

Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is commonly known as restaurant hood cleaning or commercial hood cleaning. As they all relate to the same process, but hood cleaning is a bit misleading. The actual hood is outside the exhaust system and kitchen exhaust cleaning requires removing grease that has collected in the fans and ducts, and behind the exhaust filters of kitchen exhaust systems.

How Frequently Should a Kitchen Exhaust Be Cleaned?

Recommended cleaning frequency will depend on the type of your cooking establishment:

  • 30 days: Charcoal-burning stoves, wood-burning or char broilers, open 24-hour restaurants, pizza places and some hamburger places
  • 60 days: A lot of fast-food locations and hamburger restaurants
  • 90 days: The average restaurant, employee cafeterias, hotels or hospital kitchens
  • 180 days: Some pizza places, healing hospitals or small snack bar types
  • 1 year: Hoods that are over non-grease-producing appliances, like steam kettles, soup vats or dishwashers

Kitchen Grease Fires

It is approximated that one of three restaurant fires are caused by grease build up. Here is a common way of how a kitchen exhaust fire starts:

  1. A flame flares up on the range.
  2. The fire comes in contact with the filters above the range on the kitchen hood. The filters then ignite.
  3. Because the exhaust fan is on, pulling air into the hood, through the filters, and inside the duct, the flame on the filters is drawn into the duct.
  4. If considerable grease residue has collected on the interior of the duct, this may act as an accelerant and the fire spreads up the duct, maybe even all the way into the fan.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires all commercial kitchen exhaust hoods be inspected at particular intervals, depending on the cooking volume and type of cooking done.

Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners Offers Restaurant Cleaning Services in Phoenix & Throughout The Valley of the Sun.

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Download Out Restaurant Cleaning Checklist Here.

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Benefits Of Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Services

Benefits Of Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Services

Restaurant kitchens must remain clean and sanitary to keep diners healthy and safe.  If a kitchen isn’t cleaned often enough or properly it can lead to food-borne illnesses and fire risk.  In addition, the state of your kitchen can shine as an example or get you fined or even shut down.  Learn about the benefits of restaurant kitchen cleaning services in this post.

Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Service Benefits

Hiring a team of professional kitchen cleaners helps minimize the risks of fire and potentially having a food-borne illness spread at your location.  Not only does it keep your diners healthy but also your staff safe.  Best of all cleaning services can be rendered while your away as to not interfere with your daily operations.

Vital Kitchen Cleaning Task

While all of these cleaning tasks are important and need to get done, the cleaning of exhaust fans is likely the most important.  Exhaust fans help move the airborne grease out of the kitchen and if not cleaned often and thoroughly can lead to a serious fire hazard.  In addition to keeping your kitchen safer this task is required by the FDA and the National Fire Protection Association.

Cleaning That Meets Your Needs

While most restaurants have daily cleaning tasks such as light duty sweeping, mopping, and getting the dishes clean and ready for a new day, deep cleaning tasks are too time consuming to do after you close.  This is where restaurant cleaning services come in and ensure that the cleaning gets done, and done right.

Reduce Strain On Staff

The staff in your restaurant kitchen likely spend their days and nights quickly and efficiently preparing delicious cuisine for your guests.  To ensure they focus on perfect preparation and aren’t cutting corners trying to stay on top of cleaning tasks our team of cleaners come in and take off the pressure.  Your chef and cooks will be able to focus on what they do best.  In addition, your staff won’t be tempted to rush end of night orders or be required to stay later to take care of cleaning tasks.  The cleaning will get done by our team and take the strain off your kitchen staff.

Common kitchen cleaning services include:

  • Deep cleaning for kitchen walls, floors, ceilings, and equipment
  • Removing grease from exhaust fans and kitchen hoods
  • Checking and replacing filters along with cleaning vents
  • Emptying grease traps which can be a fire hazard
  • Disinfecting and sanitization of countertops and sinks
  • Refilling all soap or chemical dispensers
  • Deep cleaning mats on the floor


Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Service Schedules

Professional restaurant kitchen cleaning is always scheduled for the needs of each individual restaurant.  Some are busier than others while others choose to do more or less of the cleaning tasks.  Some restaurants choose bi-yearly services while others will have service done each quarter or more.  One-time services are also used often if a restaurant knows a insurance, fire, or health inspection is coming.  This service will ensure that all of the federal and state laws are satisfied in regard to cleaning.

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6 Advantages Of Commercial Cleaning For Your Restaurant In Mesa

6 Advantages Of Commercial Cleaning For Your Restaurant In Mesa

If you’re searching for Mesa Restaurant Cleaning you’re likely an owner or manager of a busy restaurant.  Running a successful restaurant starts with the best food and service and ends with a bit of a mess after an evening of service.  Keeping your service and kitchen staff around late to clean adds up to overtime.  Restaurant employees are also tired after full shifts of service and might be tempted to skip areas or rush.

Commercial cleaning companies that offer restaurant cleaning services come in fresh at the end of a night with only one job, to get you ready for the next day of service!  This means your hard working service kitchen staff can head home after their shifts and rest to be ready for the next day while your cleaning company mops up, cleans up, empties garbage, and gets your restaurant clean.

The Advantages Of Commercial Restaurant Cleaning

Restaurant owners that decide to hire commercial cleaning companies understand the advantages.  There are a 6 main advantages of hiring a commercial cleaning to do your cleaning.  Read below to appreciate just how much it will help to have your restaurant cleaned by our team.

Fresh For The Fight

Clearly one of the top advantages of hiring a commercial cleaning company for your restaurant is that the cleaning is done by a fresh team of professional cleaners.  There is no post shift lollygaging or slacking from tired restaurant employees.  This helps avoid skipping cleaning tasks or rushing them.  All restaurant owners and managers know just how quickly reputations can be destroyed by not sanitizing correctly or having a dirty location.

Avoid Overtime Spending

If you have your restaurant staff working an 8 hour shift that ends with another hour or more of cleaning it can add up quickly.  Keeping your budget tight will help invest in new equipment and ensure a healthier bottom line.  Paying your restaurant staff overtime to clean is typically more expensive than commercial cleaning services

A Cleaner Clean

Servers, hostesses, busy boys, and kitchen staff aren’t professional cleaners by trade.  While they can be trained it isn’t likely what they’re passionate about or hired to do.  Our cleaners are hired to clean, that’s it.  They are trained to the highest standards and ensure that every surface is sanitized and has a gleaming clean.

Preserves Equipment Condition

The equipment in your restaurant and kitchen are investments that should last as long as possible.  To preserve the condition of expensive restaurant equipment it is important that everything is cleaned on a regular basis.  This will help your refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, and other restaurant equipment last as long as possible.

Hard To Reach Cleaning

It is difficult to clean behind or under heavy equipment in your kitchen, under tables, and other hard to reach areas.  Commercial cleaning services go the extra mile to ensure that these areas are identified and added to regular cleaning checklists.  This makes sure that every inch of your restaurant and kitchen are kept clean and sanitized.  This includes coils on fridges, the dumpster areas, and high up areas that are hard to reach.

Thorough Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is done by people who just clean.  Our teams take the time to methodically work through checklists that are tailored to each location.  Every single surface, table, floor, wall, window, countertop, and handle will get sanitized.  Preventing the spread of germs is one of the main focuses of regular cleaning and can help your employees and customers avoid getting sick in your restaurant.

Restaurant Cleaning in Mesa

When you’re ready to enjoy the peace of mind that your restaurant is professionally and thoroughly cleaned each evening Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners is ready to help!  We are a local family owned and operated cleaning company serving the entire valley.

We offer free commercial cleaning quotes where we visit your commercial property and detail what needs cleaning and the schedule that will work for your budget and location.

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