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How To Clean Exterior Windows From Inside

How To Clean Exterior Windows From Inside

A lot of people are searching how to clean exterior windows from inside.  Whether you’re cleaning the second story or higher windows on your house or business it’s tricky and dangerous to get the job done right.  When a ladder isn’t an option because it is too high up these window cleaning tips will help you safely take care of your dirty windows.

Exterior Window Cleaning Tips

Dirty windows at your home or business affect how visitors see you.  Grimy windows ruin the view and limit the natural light you can enjoy.  Use these exterior window cleaning tips to keep your glass gleaming and property welcoming.

Floor Mops For Windows

While you’d never want to use an old floor mop for your windows a new mop head and the right cleaner can make short work of your exterior windows.  You can mix equal parts vinegar with water in a bucket to dip your mop in.  Once you’ve got the mop out the window you can use it to scrub your windows on the outside.

Once the majority of the grim is gone you can switch to using newspaper and a streak-free window cleaning to polish the windows to a shine.  Never lean out of a window or climb out onto a ledge to try to clean your windows.

Magnetic Window Cleaning

Another way to get to hard to reach exterior windows is with a magnetic window cleaner.  If your windows don’t lower into the room by unlatching it means leaving the windows dirty or playing a daredevil window cleaner on a ledge.

A magnetic window cleaner cleans the inside and outside of the windows at the same time.  Each of the sides of the magnetic cleaner will have microfiber cloth that helps wipe away the liquid window cleaning products you choose to use.  It might take a little practice to get used to using it, but it will keep you safely inside your property.

Telescoping Exterior Window Cleaners

Much like a floor mop the telescoping window cleaner keeps you safely inside but allows you to reach the hardest spots on your exterior windows.  Most kits are sold with a circular sponge and squeegee.

This system can be used to first scrape away hardened or dried grime on your windows, such as bird poop.  By first using the dry sponge to scrape away some of the grime you can move on to using window cleaner liquid and then use the squeegee to remove the window cleaning liquid for a streak-free shine.

Clean The Screens

The glass isn’t the only part of your windows that can reduce light coming in and cause your view to be blemished.  The screens that keep bugs out of your property also can get dirty and diminish the look of your property.  You can use dust cloths or microfiber cloths to wipe away dust.  By using a vacuum and a brush attachment you can remove a great deal of dust and grime from the screens.   A one to one mixture of water and vinegar can also be used to cut through and rinse away caked on grime from screens.  In fact properties that have bathtubs or large sinks can use them to help clean screens.

Robotic Window Cleaners

While your Roomba can happily trundle along keeping your carpet clean, your windows are out of its reach.  For this purpose window cleaning robots were created.  They help properties keep up with some of the regular dirt and grime that windows get from mother nature.  While the units do have some suction they will only get a portion of the grime off the windows, and make a bit of noise.

Robotic window cleaners are anchored with safety harnesses on the outside of your property and will work like a Roomba to decide the best path to clean your windows efficiently.

Professional Commercial Window Cleaning

If you own or manage a business you likely don’t have the time or tools to keep up with your window cleaning.  The presentation of your business affects how your customers and potential customers see and feel about your business.  Ensure that you’ve always got your best foot forward with clean windows at your commercial or retail location with commercial window cleaning services from Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners.

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