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Cleaning Oven Racks

1. Wrap your entire oven rack in aluminum foil.

This is much easier if you take the foil out of its container first because you don’t have the sharp cutting edge to deal with.

Lay out a large sheet of aluminum foil (or two if your oven rack is wide) on your kitchen counter.

Set your oven rack on the foil. Make sure the foil spans the entire rack.

Then continue to roll the foil over the top of your oven rack.

Roll the foil a little longer over the top so you can fold it around the bottom of the rack. This makes sure the foil stays on while the racks soak in your tub.

2. Set down a couple of dish towels in your bathtub.

This will prevent the racks from scratching your tub.

3. Set the oven racks in your bathtub.

4. Add a half cup of dish soap to your bathtub.

Mix the soap thoroughly to produce some suds.

Dish soap is great at cutting the tough grease on your racks. And everyone has it in their home!

5. Submerge the oven racks in hot water.

Make sure you don’t burn yourself with the hot water.

6. Let it soak for at least an hour.

Like in all these methods, you can soak your oven racks anywhere from an hour to overnight.

7. Unwrap the foil and remove the oven racks.

8. Rinse the oven racks under warm running water.

9. Let them air dry outside or in your bathtub.

10. Place them back into your oven


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