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How Often Do I Need Commercial Window Cleaning?

How Often Do I Need Commercial Window Cleaning?

When our customers in the Phoenix Valley ask how often they need commercial window cleaning, the answer is always the same, “it depends”.  While it would be nice to have a one-size-fits-all answer difference businesses in different locations need window cleaning more often than others.

The windows on your business many times make up a large percentage of the exterior of your building.  While stone, brick, and stucco don’t show dirt verily easily, windows do.  Your visitors, patients, and customers develop a first impression of your facility for better or worse as they arrive.  This is why it is important to keep your windows clean.  There are some buildings and windows that get more dirty more quickly than others, which means having more frequent pro window cleaning.

Factors Affecting Window Cleaning Frequency

The frequency of storms is an obvious factor that affects how often you will need to have commercial window cleaning, but it isn’t the only factor.  Landscaping near your building, where your building is, and the shape of your building all have an impact on how quickly your windows get dirty, and need to be cleaned.


The trees, shrubs, and plants in your landscape add incredible value to your location’s appearance, but it comes with increased debris, pollen, and sap being blown around.  Depending on how close these trees are to your building will impact how much of the sap and debris gets blown against your windows.  Mulched areas around your location will also affect debris that gets blown up and will get your windows dirty.  In the Phoenix Valley dust and sand are also a common type of debris that gets blown against windows and makes them dirty faster.


Certain types of architectural elements will collect more dirt than others.  A unique structure and building gets your customer’s attention and helps your brand and building stand out.  But things like inset windows and other unique elements will collect grime and dirt more quickly that flat surfaces.  If your building has these elements more frequent window cleaning might be necessary.


The amount of traffic around your building also has an effect on how quickly your windows will need to be cleaned.  This is due in part to exhaust from vehicles but also the dirt and dust kicked up by busy roads.  Business has always been said to be about location, location, location.  It is best for most businesses to be in high traffic areas to appeal to the maximum number of potential customers, but also requires more frequent window cleaning.


Rain and wind storms have an effect on how often you will need window cleaning.  If it has rained you will have water spots and in Phoenix you will also have dust and sand on your windows.  We’ve all jumped in our cars after a storm and seen how much dirt is washed off when we run the wipers.  The same dirt, dust, and water spots is on your commercial property’s windows.  While you can’t just run your building through a car wash, you can have professional window cleaning to restore your building’s gleaming appearance.

Window Cleaning Frequency By Business Type

Another factor that affects how often you should have windows cleaned is the type of business you run.  Here are some basic guidelines for common types of businesses and general idea of how often they should have windows cleaned.

Retail Store Window Cleaning

Retail stores are typically 1 story structures with windows welcoming consumers in.  Customers might like to do a little window shopping, but not through dirty grimy windows.  Retail stores rely on exciting and enticing window displays to bring customers in and should keep windows clean to create the right impression and foot traffic.  This means at an absolute minimum retail stores should have monthly window cleaning.  If your retail store is in an outdoor complex with misters to keep customers cool this frequency is higher due to increased moisture being blown against your windows.

Restaurant Window Cleaning

Cooking releases steam, moisture, and grease into the air which gets deposited on windows.  Attracting patrons is easier when they can see clearly into your restaurant.  They’ll see the happy diners sitting enjoying your food, instead of grime on your windows.  With the moisture in the air and standards for cleanliness in restaurants window cleaning should be performed every 2 weeks, both inside and out.  For restaurants that specialize in family dining and have a lot of children window cleaning may need to be done much more frequently.  Sticky little hand prints are common in these restaurants and detract from the appearance of your location.

Office Building Window Cleaning

Most office buildings don’t need to be cleaned as often as retail stores or restaurants.  Full cleaning still needs to be done to keep occupants happy and your building looking as good as it should.  This means that a full cleaning both in and out should be done every 6 months. High traffic areas like lobbies should be cleaned more often as they are your “welcome mat” to your guests.  Lobbies and common gathering areas should be done once every month or two.  If you’re running an industrial facility which causes a lot of dust and debris to get kicked into the air, you will need more frequent window cleaning to maintain your appearance.

Phoenix Valley Commercial Window Cleaning

If you own or manage a commercial property keeping the windows clean is a priority.  Most of us have driven by a building that’s being neglected and has unkempt landscaping, trash filled parking lots, and dusty, dirty windows.  These places usually give us the impression that business isn’t good, or the location is simply abandoned. That’s simply not a message you want any potential customer to get when passing by.

Our teams are committed to providing reliable and consistent high standard window cleaning.  Give us a call today and we will visit your facility and help you develop a window cleaning schedule that fits your needs, type of business, and location.

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