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Office Cleaning Schedule | How Often Should I Schedule My Office Cleaning Services?

How Often Should I Schedule My Office Cleaning Services?

Keeping an office clean is a big job.  There are lots of places, equipment, nooks and crannies that need to get cleaned.

Knowing how often you need professional office cleaning depends on how big the office is, how many employees you have, and the type of industry you’re in. Clean rooms for microprocessor factories stay cleaner than offices at automotive repair shops.

Your Office cleaning schedule changes depending on the needs of individual locations.  Professional office cleaning services from Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners can be requested daily, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or whatever fits the needs of your office. 

How Often Does My Office Need Professional Cleaning?

Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners offers cleaning on your schedule.  We can clean each and every day for businesses that need it or we can schedule less frequent weekly or monthly cleaning for other types of offices.  No matter how often you need to have your store, warehouse, or business cleaned, we can do it!  The following are questions which can help you decide the frequency of your office cleaning schedule:

What kind of cleaning is needed?

What kind of cleaning is it needing to be done? Certain types of cleaning, such as keeping bathroom cleaned, dusting, vacuuming, and etc., are things that needs to be done regularly. On the other hand, some things like window cleaning can be performed monthly, cleaning carpets, twice a year, tile floors every six months, and hardwood floors once a year. As you can see, how often you will need to schedule cleaning services depends on what it is that is needing cleaning.

The kind of business it is and the size of it

The larger the business, and its traffic has a lot to do with it. The businesses with a lot of traffic will need to schedule cleaning services more often. There are certain types of businesses that are required by low to be cleaned on a regular basis, this is something else it would depend on. For instance, restaurants, hospitals, and day cares are required to be cleaned on a daily basis. However, other businesses, such as real estate agencies, advertising agencies, and car dealerships may only need a good cleaning once a week with a couple of days of light cleaning in between. The size of a business makes a difference as well. Take for instance, a big box store, this is something that might take the cleaners all week in order to attend to all the tasks involved. Which is referred to as a zone cleaning program, what it does is ensure that every part of your facility gets cleaned before the week is out.

Professional Cleaning Schedule

By having your business cleaned by a professional cleaning service is crucial, not just for the business, but also for the health and the safety of all your employees and the customers. It also makes your business more presentable by making it fresh and neat looking. Having your business cleaned regularly is one of the best ways to keep a healthy and fresh business environment. It also helps to have an understanding of the significance of properly keeping a schedule with a professional office cleaning service.

Phoenix Valley Office Cleaning

Here at Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners, we work with you in determining the appropriate schedule for your business for our office cleaning services.  The schedule you choose for our cleaning services can be designed to fit the needs of the property in terms of keeping it clean and presentable while still staying within your budget.  For more information about commercial cleaning scheduling and frequency please give us a call and get a free quote for implementing our services at business.

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