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Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

If you’re searching for a restaurant cleaning checklist you’re likely a restaurant owner or manager who’s looking for a through list of items that need to be cleaned on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.  Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners proudly offers restaurant cleaning in the Phoenix Valley and customizes cleaning checklists to each and every restaurant and business.  The following is a starter checklist that is customized to your restaurants needs.

Daily Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

Restaurants must be cleaned on a daily bases not only to stay presentable to diners, but to avoid costly fines from health inspectors.  Here are the daily chores broken down between the front and back of house.

Back of House Cleaning

Keeping the back of house clean is just as important as where the diners see.  Ensure all of these areas are kept clean and disinfected.

  • Disinfecting all preparation surfaces
  • Clean and wipe down the fryer, grill, range, and flattop. Always clean under and behind equipment.
  • Wash meat slicers
  • Wash can openers
  • Clean walls and wipe away splashes
  • Clean popcorn machines
  • Wash the soda fountains and beverage dispensers heads
  • Clean hood filters in the dishwasher
  • Disinfect and clean the waste disposal area to prevent bacteria and pests. This includes mopping around cans and cleaning the inside and outside of garbage cans.

Front of House Cleaning

Maintaining a clean front of house ensure that diners get the right impression about your restaurant.  Dirty tables, unclean bathrooms, sticky floors, and other unclean areas will leave diners wondering how safe they are eating at your restaurant.

  • Sanitize all tables
  • Clean benches, chairs, and stools
  • Wipe down walls when needed
  • Disinfect and clean entryway and doors
  • Mop floors and vacuum carpets
  • Clean caddies and condiments
  • Clean and disinfect waste disposal areas and receptacles
  • Thoroughly clean restrooms including: toilets, floors, sinks, soap dispensers, and empty all trash

Weekly Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

There are a number of items that should be cleaned on a weekly basis.  Make sure these areas are getting the attention they need weekly or more often if it is needed for your location.

Back of House Cleaning

  • Sanitize and wash walk in refrigeration and freezer areas.
  • Clean ovens including: racks, sides, and walls
  • Delime faucets and sinks
  • Use drain cleaners in all floor drains

Front of House Cleaning

  • Disinfect all door handles throughout the property
  • Clean all air returns and air ducts using dusters and vacuum cleaners
  • Wash the windows and doors of all fingerprints and streaks

Monthly Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

These items should be watched for and cleaned on a monthly basis.  Some locations can easily go a month without problem while others might need these areas cleaned more often if there is a lot of dust in the air.  That is the Desert Oasis difference, completely customized checklists that give you the cleaning you need, when you need it.

Back of House Cleaning

  • Empty all grease traps
  • Clean the coffee machines
  • Clean dust off refrigeration coils
  • Clean ice machines
  • Wash ceiling and walls to remove airborne grease
  • Wash behind the hot line to prevent clogging
  • Change out pest traps
  • Sanitize and clean freezers
  • Wash the vent hoods (as needed cleaning task)

Front of House Cleaning

  • Dust all decorations and stationary objects
  • Wipe down and dust all lighting fixtures
  • Remove all cobwebs
  • Wash the walls (as needed cleaning task)

Customized Restaurant Cleaning Services In Phoenix

If you have a restaurant you need to keep it clean not only for the health inspector but for the impression it gives your patrons.  Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners offers the highest quality restaurant cleaning services and restaurant kitchen cleaning services with customized and detailed restaurant cleaning checklists.  Give us a call for a free restaurant cleaning consultation to see how we can help you keep your restaurant clean and ready for business!

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