Terminal Cleaning Procedures
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Terminal Cleaning Procedures

The spread of disease and ingections are always a great concern within healthcare environments like hospitals and clinics. So, it is very important the cleaning company you hire knows the differences in how they should clean different areas of your medical facility. The methods and materials used in the cleaning of examination rooms may not be suitable for other rooms like isolation rooms or operating rooms. However, if the cleaning crew work within the parameters of already established safety standards it can help to ensure the facility is not only clean but also safe and comfortable for everyone.

Disinfecting, Cleaning and Sanitizing

It is vital the cleaning crew knows the difference between disinfecting, cleaning and sanitizing. Let’s define these terms:

  • Disinfecting: To differing degrees, disinfectants that are hospital grade are intended to eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungi and agents that are infectious. The level of disinfection needed should be dictated by the type of services that are performed and the practice of the individual facility.
  • Cleaning: Cleaning removes organic substances, debris and other visible soil from objects and surfaces. Detergent or soap with water is utilized to wipe and scrub down surfaces that remove germs. Not all pathogens may be killed but the germ population will be reduced and this mens the risk of infection is lowered.
  • Sanitizing: Correct sanitation processes will lower and reduce bacteria to a safe level. However sanitizing does not elimnate all viruses.

Exam Room Cleaning

Often the most traveled part of the facility, the exam room has a large amount of patients walking through the doors each and every day. The cleaning crew needs to make sure the doorknobs and railings are comprehensively wiped down using a disinfectant cleaner. The same goes for other high-touch areas such as chairs and tables. Special disinfectant designed for hospitals will not leave a residue and more often than not will not require further rinsing or wiping.

Terminal Cleaning Of Isolation and Operating Rooms

When a patient is in the operating room, they are the most vulnerable to infection as they undergo their procedure. Convsesely, isolation rooms are for currently infectious patients who need to be isolated from others. Terminal cleaning is a special process whereby pathogens are completely eliminated from the environment for the sake of everyones safety. Terminal cleaning, therefore, is an intense procedure of disinfecting. it involves the removal of every detachable item for disinfection as well as air ducts, light fittings and surfaces from the ceiling to the floor.

Getting The Best Value For Money

With medical office cleaning, it is never worth sacrificing top-notch service to save a few dollars. Nonetheless, you want to ensure you are getting a square deal. So consider this when you shop around:

  • Get quotes from multiple services to ascertain what you will be paying for. The lowest price does not always equal the best service or the best deal. With experience comes additional cost, but most people find the investment worth it.
  • Decide what jobs can be tackled to a professional level by your current staff. Can your staff handle the most simple of chores like emptying non-hazardous materials and basic sweeping-up?
  • Consider asking for a special introductory rate or a discount if you are going to sign a long-term contract with a single cleaning company. It is definitely worth asking as it is a competitive field and companies want your business.

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