Warehouse Cleaning Checklist
Written by Desert Oasis Cleaners

Warehouse Cleaning Checklist

High quality factory adn warehouse cleaning procedures are of paramount importance. The best maintenance and cleaning practices also ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible and this will help make any facility more productive. Read on to learn more using our checklist.


  1. ❒ Sweep floors.
  2. ❒ empty trash.
  3. ❒ Straighten workspaces.
  4. ❒ Confirm safety of pallets and shelves.
  5. ❒ Check Equipment.
  6. ❒ Vacuum, mop and sweep floors.
  7. ❒ Empty garbage.
  8. ❒ Sanitize touchpoints.
  9. ❒ Wipe down counters.
  10. ❒ Sanitize grab bars, counters, toilets and sinks.
  11. ❒ Refill, paper towels, soap dispensers and toilet paper.
  12. ❒ Sweep walkways, landings and steps.
  13. ❒ Clear doorways.
  14. ❒ Clear loading docks.


  1. ❒ Reorganize pallets.
  2. ❒ Confirm operating equipment is working.
  3. ❒ Straighten storage rooms.
  4. ❒ Dust light fixtures, overhead fans and lights.
  5. ❒ Polish windows, hardware and door frames.
  6. ❒ Wipe down window blinds, baseboards and wall partitions.
  7. ❒ Sanitize and clean hard to reach areas.
  8. ❒ Restock cabinets with supplies.
  9. ❒ Check for burned out lights.
  10. ❒ Polish light fixtures.
  11. ❒ Confirm operation of security lights.
  12. ❒ Polish entryway door and window hardware and glass.


  1. ❒ Deep clean and inspect floor coatings.
  2. ❒ Pull pallets and stored materials from shelves.
  3. ❒ Clean on and under units.
  4. ❒ Steam-clean carpets.
  5. ❒ Clean furniture upholstery.
  6. ❒ Examine fabrics for stains and wear.
  7. ❒ Clean break room refrigerator and cabinets.
  8. ❒ Test fire alarm and sprinkler.
  9. ❒ Check sink and floor drains for clogs as well as leaks, mildew and mold.
  10. ❒ Power-wash walks, landing, loading docks and steps.
  11. ❒ Check entryway mats for wear.
  12. ❒ Inspect weather-stripping around doors.

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