Best Degreaser For Commercial Range Hoods
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Best Degreasers For Cleaning Commercial Range Hoods

When you are in the kitchen you will inevitably run into grease at one time or another. It can be almost everywhere when you look, in airborne oils, drips and splats and your range hood is certainly not immune to that, either! Read on to learn of some recommendations that will fit all budgets and individual preferences.

Professional Recommendations

Not only as a degreaser but also as a multi-purpose cleaner Mrs. Meyer’s vegetable-protein-based Clean Day Countertop Spray is highly used and recommended by professionals especially for the scent of the dormula available in lemon, lavender, basil and geranium. When you are facing an especially tough grease situation, the professionals often opt for the concentrated version of the citrus-packed Citra Solv Natural Cleaner and Degreaser. Incidentally, should grease splatter onto a wall, Siege Premium Kitchen Degreaser has the advantage of being solvent free and is much favored by those inthe cooking and cleaning industries.

Green Products

There is no questions green products are highly desired by consumers and there is a non profit organization promoring environmental health research and advocacy called: The Environmental Working Group. When assessing products claiming to be green, they break them down based on the ec-friendliness and safety of the ingredients the products are made from. This group has very high standards and currently only two products have received their top rating: Green Shield Organic Cleaner Degreaser and Whole Foods Market Green Mission Organic All-Purpose Spray Cleaner and Degreaser.

Make Your Own

Sometimes homemade degreasers can be fantastic, cost effective and utilize ingredients that are eco-friendly. A basic formula is to pour a small amount of white vinegar on to the area you want to clean and then wipe with a dampened soft cloth. It is especially effective on greasy cabinets but you should be weary of using it on marble. A combination of baking soda and coarse salt is very effective on range hoods and stove tops, too.

Top Tips

  • Cover your skillets and pots with lids or splatter covers while cooking helps to reduce the need to degrease.
  • Wood cleaners work as a degreaser on finished, washable cabinets, while unfinished cabinets simply need a good rub-down with a soft, dry cloth.
  • When you encounter stubborn greasy stains, rub them with a dab of natural vegetable oil before applying your degreaser.
  • Before painting your kitchen walls, apply a heavy-duty degreaser to promote paint adhesion.

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