Cleaning Range Hoods
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Cleaning Range Hoods

A range hood is an important part of any kitchen as it keeps the air clean while you’re cooking.  Cooking naturally produces smoke and steam.  The smoke can contain potentially toxic fumes and excessive steam in your kitchen leads to mold.  Even airborne grease is caught and removed by your range hood.

Range Hood Cleaning Steps

While your range hood is keeping your air clean it naturally gets dirty itself while removing the harmful fumes, grease, and moisture from your kitchen. To clean your range hood you’ll need to clean the air filter, range hood, vent, and fan.

Step 1: Clean The Filter

Range hoods have air filters that remove particulates from the smoke leaving your home.  There are two kind of air filters, charcoal and metal.  Each of these different types can be removed and cleaned easily or replaced.

Charcoal Filters

Charcoal filters cannot be cleaned and must just be replaced. It’s a good practice to replace them annually.  For kitchens that get more use they may need more frequent replacement.

Metal Filters

The first step in cleaning it is getting it out of the range hood.  Next you’ll want to soak it in a solution of degreaser.  Make sure it is full immersed in the solution and once it’s dissolved you can give it a wash in warm soapy water.  You can also run it through a cycle in the dishwasher on the top rack for good measure.  Ensure it is completely dry and then reinstall the filter.

Step 2: Clean The Range Hood

While removing the greasy moist air from your kitchen the surfaces of the range hood will get sticky and coated with grease.  To get this film off ensure that the range is turned off and the range hood isn’t running, or light turned on.  Choose a nonabrasive household cleaner that is good for degreasing and wipe down the range hood.  Ensure you never spray switches, electrical components, or the light bulb with your cleaner.

Step 3: Clean The Vent

Just like the range hood grease will build up in the vent and should be removed.  Grease, as many of us know, is flammable. Letting grease build up in the vent presents a fire hazard that needs to be mitigated. Unless you’ve got the right tools and training to clean a vent you should contact a professional range hood cleaning company.

Step 4: Clean The Fan

The fan is the most common place to get excessive grease and should be wiped down with degreaser.  Many times it is the blower wheel that gets the most grease and dirt.  This part in many designs can be removed and degreased just like a metal filter.

Range Hood Trouble Shooting

If you’ve found this article because you’re having problem with your range hood, this section is for you!  Common range hood problems are buttons not working, the motor is loud, or the range hood isn’t removing smoke from your kitchen.

Buttons Not Working

If the buttons aren’t working to turn on the fan or light it is likely an electrical problem.  If the control board isn’t working on your panel it typically requires a visit from a professional repair person.

Smoke Stays In Kitchen

If your range hood is on high and isn’t removing the smoke from your kitchen, it’s a big problem!  Common causes are blocked vents, worn out fans, or clogged air filters.  Follow the cleaning stops above for the filter and fan.  Then ensure that the vent isn’t blocked in any way.

Loud Range Hoods

While some sound is normal elevated levels of noise is a sign of a problem.  Cleaning is the motor is the first step to quieting a noisy range hood.  The dirt and grease that collects on the motor can cause it to make noise and wear out.  If cleaning doesn’t resolve the noise you may need to replace it.

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