Daycare cleaning procedures
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Daycare Cleaning Procedures

Germs abound in any daycare facility and they attack every imaginable surface! So keeping your daycare clean is a daily battle. Read on to learn more about how clean is defined in these corcumstances and what needs to be cleaned and how often.


Let’s begin by defining some cleaning terms:

  • Cleaning – washing with mild detergent and water to remove visible dirt, soil, and debris from surfaces. You cannot effectively sanitize or disinfect unless dirt is removed. Scrub, wash, and rinse each surface before gonig further.
  • Sanitizing – covering the cleaned area with a sanitizing solution such as sanitizer or bleach with EPA registration label and allowing it to naturally dry. Food contact services, dishes and toys that children put in their mouths must be sanitized once cleaned.
  • Disinfecting – covering the cleaned area with a disinfecting solution such as bleach or ammonia.  Allow the area to air dry or follow the manufacturer’s recommendation before wiping it off. Disinfect bathrooms, diapering areas and anywhere bodily fluids have touched.

The aim is to reduce as much as possible the viruses and bacteria to prevent illness from spreading.

Disinfecting And Sanitizing

Regarding large items, once you clean them of soil and dirt, disinfect with a spray bottle of disinfecting or sanitizing solution, wiping the liquid evenly across the surface and allowing it to naturally dry. Unless the manufacturer’s instructions on the disinfectant container say otherwise, do not wipe the area dry; disinfectant works best when allowed to sit without disturbance. By the time the liquid dries most bacteria and viruses are killed.

For dishes and plastic toys, sanitize the items in your dishwasher. A dishwasher can apply water at temperatures higher than your hands can stand as well as use the appropriate sanitizing solution as part of the cycle. Some dishwashers have a sanitize setting that cleans at higher temperatures.

Clothing and linens can be disinfected in the washing machine. Purchase items that can withstand hot water, disinfecting solutions, and repeated laundering without fading.

Areas to Clean

The easiest way to ensure thorough cleaning is to follow a schedule and clean areas in the same order every day. Any surface with visible soil, especially bodily fluids, should be cleaned and disinfected immediately.

Each day clean the entryways including the door handles, light switches, pens and pencils, cubbies, floors, walls, railings, phones, and keyboards.

The diaper changing area must be disinfected between each diaper change. The provider must also wash hands between each diaper change, even when using gloves. Gastrointestinal illnesses caused by rotavirus and norovirus are easily spread and can cause dangerous diarrhea resulting in dehydration.

Wipe play areashelves, play centers, and play surfaces. Some toys can also be wiped clean but smaller, durable toys can be washed in a dishwasher. Washable toys, linens, and bedding should be washing in the washing machine using chlorine or non-chlorinated bleach as appropriate.

In the bathroom, clean the sinks, toilets, floors, rugs, doorknobs, and light switch. Kitchen floors, faucet, refrigerator handles, stools, tables, counters, trash cans, chairs (including high chairs), and bibs must be cleaned.

Other areas that may need additional attention include doorknobs throughout the center, shared keyboards, drinking fountains, faucet handles, toilet levers, toys, and nap mats. Any surface liable to be touched by a child during the course of the day must be cleaned and disinfected or sanitized.

The NAEYC publishes a frequency table with recommendations for cleaning your facility.

Tips on Cleaning Your Daycare Center

  • Immediately clean up any spills.
  • Vacuum daily.
  • Clean the bathroom before opening in the morning.
  • Use a hands-free covered trash can in each room.
  • Keep a container to place items that need to be washed such as toys that have been chewed, paint brushes and trays, and other frequently soiled items.
  • If allowed by state regulations, some types of disinfecting wipes may make cleaning chores easier.

To find disinfecting wipes that meet state licensing requirements, check the label to ensure that Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli O157: H7, Salmonella enterica, Streptococcus pyogenes, Human Coronavirus, and Influenza virus are killed by the disinfectant in question.

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Conference Room Cleaning
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Conference Room Cleaning

Imagine entering a conference room to prep for an important meeting. You walk in to set up and are faced with a dirty, cluttered room. You can’t present to current or prospective staff members or clients in here! While you rush to make the room presentable, you run out of time to properly prepare for the meeting itself. Download a Printable PDF Version of this CONFERENCE ROOM CHECKLIST.

If this sounds like a common occurrence in your office, let us help. Use this conference room etiquette list from Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaners to create your own conference room usage guidelines. That way, everyone will know what they need to do after every meeting is complete.


In general, have the leader of the meeting perform the following tasks after each meeting has concluded:

  1. ❒ Turn Off Computers and Other Equipment.

It doesn’t matter if you turn off equipment or put them in standby mode, it will depend on your workflow, but there should be some model for how electronic devices like conference room computers, projectors, speakers, and computer cameras are left when the room is not being used.

  1. ❒ Clean Up Any Messes.

Meeting notes, handouts, food &, drinks, trash – whatever is lying around at the end of the meeting should be tidied up. Usually, each member of the meeting should be responsible for cleaning up after themselves. Nevertheless, if anything is left behind, it’s up to the meeting’s leader to make sure the room is cleaned and ready for the next meeting.

  1. ❒ Put All Equipment Back Where It Belongs.

Every item in the conference room should have a place, including extra notepads and pens, chairs, phones and computers. Be sure all equipment is put back where they belong. Any brought in items that don’t belong in the conference room, should be taken out after the meeting.

  1. ❒ Wipe Down Surfaces with Disposable Cleaning Wipes.

Having packages of disposable cleaning wipes in the room makes it easy for people in the meeting to clean and sanitize the conference room after the meeting is over. Meeting leaders should wipe down the table, phones, keyboards, computer mouse’s and other high-touched surfaces to help fight the spread of germs and viruses in the office.

  1. ❒ Turn Off The Lights.

Once everything on the checklist has been completed, shut off the lights. The room should be clean and ready for the next scheduled meeting to take place.

  1. ❒ Include The Conference Room In The Regular Cleaning Schedule.

The conference room in your office may or may not get much use. But, it’s important to include the room on the regular cleaning schedule to keep it fully maintained and functional. Along with the steps mentioned above, the janitorial crew can vacuum, remove and replace trash bags, and clean and sanitize surfaces to keep the room always ready to use.

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Classroom Cleaning
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Classroom Cleaning Checklist

As a teacher, you do your best to provide a healthy, friendly learning atmosphere for each of your students. This post will explain how to keep your classroom clean and healthy. Download the Classroom Cleaning Checklist PDF

Part of your responsibilities as a teacher includes keeping your classroom clean to lower the risk of bacteria and germs from spreading, especially during cold and flu season. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are a couple of things you can do to stop or at least lower the spreading of illnesses in your classroom. With their tips in mind, we’ve compiled a classroom cleaning checklist to help you keep your classroom tidy, organized and most importantly, healthy for your students.

Tips For An Everyday Clean Classroom

While sometimes it can feel like the work of keeping your classroom fully cleaned and sanitized is never done, there are some quick and simple duties you can do during the day to lower the spreading of germs. Some preventative measures you can take each day to limit your and your students’ exposure to germs include:

  • Wipe down all high-touch surfaces with a combination of sanitizer and cleaner on a regular basis. Some areas can include doorknobs, desks, student school supplies, sinks and more.
  • Keep hand sanitizer, facial tissues and cleaning wipes at the ready for you and your students to use during the day.
  • Make use of no-touch trash cans in your classroom to reduce exposure to germs and bacteria.
  • If you feel sick, stay at home.
  • If a student feels or even looks sick, encourage them to see the school nurse and stay home until they are no longer contagious.

Weekly Classroom Cleaning Checklist

A lot of areas in a classroom can become a breeding ground for germs. Schoolbooks, desks, whiteboards, shared supplies, and even student’s toys can become contaminated in a matter of seconds. To help you keep germs at a minimum, use this classroom cleaning checklist in your classroom at least once a week:

  • ❒Sanitize high-touch areas. Yours and your student’s desks, chairs, door handles and knobs, and all play areas should be the first to be cleaned.
  • ❒Use the proper cleaning wipes for electronics. Computer keyboards, phones and items like iPads and tablets that are used in classrooms need to be regularly cleaned to lower the spreading of germs.
  • ❒Sweep and mop the floors and vacuum the carpets. Carpets and hard surfaces such as linoleum absolutely love germs, particularly in high-traffic areas like classrooms, gyms, and cafeterias. Speak with your school’s janitorial crew to find out they already do this step during their regular cleaning schedule.
  • ❒Throw away any waste in a timely manner. Cloths or towels that are used for cleaning should be washed or thrown away immediately. When emptying trash cans, try not to touch used tissues or other waste that can transmit germs onto your skin. Wash your hands as soon as you’re done disposing of waste to prevent the spreading of pathogens.

Use A Professional Cleaning Service

Taking down small tasks daily and the bigger tasks weekly, helps you can keep your classroom clean, tidy and healthy all school year. If your school needs assistance cleaning classrooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums and other populated areas of your school, call on the professionals to get the job done right.

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Green Office Cleaning Benefits
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Green Office Cleaning Benefits

If you are searching for the benefits of green office cleaning, read on! Did you know indoor pollution is usually between 2 to 5 times worse than outdoor pollution? Hazardous chemicals, poor ventilation have nowhere to exit and as a result, they accumulate. Experts say around 50% of all illnesses are caused by indoor air pollution!

People spend a great deal of their time in an office environment, yet experts suggest sometimes over 30 minutes per worker per day is lost in productivity because of a poor indoor environment. In the long run, this can lead to more sick days being taken by workers. There are also contamination issues as coworkers can contract illnesses from just a single colleague. Office workers are regularly exposed to chemicals that are toxic from regular cleaning equipment and supplies. Did you know the cleaning industry uses over 6 billion pounds of potentially harmful chemicals on an annual basis? The remnants of cleaning materials are to be found everywhere in the workplace.

Green Cleaning Benefits Your Workplace

You will notice the advantages of adopting a green office cleaning regimen in these ways:

  • Reduced absenteeism
  • ROI on the money spent on the products
  • Becoming more eco-friendly
  • Improvement in the health of the office workers
  • Increased worker productivity

Science-based green-certified cleaning products for the office are becoming increasingly fashionable to use and this trend will only continue as people strive for a cleaner way of living. Green Seal & EcoLogo certified products are the most recognized of these certifications. Products with these seals work just as well, and often better than traditional products with the added bonus that their price is usually lower than their traditional chemical-filled counterparts. Another huge advantage is they reduce harm to the environment and to your office workers.

Go Green Today!

Now is a great time to start a green cleaning schedule for your office. Switching is usually very quick and as many companies already have green cleaning as an option there is often no upfront costs. it will also remain competitively priced and make your office greener, healthier and sustainable for the future.

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Green Cleaning Cost
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How Much Does Green Cleaning Cost?

The average cost of green cleaning is $42.50 per hour with prices ranging from $25.00 to $60.00 per hour for the US in 2019.

Green Cleaning Service

A green cleaning service typically costs $5 to $10 more per hour than a standard cleaning service. Normal rates for commercial cleaning are usually $20 to $50 per hour, so expect to pay anywhere from $25 to $60 per hour for green cleaning.

Desert Oasis Commercial Cleaning realizes that janitorial cleaning services for health, safety, and aesthetic appearance are essential to employee productivity and the overall success of your business. But, these commercial cleaning services must be treated in a responsible, renewable manner that protects our planet and its resources.

Green cleaning is using products and practices that are safe for the environment and do not emit any pollutants when being used. Green cleaning is important not only for our environment and planet but generally for the health of the overall public.

Green cleaning is an exploding industry. Public awareness is increasing about the long-term effects of using harsh chemicals. Commercial cleaning companies are answering by progressively offering eco-friendly cleaning services.

Green cleaning means more than using non-toxic and harsh cleaning products. It’s an extensive approach to cleaning practices that are eco-friendly. It means minimizing paper waste and using less water.

Green cleaning offers the same services as regular commercial cleaning companies – everything from mopping and dusting to cleaning kitchens, floors, and breakrooms. However, the services usually come at a somewhat higher cost than other services. This is mainly due to the higher cost of eco-friendly products and cleaners.

How Do I Know the Service is Really Green?

Any cleaning company can call themselves “green”. It’s up to you to do some homework to make ensure the cleaning company you decide on, actually has environmentally friendly practices. Ask specific questions, including:

Do your cleaning products meet U.S. EPA regulations for safe cleaning products? Those that do are tagged ‘low’ or ‘zero’ VOC (volatile organic compound).

Do you use microfiber cloths rather than paper products?

Do you utilize flat mopping technology that reduces water waste?

Do you utilize HEPA clean vacuums and filters?

Green Cleaning For The Environment

In summary, implementing Green Cleaning effectively:

  • Reduces pollution in our water supply
  • Keeps better air quality
  • Reduces exposure to allergens
  • Reduces the exposure to pollutants that have been found to cause cancer, mental disorders, learning handicaps, infertility, hormonal imbalances and more.

Using a green cleaning company for your office could also lead to lower health insurance cost as some insurance companies reward businesses that work along with green companies.

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