Classroom Cleaning
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Classroom Cleaning Ideas

Does a teacher ever get any freetime? They have so much work to do! From paper grading to teaching students and of course making sure the classroom is in orderly condition. Here are some ideas to help you create not just an attractive but also a clean classroom, read on to learn more…

  • Make sure students understand the importance of proper handwashing such as washing for reasonable time and between fingers.
  • Make sure disinfectantt wipes, hand sanitizer and tissues are always available.
  • Clean objects that are shared like pencils, chairs and keyboards.
  • Discuss behavior that is healthy – from good hydration to getting enough sleep.
  • Ask parents to keep their sick children at home.
  • Comforts that are soft, like carpets and sofas can be a breeding ground for germs – consider replacing them.
  • Sneezing into the crook of your elbow to precent the spreading of germs.

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