Cleaning Light Fixtures
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Cleaning Light Fixtures

It is important to keep light fixtures clean so they do not attract dust and dirt as well as prolonging the brightness of the lights. Read on to learn more.

It Can Be Dangerous!

You will often need to use a ladder and combined with the unscrewing and screwing motions involved there is a danger of an accident. While you can clean with fixtures in place at least twice per year take the fixtures down to give them a thorough cleaning. An additional threat comes from light bulbs. Obviously they are warm to hot when turned on and you are dealing with electricity. It is wise to remove fxtures fully if they are coming into contact with water. If you decide to clean them while they are fitted only use a dry dusting tool.


Light fixtures need to be dusted weeklu and a long handled dusting tool can be used to reach ceiling and chandeliers. If this is done every week, you will only need to deep clean twice per year.

Glass Ceiling Light Fixtures

First make sure the light fixtures are unscrewed then clean the light fixture into the trash, followed by a good dusting. Twice per annum you will need to wash them with warm water and just a few drops of dish soap. They can soak for a few minutes in a sink before bring wiped and rinsed. Utilize a dry towel and they are ready for replacement.

Procedures With Chandeliers

Depending on the intracy of the light, you may be able to dust it while in place but it is still a good idea to twice yearly bring it down to clean it. It is a good idea to photograph it to ensure it gets put back in place correctly. You can then use similar methods to those used for glass ceiling fixtures.

Recessed Lighting Fixtures

This can be cleaned simply by dusting regularly once the light has been in the off position for at least a time of one hour. Then carefully remove the bulb from the fitting, take a damp cloth and clean the interior of the recess. Make sure the electricity is turned off and wipe down the bulb, then replace it.

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