Can Vinegar Clean Floors
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Clean Doors Are Important

If you are searching for the benefits of a clean workplace or office, this post should help! Keep reading to learn more.

When considering commercial cleaning services, do you think about making sure they clean the doors to your buildings? Doors are perhaps the most used and touched items that are attached to a commercial building. Anytime someone enters or leaves the office, for any reason, that person has to open and close the door. Dark doors won’t show the dirt and fingerprints as easily as lighter-colored doors. Because these are such high-traffic areas, they are prone to viruses and bacteria that could be spread to office workers as well as clients.

It is vital to make cleaning the doors in your office a top class priority. All you need are a few simple cleaning supplies: disinfectant cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Spray the disinfectant solution on the door surface, and wipe off with the microfiber cloth. For spots that will not come off or are highly dirty, use a little bit of strength, with a soft pad or soft brush. The dirt should come right off. Be sure not to fight the dirt too hard that you start to remove the paint!

Often overlooked is the top edge of the door frame. It is amazing how much dirt can be found in areas that are not easily seen and therefore not cleaned properly or in some cases, at all. You will want to give special servicing to the doorknob. Everyone touches the doorknob, making it the perfect for germs to spread to the next unsuspecting individual who touches it/. It is recommended to use a antibacterial spray or disinfectant to clean, especially during flu and cold season.

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