Ideas For A Clean Reception Area
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Ideas For A Clean Reception Area

Any client will gain their first impression from the reception area of the office. It is more than just their introduction to the company but a place where clients spend time as they wait. At these times, their initial opinions of the company start to form in the mind. Waiting in a clean room is preferred while a dirty reception area may have negative connotations. Read on to learn of some good ideas to help the reception of your office look its best.

Improving First Impressions

A front door of a business is a similar to an advertisement. Fingerprints on the glass and unclean door handles as well as things like cobwebs do not reflect well on how the employees care for what their customers see. All of these things should be sparkling clean so people feel welcome and comfortble when they enter the office.

Air Quality

Smell has a marked impact on the imrpession people gather of a place. An unpleasant smell seems unclean even if everything sparkles.  Avoid smells of antiseptic or any overwhelming air freshener. When the air is too heavy with a scent, it may seem like it is covering something else up. A clean room doesn’t require additional scents. Also,  air fresheners and other scented products can sicken people who have respiratory health issues.

Keep The Floor Clean

Clean flooring matters because that is what many first notice when they walk through the door as most people glance down automatically as they use the doormat. A clean floor may be silent but mentally, a dirty floor will send a loud, negative message.  Hard floor sufaces as well as carpet wear out quicker when dirty as it gets into carpet fibers and collects into cracks. Regular cleaning also makes it easier to notice and repair cracked tiles.

Seating Care

Your fabric cushion should be stain free as well as the arms of chairs looking pristine, These areas can contain many berms as people handle them and that leaves behind viruses including cold and flu. Crumbs from snacks can also cause odors and bacteria to develop.

Dust Removal

Decor, lamps and tables should never become dusty.  Clean these areas to remove oils left behind from hands, or from hair when leaning against the wall. Dust in the air latches onto these oils discoloring the wall and door frames. Rooms stay fresh and bright. More cleaning also means less of a need to repaint, saving both money and time.

Empty The Garbage

Keep all trash cans emptied regularly. Old chiwing gum, spilled drinks, and used tissues do not leave an image in a customer’s mind that any business owner would want them to have with their company. Full refuse containers look awful, have an unpleasant odor and make an otherwise clean room seem dirty.

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