Dusting Wooden Blinds
Written by Desert Oasis Cleaners

Cleaning Wooden Blinds

Wood blinds are great additions to any window but they can take some special care. Let’s have a look at three ways to keep them in tip-top condition.

Dusting Wooden Blinds

  • Use a microfiber cloth or feather duster
  • Close your blinds so they are sitting flat against the window
  • Dust or wipe each slat from left to right
  • Rotate the blinds and dust the other side

Washing Wooden Blinds

  • Fill a bucket with a couple of inches of warm water
  • Use a softer cotton rag and dab it in the water
  • Angle the slats so they are in an almost closed position
  • Wipe down each and every slat from the top down
  • Dry each and every slat with a dry rag
  • Angle the slats the opposite way and repeat the above process

Other Methods

  • Use a vacuum attachment to stuck up dirt and dust
  • Warm water and olive oil can make the wood blinds shiny
  • Wipe blinds with a wood preservative or lemon oil to increase the shine

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