Cleaning Hair Coloring From Your Bathroom
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Cleaning Workplace Bathrooms

It is very important to keep workplace bathrooms hygienic and presentable. Read on to learn more.


Assemble your cleaning supplies and make sure rugs and mops are properly labeled so they are not used in any other area. Ensure the restroom is not occupied and post signs that rest rooms are closed. You can use a janitorial cart to block the doorway.

Daily Maintenance

  • Visually perform an inspection of the restroom. Pick up any debris on the floor, around the toilet, urinal and sink areas.
  • Check recycling bins and garbage cans. If they are full or nearly full, remove the trash can liner and replace with a new one.
  • Check toilet paper, soap, and paper towel dispensers to make sure they are properly stocked.

Weekly Procedures

  • Scrub and clean all interior surfaces of urinals and toilets with a toilet bowl cleaner. Wipe down all exterior surfaces, including toilet seats, with a disinfectant.
  • Wipe down and disinfect all surfaces, including door handles, partitions, dispensers, light switches and countertops.
  • Clean all mirrors with a glass cleaner to remove any marks and fingerprints.
  • Use an acidic or germicidal surface cleanser to wipe down the handles, sinks and faucets.
  • Dust mop, sweep and wet mop the floors, taking care to keep the mops, mop buckets, and solutions to be used only in the bathroom. Avoid cross-contamination with other areas of the facility at all costs.

Monthly Procedures

  • Dust all out of the way areas, including the tops of doors, partitions, shelves, dispensers, air vents and hand dryers.
  • Replace all metered air fresheners and aerosol deodorizers.
  • Replace the urinal blocks as necessary, if there are urinal cleaning blocks in place, replace these.  Not only will they deodorize the restroom, as it continuously cleans the urinal walls, but it also helps to unclog pipes and make sure they can adequately drain at all times.
  • Check to make sure all drains are properly draining.

Cleaning Up

  • Remove all trash bags and place in the dumpster. Do not remove the caution/restroom closed signs until all work is finished and all surfaces, including the floors are completely dry. Rinse out and clean the mop buckets, mops, and rags that were used.

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