Data Center Best Cleaning Practices
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Data Center – Best Cleaning Practices

Controlling contamination is becoming increasingly important as modern technology makes computer components smaller than ever before. In many ways that is fantastic but it does increase the risk of equipment failing because of contamination. Even in the most studious of environments, everyday grime and dirt can cause overheating, short-circuiting and other numerous issues. Failures related to contamination are a leading cause of downtime meaning millions of dollars is lost in turnover and revenue. Read on to learn what you can do to prevent downtime, packet loss and bit errors caused by contamination.

As a business owner, how clean your office is probably not the first thing you think of on a day to day basis. Having a clean and healthy workspace is essential when it comes to running a successful business. A lot of business owners take only notice of such things when they get totally out of hand.

Despite that, leaving a good impression is associated with your role as an employer, too. In order to keep both clients and employees, you need to put in your best efforts forward to please both sides. This is particularly true when you’re welcoming a possible new employee. What they see in the beginning will form their opinion on their own in the company that they possibly may work for.

Contamination Control In Computer And Data Rooms

It is very important to establish easy to understand and maintain guidelines so all of your visitors and staff can support the goals of contamination prevention. However, an initiative to minimize the prevention of contamination can educate and inform everyone of what activities are suitable for the work environment.

Establish Computer And Data Room Protocols

The following tips can form the nucleus of a practical protocol any employee can follow in the way they work and operate in data and computer rooms. They are easy to follow and implement. You may want to add to or alter some of these to fit your individual needs.

  • No drink or food in the computer or data room
  • Do not use for the computer room for uncrating, unpacking or opening other items. Utilize a designated staging area away from the computer room. This area can be established for the stated purpose of uncrating or unpacking activities
  • Keep products that shed large amounts of contamination away from the computer/data room. Examples would include woods, cardboard, and all other types of paper products
  • Doors should not be propped open when they lead to areas that are not the computer or data rooms
  • Test the protocols on contamination for their impact on the environment – review and approve them before allowing further work to take place in the computer room or data room
  • Ensure the tools and equipment brought into the computer or data rooms that are utilized by vendors, contractors and employees are reasonably contaminant free and kept in clean order

Access To The Computer or Data Room

  • You probably have security procedures in place to limit access to computer and data rooms but consider this: Personnel who are not needed in the area contribute to the levels of contamination even if they do not mean to do so. Contamination is generated from peoples clothing fibers, hair, dead skin and dirt from their shoes
  • Utilizing control mats that limit contamination can help ensure, carpet fibers, dust, and other very small particles are not tracked into the room from, for example, wheels on carts or shoes
  • Contaminated air can be prevented from entering the computer or data room by using positive pressurization

A Designated Computer Or Data Room Cleaning Program

Consider these options to maintain an environment where contamination is minimized:

  • Clean floor surfaces every three months or even more often if needed
  • Clean all environmental services and equipment at least quarterly or even more often if required
  • The underfloor plenum needs cleaning at least once per year and two or more times per year if the plenum is responsible for delivering pressurized air
  • Maintain your newly established schedule for cleaning
  • During other events that produce contamination such as construction increase the frequency of your cleanings

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