Gym Cleaning Ideas
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Gym Cleaning Ideas

Fitness clubs are busier than ever before. One way to get an edge on the competition is to make sure your gym or fitness center is cleaner than anyone else’s. You need a regular cleaning program and the back-up of professional cleaning services to deliver the experience your customers deserve and to stop your beautiful facility from becoming a breeding ground for all manner of illness-causing germs. Read on to learn more about gym cleanliness.

How Clean Does The Gym Have To Be?

Legally speaking there are very few rules pertaining to the standard of cleanliness you need to maintain a gym in for it to be operational. That said, although there are no federal health codes regarding gyms, city and county inspectors may carry out an inspection is complaints have been received or illness has been traced back to the gym facility.

The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association does provide a  checklist of cleaning and maintenance tasks for health clubs. For the most part, though, it’s up to individual gyms—and gym attendees—to ensure their spaces are clean.

Gym Cleaning Ideas

You will require a methodical approach to the removal of bacteria and soiled equipment in your facilities. Could it be your customers are not there because they contracted an illness from being at the gym? It is a bad situation and obviously deters people from visiting your business. Throughout the day have your staff attend to the following areas:

  • Exercise machines need regular wiping down and disposable wipes are very helpful for this particular task. So make sure staff members are going through, wiping off touch screens, seats, bike handles and other areas where bacteria and sweat may assemble.
  • Weights And Bars have the same issues as exercise machines but are potentially far more dangerous to handle. Because people do not sweat on them, weights are often overlooked in the cleaning process, as they would do on a treadmill or a bike. However, germs still amass on the weights and bars, so they need regular wiping down.
  • Locker rooms are a hotbed of germ activity. For example, people frequently open their lockers before they wash their hands, with the accompanying bacteria from machines and weights. Get custodians to seep through locker rooms making sure they clean off the handles of lockers, areas, and benches by the mirror where members groom their hair before they leave.


  • Gym bathrooms have the same challenges as any high traffic area bathroom. Custodians need to focus on the removal of soil at sinks, (this is especially important when paper towels and soap are not fully automatic)and other points where germs can accumulate. Use mops only for the bathroom to avoid cross-contamination.

Making Gym Cleaning Easy

There will always be germs around especially in busier months so to make the job more simple, ensure signs are posted advising gym members of the importance of wiping down equipment and keeping it clean. Also, the importance of hand washing following a workout. Keep disposable wipes and cleaning solutions in ample supply so members can clean up once they have worked out. Also, think of upgrading the cleaning equipment used by your team. Look at some modern cleaning ideas and solutions to replace time-consuming mops. it will remove more germs and save your team a lot of time.

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